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The Shibuya Incident Arc ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen?) is the eighth arc in Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen. It follows the entirety of the Shibuya Incident on October 31, 2018. The alliance between cursed spirits and curse users forged by Mahito and Pseudo-Geto finally makes their move to seal Satoru Gojo.


Investigating the Traitor

On October 19th of 2018, Gojo is asleep and dreams about when he had first met Megumi and what they had discussed that day. When Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara arrive, Gojo wakes up and sends them to Utahime's location. Once the three meet up with Utahime, she tells them about the mole in the school and how they are going to investigate Kokichi Muta.

At the Kyoto School, Miwa meets with Mechamaru about the notebook that they have to turn in. Mechamaru tells her where he had left it and that he will be going to sleep for a bit. Once Mechamaru is asleep, Miwa wonders where the real Mechamaru is at. At another location, Utahime informs Nobara, Yuji, and Megumi about Kokichi's capabilities in using cursed energy. When they break into the room that Kokichi is supposedly being held in, they find it empty, learning that he is at another location.

In a separate room entirely, Kokichi meets with Pseudo-Geto and Mahito. Kokichi comments about how he had thought that they had forgotten about him, which Geto replies that they would never do that since Kokichi knows the consequences of having a cursed restriction. As Mahito suggests they kill Kokichi since they have the information that they need, Geto tells him that they first have to heal Kokichi before they can kill him due to the terms of the Binding Vow between them. Mahito remarks that Kokichi should show some enthusiasm, but Kokichi replies that comes after they settle their business.

Battle at the Dam

Mahito prepares to fight while Kokichi brings out multiple Mechamaru puppets. As Kokichi sends his puppets at Mahito, Mahito easily destroys them all. Upon noticing that Kokichi has disappeared, Mahito comments about how he wanted to fight instead of going hunting. As the floor under Mahito gives away, he heads outside of the dam only to stand facing a giant Mechamaru, revealed as Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute. Mahito deduces that Kokichi is piloting the puppet from its head. Inside the cockpit, Kokichi notices that a screen has been casted by Geto that is blocking him from contacting Gojo. With a massive reservoir of cursed energy stored up from his time spent beneath Heavenly Restriction, Kokichi resolves to use that to defeat Mahito before going to get Gojo's assistance.

Kokichi fires Ultra Cannon at Mahito, but Mahito heals himself and runs. As Mahito wonders what Kokichi is planning, Kokichi realizes Mahito now knows he can't be hurt. As Kokichi attacks Mahito again, Mahito easily dodges it and transforms into a fish while diving into the water. Kokichi attacks with a Miracle Cannon technique, but Mahito avoids it and grabs a hold of Mechamaru. As Mahito strikes the cockpit in an attempt to break it, Kokichi loads up his secret technique, a capsule which he inserts into the cockpit. Hit in the wing by an exploding cannister, Mahito's arm is blown off by the weapon, much to his shock. Kokichi takes this chance to hit Mahito into the trees. As Mahito thinks about how that technique had destroyed his soul along with his arm, Kokichi continues his attack on Mahito. Mahito quickly makes his escape, which Kokichi notices Mahito's arm has regenerated. Kokichi figures that Mahito had kneaded his soul to make it seem that his arm has regenerated and that his secret weapon is working. As Geto watches the fight, he comments on the effectiveness of Kokichi's countermeasures and his strategy. Kokichi then unleashes Vision Viola, sending a barrage of lasers at Mahito which he dodges with ease. Kokichi manages to strike him down with a follow-up punch and immediately deals another blow to Mahito upon his recovery. Loading up his secret weapon again, Ultimate Mechamaru gains a spike-like finger as Kokichi reminisces on his meeting up with his friends. This maneuver is cut short by Mahito activating his Domain Expansion: Mahayana Prison.

