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Shiu Kong ( (コン) () () Kon Shiu?) is a minor character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a handler for the Time Vessel Association who contracted Toji Fushiguro to kill the Star Plasma Vessel in 2006. Shiu Kong was also instrumental in helping establish Suguru Geto's base of operations after he turned curse user the next year.


Shiu Kong is an average build adult man with short black hair that's longer on the top than the sides and the back. He has dark eyes, thin eyebrows, and an even thinner mustache. He's usually seen wearing a normal black business suit and smoking a cigarette.


Shiu is a formal man posing as a mediator between his clients. He can also be cunning, not killing Misato Kuroi, instead used her kidnapping to create a false sense of security for Satoru Gojo's group, helping Toji in the process. Shiu seem to have a close relationship with Toji, but only associate with Toji in business or in hell.


Gojo's Past Arc

Shiu represent the Time Vessel Association and meets up with Toji Fushiguro, to plan an assassination of the Star Plasma Vessel Riko Amanai. Shiu refers to Toji as Zenin, but was rebuffed, stating he is not a Zenin anymore, and goes by Toji Fushiguro now, and he accepts the contract to kill the girl.[1]

He later meets up with Toji, betting on a horse race. The two discuss the thirty million yen Toji spent to wear down Satoru Gojo, bit Shiu need to bring back a report to his client and remains skeptical of Toji. Shiu states he's counting on him and asks how Megumi Fushiguro is doing, but Toji can't even remember who that is.[2]

Shiu later calls Toji, discussing the situation with Riko, the Star Plasma Vessel. Shiu states that the thirty million yen paid to Toji was a service fee so if someone else kills the Star Plasma Vessel, Toji may end up with nothing, which doesn't worry Toji. Toji reveals his plan on using weak curse user to wear down Gojo's group. It will be free labor since no one will be able to cash in on the bounty. Shiu realizes that this makes the limit of two days turn out in their favor. Additionally, it makes it easier for them to gather curse users. Toji tells Shiu to have thirty million ready, but the Shiu wants to talk about his cut, which disinterests Toji. [3]

After Toji successfully assassinates and bring the body to Shigeru Sonoda, a direct representative of the Star Religious Group. There they discuss the consequences for Master Tengen and the jujutsu world. After discussing the event that happened Toji asks him to go out for food, but Shiu says he'd only associate with Toji in business or in hell.[4]

Shiu then meets Suguru Geto at the building that once served as the Time Vessel Association Headquarters. Shiu criticizes Geto appearance as he should at least play the part for the group.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Shiu doesn't posses any cursed techniques and can only see spirits.[6]


  • Kong is a Korean citizen.[7]
    • His name in Korean is Kong Si-woo (공 시우 Gong Si-u?).
  • Kong is a former detective.[7]
  • Gege Akutami thinks he is the coolest character in the Gojo's Past Arc.[7]
  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[6]:
    • His hobby is collecting tropical fish.
    • Favorite dish: Cheese and Cigarettes.
    • Least Favorite dish: Black beans.
    • Cause of stress: Entertaining customers.
    • Shiu met Megumi Fushiguro when the latter was very young, as he visited Toji's house since he didn't know how to care for a child. Despite this, Megumi doesn't remember Shiu.
    • Shiu has known Toji for 10 years.
    • The reason for him being Korean is because of Akutami’s liking. Gege likes Korean movies, his favorites are the works of Bong Joon-ho.


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