Shoko Ieiri ( (いえ) (いり) (しょう) () Ieiri Shōko?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is a doctor at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Shoko has long brown hair that extends past her shoulders, brown eyebrows, tired eyes, and a mole under her right eye. Shoko has also been shown to tie her hair in a ponytail with a light colored scrunchie.

Shoko wears a white lab coat over a blue shirt and navy blue pants with cream colored high-heels shoes.

As a student, Shoko originally had shoulder length hair, didn't have the tired eyes, and wore a black jacket with a high collar. While testing Gojo's abilities, Shoko wore a long-sleeved black shirt, black shorts, and black shoes.


Shoko is a rather serious and gloomy person, shown to want nothing more to get the job done, and often having to stop or get in between Gojo from poking fun on others. She's shown to be a rather valuable asset, being one of the only people that can heal others with the reversed healing cursed technique. She is implied to be somewhat of an alcoholic.

When she was a second year, she was rather laid back, in contrast to both Gojo and Geto. She would often try to avoid any escalating conflict as much as she could, and didn't take things seriously, mocking Geto for saying that he wished to create a world with only shamans in it.



Gojo's Past Arc

When Shoko was a second-year student at the college, Shoko along with Gojo and Geto go to check up on Mei Mei and Utahime after they haven't heard from them in two days. After making sure that Mei Mei and Utahime are okay and that the spirit has been handled, Utahime along with Geto and Gojo meet with Masamichi, where Gojo is punished for not putting up a screen. Later Shoko is with Geto and Gojo, as Gojo and Geto discuss the important use of screens. When Gojo and Geto start to argue about the strong protecting the weak, Shoko quickly runs away.

A year later, Shoko and Geto help out with testing Gojo's technique. After Gojo explains how his new technique works, Shoko says that Gojo will fry his brain if he leave the technique always active but Gojo replies that he has a recovery technique active as well. Sometime later, Shoko has an encounter with Geto in Shinjuku which she calls Gojo for help.

Cursed Training Arc

Shoko meets up with Gojo and Kiyotaka, at the college morgue to examine Yuji's body.[2][3] As Shoko is about to start the dissection, she is disappointed when Yuji is revived since she won't be able to examine his body. Shoko and Gojo then head out and talk about how they won't inform the higher-ups that Yuji is alive, since Gojo wants to increase Yuji's strength.[4][5]

Vs. Mahito Arc

Shoko calls Nanami and Yuji, and informs them that the cursed spirits that they sent to her were once humans. She explains how someone has transformed the humans' bodies and that they all had died from the shock of their bodies being transformed.[6][7]

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Shoko has set up a place to heal wounded sorcerers during the Shibuya incident. Shoko is with Masamichi, and tells him that she doesn't need him there. Masamichi explains how they can't leave Shoko alone since she is the only one that can use reverse techniques to heal sorcerers who are wounded in battle. Shoko is with Masamichi when Sukuna delivers Megumi to them.

Abilities and Powers

Reverse Cursed Technique: Shoko is naturally capable of using reverse cursed technique in order to heal others.


  • Shoko's surname contains the kanji for "house, family" ( ie?) and "to enter" ( iri?), and her first name contains "nitrate" ( sho?) and "child" ( ko?).
  • Shoko doesn't like sweets, but she does like alcohol.
  • It has been 5 years since Shoko stopped smoking. However, she picked up the habit again recently.
  • Shoko ranked 27th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 639 votes.
  • After Shoko finished high school, she obtained her doctor's license in two years (by cheating).


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