With Kokichi now trapped in Mahito's Domain, Idle Transfiguration is activated, causing Ultimate Mechamaru to fall. Mahito turns away from the Mechamaru and explains how Kokichi had lost the fight, only to suddenly be pierced by him through the middle. Kokichi's secret weapon is revealed as Simple Domain - acquired from analyzing Miwa, he was able to protect himself from Mahito's domain on top of cancel Mahito's techniques. Activating Simple Domain once more, Kokichi seemingly blows up Mahito's body and kills him. As Mahito's Domain disappears, Kokichi yells out in triumph, with Geto expressing surprise at Kokichi's weapon. Kokichi then turns his attention to Geto, now prepared to attack him directly and take down the curtain. Suddenly Mahito, taking on a monstrous form, breaks into the cockpit and charges toward Kokichi. Kokichi decides to use his last secret weapon by stabbing Mahito directly for a fatal hit, as the two charge towards each other.

At the Kyoto school, Miwa talks to the sleeping Mechamaru about how she wishes to meet him in person since she feels that they have gotten closer during the baseball game.

Back at the dam, the fallen Mechamaru is laying on the ground while Mahito and Geto make their departure. The two talk about how Mahito was able to avoid the technique and how they were able to see what the new screen is capable of.

In Shibuya on October 31

On October 31, a large screen was cast around Shibuya and multiple shamans are called to the scene. At the Shibuya station near exit 13, Nanami, Megumi, and Takuma are informed about how the screen is only capable of trapping civilians and that communication is blocked due to the curtain not allowing reception. Nanami then asks the manager where Gojo is at. At the Shibuya Mark City Restaurant Avenue Entrance, Akari informs Naobito, Maki, and Nobara about how the people inside the screen are saying to bring Satoru Gojo to Shibuya. Naobito comments about how someone told the people to say that and wonders if they can just break the screen. Akari says that breaking the screen would be tough and that it would be easier to just take out the caster. Maki says that they are here to help with that, to which Akari tells her that they are just here on standby. At the Jr Shibuya Station Shin Minami Entrance, Panda and Atsuya are talking about how the culprit behind the screen are most likely the same ones behind the Kyoto Goodwill Event incident. Atsuya then comments about how the higher ups want Gojo to handle everything alone with minimal damage, with everyone else on standby. Panda comments about how the higher ups don't want sorcerers to be lost and wonders about the citizens. Atsuya says that he had looked in the screen a little while ago and that the citizens are just fine even though they are in a panic. Atsuya also comments about how he is not going back in there since he feels that there are likely multiple special grade curses within the screen.

Inside of the screen, as multiple people are banging on the screen and asking for Gojo to be brought here, Gojo himself arrives and starts to make his way towards the basement of the Hikarie ShinQ. Outside the screen at the Aoyama Cemetery, Yuji comments about how they should head into the screen to back up Gojo. Mei Mei states that is why they are here, while Ui Ui, Mei Mei's brother, wonders why Yuji is to be Gojo's backup. Suddenly Mei Mei receives a call and is informed that another screen has suddenly appeared at Meiji Jingumae station. The three then head out towards the station.

Inside the station in Shibuya, Gojo arrives at the bottom floor and encounters Hanami, Jogo, and Choso. As Hanami blocks the exit, Gojo says that he won't be running away. All the gates at the station then open at once, causing civilians to fall into the middle of the tracks as Hanami, Jogo, and Choso start to slaughter them on their way towards Gojo. As Choso distracts Gojo, Jogo and Hanami take this chance to attack Gojo with their new technique - Domain Amplification. Gojo quickly makes his escape and thinks about how Domain Amplification is capable of neutralizing his Infinity. Jogo thinks back to when Geto talked with him about what Gojo is capable of and how they will counter Gojo's abilities. As Jogo comments about how Gojo is running away, Gojo takes off his blindfold and says that he is not running away and that he's going to take down Hanami first.

