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Shikigami (式神 (しきがみ) Shikigami?) are familiar curses conjured and controlled by jujutsu users. Sorcerers who summon shikigami to aid them in battle are known as Shikigami Users (式神 (しきがみ) 使 () Shikigami-shi?).


Shikigami conjuration is considered to be a type of cursed technique. Like barrier techniques, sorcerers who do not possess enough intrinsic talent for their own innate technique can summon simple shikigami.[1]

Shikigami themselves are familiars incarnated by their summoners cursed energy. Summoning shikigami normally requires an intermediary, such as a common talisman.[2][3] They are generally used to carry out an order in accordance with their conjurer's instructions, and they disappear when the user's technique is released or they are incapacitated.


Junpei generating a shikigami with a poison cursed technique.

Jujutsu High faculty managers such as Kiyotaka Ijichi can use shikigami to support stronger sorcerers.[4]

Megumi Fushiguro possesses the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Family, which allows him to collect and summon up to ten different shikigami using his shadows as an intermediary.[5] However, the shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique operate differently than a sorcerer's simple shikigami.

Junpei Yoshino, a newly realized sorcerer was able to use a cursed technique that could summon shikigami with poison made from cursed energy, a skill Mahito claims would take other sorcerers years to learn.[6]

Dagon spawning man-eating fish shikigami from his body.

Shikigami users are often thought of to be weaker at close range. Sukuna was surprised when Megumi, a fighter who employs shikigami, was comfortable fighting hand to hand.[7] While training Yuji, Satoru advised him to always target the conjurer themselves should he fight a shikigami user.[8] Noritoshi Kamo also mentioned to Megumi that a shikigami user who can hold his own in close combat is valuable.[9]

An elderly curse user used a shikigami to aid him in the battle against Suguru Geto, who used the functionally similar curse manipulation. He also believed that shikigami users could be exploited in close combat.[10]

The special grade cursed spirit Dagon possessed the ability to spawn shikigami from his body. Enhanced by his domain's guaranteed hit function, his shikigami could appear and instantly tear the flesh from his adversaries. They appear so quickly because the man-eating fish don't exist until they hit. Dagon's Technique Release: Death Swarm is an endless stream of shikigami that never slows down and relentlessly devours the target.[11]

List of Known Shikigami

Shikigami Description
Junpei with his Shikigami Moon Dregs (Anime).png Moon Dregs is a poison jellyfish shikigami conjured by a cursed technique used by Junpei Yoshino. Poison created from Junpei's cursed energy is emitted from the shikigami's tendrils.
Shikigami.png Two simple shikigami were summoned by a curse user to aid them in battle against Suguru Geto. They acted more as a deterrent to discourage attack more than an offensive force.
Dagon's fish shikigami.png Inside Dagon's domain, an ocean full of fish shikigami are at Dagon's disposal. Technique Release: Death Swarm allows him to conjure an endless stream of man-eating fish shikigami capable of instantly devouring his targets.
Hiromi Higuruma and Judgeman.png Judgeman is a shikigami connected to Hiromi Higuruma's innate technique. It serves as the Judge of his Domain Expansion: Deadly Sentencing.
Ten Shadows Technique
Divine Dogs (Anime).png Divine Dogs are a pair of twin dogs and the initial shikigami that the user of the Ten Shadows Technique receives inheriting the ability.
Megumi summons Nue against Sukuna (Anime).png Nue is an owl-like shikigami with high speed flight abilities as well as electro-shock wings.
Great Serpent (Anime).png Great Serpent is a giant snake shikigami that can appear from the ground in an instant.
Megumi's Toad rescues Nobara (Anime).png Toad is a large frog shikigami with a tongue capable of grabbing targets.
Max Elephant (Anime).png Max Elephant is an elephant shikigami that can produce large volumes of water from its trunk.
Divine Dog Totality (Anime).png Divine Dog: Totality is an improved version of the Black Divine Dog that inherited the powers of it's fallen twin.
Megumi uses Rabbit Escape against Kirara.png Rabbit Escape is a swarm of rabbit shikigami that serve as a distraction.


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