Shota Ito ( () (とう) (しょう) () Itō Shōta?) is a high school student from Satozakura High School.


Shota is a tall teenager with light colored hair that extends to his ears, with most of it that is parted to the right. He has thin eyebrows. After the incident with Junpei, he has marking similar to the ones that he inflicted on Junpei, on his right arm.

Shota wears a white button down short sleeve shirt with a pocket on the left breast side, black pants that is held up with a white belt, and light colored shoes.




Ito and his friends had bullied Junpei, and inflicted a scar on his forehead.

Vs. Mahito Arc

Ito was seen receiving best report prize for the National Book Report contest at his school. While lining up on the stage, he bumped the student next to him, telling him he asked him to just write something to him, and not win a award. He also mocked him he got himself a regular prize.[1] Then everyone lost conciousness and Junpei showed up and asked if Ito was the one that put the finger in his house, but Ito didn't knew what he was talking about and in that moment his arm got infected and he felt pain, then Junpei punched him for not answering.[2] Junpei continued beating Ito, who apologized, but Junpei didn't care. He was left and saved, when Yuji came and started fighting Junpei.[3]

After the incident, Ito is confronted by Sotomaru about his bullying Junpei. When Ito complains about how he can barely move his arm, Sotomaru tells him that that is his punishment for his actions. Ito brings up about Sotomaru's punishment, Sotomaru replies that he will be next. Sotomaru also tells Ito that they will have to carry the burden of murdering Junpei's heart and that he will be watching him.


As an ordinary human, he doesn't posses any additional abilities.



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