As Gojo gets close to Hanami and Jogo, the two attack but Gojo easily counters the two and wounds them. Jogo proceeds to run away with Gojo right behind him, and Hanami decides to use his technique to attack Gojo, realizing Gojo has deactivated Limitless. Gojo quickly grabs a hold of Hanami and rips the branches off of Hanami's head, realizing that he would have to deactivate Domain Amplification in order to use cursed techniques. Choso attacks Gojo, but Gojo easily blocks the attack, deeming him a low priority and deciding to save him for later. Jogo and Hanami attack Gojo but Gojo easily blocks it and explains how their technique is useless since he will just increase the strength of his ability. Pouring all his cursed energy into his Limitless technique, Hanami is steadily pressed against the wall by Gojo's Infinity, even when Jogo tries to stop Gojo by threatening to kill some humans. When Gojo crushes Hanami against the wall, killing him before coldly turning around to face Jogo.

The Meiji-Jingumae Station Incident

As Yuji, Mei Mei, and Ui Ui arrive at Meiji-Jingumae station, they are informed that there are two screens surrounding the station. The manager tells them that there are mutated humans in between the screens, which Yuji thinks is Mahito's doing. After being informed about the situation, Mei Mei uses her ability on some crows to investigate the station. When Mei Mei finishes her investigation, she informs Yuji of what she saw in the station. Yuji asks if Mahito is down there, and Mei Mei replies that she didn't see him but he must be in there since there are mutated humans in the station. Mei Mei then says that they will split up and that they will meet up once they finish their tasks.

As Yuji enters another entrance, he comes across a cursed spirit. Yuji asks the spirit if Mahito is here, which the spirit says that Mahito is down below and that he is protecting the screen. As Yuji wonders if this spirit had put up the screen, he notices an object and realizes the spirit was only guarding the item that projects the screen.

Suddenly, the spirit comments about how the mutated humans that Mahito creates taste worse, and decides to attack Yuji. As Yuji dodges the grasshopper spirit's attacks, Yuji thinks about how the spirit is a high level one. As the spirit attacks from a distance, Yuji dodges and closes the gap. The spirit begins an attack with its abdomen but Yuji easily dodges it and grabs it. Yuji then defeats the spirit and breaks the object that is creating the screen. At another entrance, Mei Mei and Ui Ui notices that the screen has been raised, and decides to meet up with Yuji and head towards basement 5. As the B5 station, Mahito notices that the grasshopper spirit has been done in and that he can't fight the shaman that did it since he has work to do.

Back at Shibuya station, Jogo is running away from Gojo. Jogo manages to distract Gojo and launch an attack but Gojo blocks it and is forced to run away. Jogo thinks about how he can't let Hanami's death be in vain and will continue his hit and run tactic. Jogo tells Choso to help him out, Choso answeres with launching at him but it doesn't work. Gojo thinks about how the two spirits are attacking him and that it will be a matter of time until he can get to the two and exorcise them. Jogo thinks about how they can use the Prison Realm even through 20 minutes have already passed a while ago. A distance away, Geto and another spirit is watching the fight, and comments about how Gojo still has to get more worked up.

At the Meiji-Jingumae station, Yuji meets up with Mei Mei and Ui Ui and they head towards the lower platform. While on their way to the platform, Mei Mei compliments on Yuji capabilities and how Yuji can easily be a first grade shaman. Once they arrive at the platform, they notices that there is only one person there. Yuji asks the guy what had happened them, which the guy says that the rest were mutated and that he couldn't go because the train was full before mutating and dies. Yuji thinks about how this is the work of Mahito but realizes that the train full of mutated humans that are headed to the station that Gojo is at.

The Prison Realm

At the station the Gojo is fighting at, the train stops there which Jogo comments about Mahito is here. As the people start to head towards the train, but suddenly mutated humans come out of the train and start to kill the people. Gojo sees this and wonders what the spirit are thinking. Mahito comes out of the train and meet up with Jogo. Mahito comments about how they should leave some humans alive and release them in a forest to hunt them. Jogo says that he will just burn the forest down, which Mahito replies that Hanami will get mad because of that. Jogo reveals that Hanami is dead, to which Mahito reacts with visible shock.

