New Shadow Style: Simple Domain (シン・陰流 簡易領域 Shin Kageryū: Kan'i Ryōiki?) is a type of Domain Technique that automatically neutralizes or counters all Cursed Techniques in a set area of space.[1] Known as "the domain for the weak," the technique can be deployed by any Sorcerer with the requisite knowledge. It was invented by Sadatsuna Ashiya in the Heian Era during "the height of jujutsu sorcery" in order to protect his disciples from Curses and Cursed Technique users.[2]


The method of deploying the Simple Domain has been passed down in Ashiya's clan and kept secret (which may or may not be done as a result of a binding).[2] What is known is that it requires both of the user's feet to remain at a set point.[3]

The Simple Domain in its traditional form creates a 2.21 meter circle around the user from the set point they choose and set with their feet. Any Cursed Techniques deployed in this area will automatically be dispelled. The Simple Domain is dispelled if both feet leave the point at which the area was deployed.[3][1]

The Simple Domain has been modified in contemporary times by Kokichi Muta, who, in absence of being able to learn the technique through the descendants of the Ashida clan, has learned through observation and attempted to recreate it. The contemporary Simple Domain was encapsulated in bullet form and shot out of the Ultimate form of Mechamaru.[2] It is unclear what was required to create this contemporary modification. 


  • The technique can be operated by any Sorcerer, therefore allowing it to be used by a variety of individuals regardless of ability.
  • The technique allows for significant protection from more powerful opponents. 
  • The technique, much like a true Domain Expansion, cancels out all cursed techniques deployed in its radius, ensuring that a target gets hit.
  • The technique appears to be versatile in form, as seen by Kokichi Muta's contemporary variation of it into bullets. This would give it further use in combat. 
  • The technique allegedly has the ability to destroy a curse's soul. [4]


  • The technique requires the user to remain planted on the ground when traditionally used.
  • The technique only takes effect within a set radius - if the target leaves the radius of Simple Domain, they regain the ability to avoid attacks and use Cursed Techniques.

Side Effects

  • None known. 


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