Shikigami (式神 Shikigami?) are animated objects or beings created from cursed energy ,and therefore presumed to be artificial cursed spirits; created and controlled by the Ten Shadows Technique (Tokusanokage Bojutsu) (also known as "Shadow Rule of Ten Species"), a cursed technique used by the Zen'in clan.[1] They have the ability to exorcise curses. 

Creation & Summoning

The actual process of creating shikigami is relatively unknown. It is implied that a sorcerer will have to knead their own cursed energy to form the shikigami, with an outline in mind for how they would like the shikigami to look.[2] Shikigami also require some level of purification or must surrender to the sorcerer controlling them, but it is unclear what this involves.[3]

To use a shikigami, a sorcerer must make a certain hand sign and use a talisman, charm, or particular thing as an intermediary, to form and summon a shikigami of their choice.  It is implied that most shikigami users require some form of charm or talisman as a medium or intermediary in order to summon and control shikigami[4]; however, this appears to be contested later, so it remains unclear whether this is a common prerequisite for shikigami users.[5]  

Megumi's shikigami are alleged to be unique because they use shadows rather than a charm (SJ) or talisman (JB, MR) as a medium or intermediary.[6] Geto's opponent comments that Geto's use of curses without an intermediary is "like shikigami users" (SJ).[7] It could be inferred from this that summoning cursed spirits (including shikigami) without an intermediary is actually not uncommon to the Zen'in clan, or was not uncommon at the time of the flashbackThe shikigami will then appear and act on the command of the user. 

Shikigami Characteristics

  • Shikigami have been seen to take on the characteristics of animals such as dogs, snakes, birds, toads, and elephants. They can differ in size and ability considerably.  
  • The shikigami seen so far all have certain symbols or patterns on parts of their bodies, which resemble the symbols of the Ten Sacred Treasures/Regalia in Shinto tradition (十種神宝, Tokusa no Kamu Dakara). 
  • Given that the sorcerer forms the shikigami from their own cursed energy and in a desired image, shikigami can be used for a variety of uses extending beyond just exorcising curses, such as surveillance and scouting.
  • Once a shikigami is created and summoned, they can be dispelled and resummoned as many times as necessary.  
  • Shikigami can be destroyed or broken.[8] Once destroyed, they cannot be summoned again.[9] Even when destroyed, however, the cursed energy that formed the shikigami will return to the sorcerer that created it and will be recycled in new shikigami, which will take on the characteristics of that deceased shikigami.[10] 
  • Certain shikigami called "the Seiteishirazu: Bottomless" are different to other shikigami in either their regenerative aspect or their ability to be re-summoned once they have been destroyed, but it is unclear what the difference is.[11] 

Known Users

List of Shikigami

Megumi Fushiguro

  • Jade Hounds: Two shikigami dogs (One Black and One White) that chase and devour curses. Megumi summons these shikigami by bringing his hands together, and forming them in the shape of a dog head.
    • Jade Hound: Chaos: After the white Jade Hound was destroyed, Megumi is able to summon a stronger version of the Black Jade hound. Megumi summons this shikigami the same way as he does with his Jade Hounds.
  • Chimera: An owl-like Shikigami that can fly. This shikigami is strong enough to carry a human, and its offensive abilities are mostly dive attacks from the sky. Megumi summons this shikigami by bringing his hands together, and forming them in the shape of a pair of wings.
  • Monster Serpent: A giant snake shikigami which can be used as a surprise attack coming out of the ground and binding opponents. Megumi summons this shikigami by forming one hand in the shape of a snake head. This shikigami was destroyed by Sukuna.
  • Toad: Multiple large shikigami toads that use their tongues to pin opponents and hold them down. Megumi summons these shikigami by bringing his hands together and forming a frog face.
  • Banchou: An elephant shikigami that releases a torrent of water from its trunk. Megumi summons this shikigami by bringing his hands together and forming an elephant's head.
  • Escape Rabbit: A large amount of Rabbit shikigami that distract the enemy so that the user can escape. Megumi summons this shikigami by bringing his hands together and forming a rabbit.

Junpei Yoshino

  • Moon Dregs: A large jellyfish shikigami with eyes on top of its head and a large amount of tendrils that hang from underneath its head. The jellyfish can combine its tendrils to create spikes that it delivers its poison from.


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