As Gojo wonders what the spirits are planning, Mahito suddenly attacks but Gojo easily blocks it. Gojo figures that Mahito is the one that attacked Yuji and Nanami and charges at but Mahito dodges it. Mahito comments about how finding humans is disgusting since there are so many of them, at this point people start to pour into their location. Gojo figures that there are allies with the spirits above that are throwing people to their location. Mahito and Choso each use a technique to attack Gojo with, but Gojo easily blocks them. Suddenly Jogo launches at Gojo — the sorcerer manages to grab his arm, but Jogo severs his limb to get away. Mahito and Jogo think about their current situation. The spirit believe Gojo won't use his technique, and they are shocked when Gojo starts to activate his Domain Expansion. Gojo only activates it for less then a second, which causes the spirits, mutated humans, and people to be stunned as their consciousness if overflown with a large amount of information. As everyone is stupefied, Gojo starts to kill all the mutated humans. Once he's done, Gojo notices an object on the ground. At this point Geto activates the Prison Realm.

A little while back, Geto is playing mahjong with Mahito, Hanami, and Jogo, while explaining how the Prison Realm is capable of sealing anything but the target has to stand still for a minute. Back in the present, Gojo sees the Prison Realm open and starts to run, when Geto shows up. As shocked Gojo dazedly wonders why Geto is standing before him and remembers the three years of his youth, a minute passes, and the Prison Realm starts to seal Gojo. Gojo notices that he had been trapped, and asks the person in front of him who he is. Geto says that he is Suguru Geto, but Gojo replies that although his eyes tell it to be true, he can tell that the person in front of him is not Geto. The person removes the stitches, takes the top of his head off and reveals that he is capable of switching bodies, along with using the possessed bodies' natural abilities. The entity adds that it's Gojo's fault that he was able to obtain Geto's body as the sorcerer didn't have Shoko Ieiri get rid of it. The person tells Gojo that he will undo the seal after they are finished with their plans. Gojo says that they still have Yuta on their side, the person replies by saying that Yuta's power only came when he had detained his loved one's soul.

Down the train tunnel, Yuji, Mei Mei, and Ui Ui are heading to Gojo's location when something lands on Yuji's ear. Yuji is then contacted by Kokichi, who quickly explains that Gojo has been sealed.

Back at the station, the Imposter adresses Gojo and mockingly bids him good night, to which Gojo replies by saying that it might be good night for him, but for the him it's time to wake up, possibly appealing to the remains of consciousness left in Geto's body. Gojo then asks Geto how long he is going to let someone else use his body, and Geto's arm suddenly grabs his own neck. Pseudo-Geto curiously notices that it's the first time something like this happened. Mahito comes to their location after getting over being stunned, which the person explains to Mahito that his theory that the soul comes before the body is wrong. Mahito replies that it might be different for people since their techniques are so different, to which the person replies by saying that he likes that techniques dictate their world. Gojo tells them to just get this over with, to which the person replies with admitting that he is correct and closes the Prison Realm and drops the cube into his hand. Mahito comments about how they can't use it anymore, and the person says that only one person can be sealed within the object unless they kill themselves.

Back in the tunnel, Mei Mei asks why they should believe Kokichi. Kokichi replies that the proof is that he is there, and explains how he had died days before and that the one talking to them is nothing then a contingency plan that he had come up with just in cause something happened to him. Kokichi also says that he had eliminate both Yuji and Mei Mei as being a mole within the school. Mei Mei asks why he eliminated them, which Kokichi says that Yuji has only been apart of the jujutsu world for a few months and Mei Mei was sent to Meji-Jingumae Station instead of staying at Shibuya. Mei Mei replies that she could just not be following orders, which Kokichi then asks why there are two cursed users following them. Mei Mei notices that there are two following them and asks Yuji if they are stronger than the curse that he had faced, which Yuji replies that the cursed users are stronger. Mei Mei wonders where the two were hiding and suggest they continue down the tunnel to were Gojo is at. Kokichi tells them that there are four screen in Shibuya, and that one of those screen blocks shamans from entering. Mei Mei tries to contact others, but then notices that the screen is blocking them from making calls. Kokichi then suggests that Yuji should head back to Meijijingu-Mae station and head back to Shibuya from above ground. Kokichi tells Mei Mei to create a path for Yuji to get through the cursed users, which Mei Mei asks if Kokichi's bank account is not frozen. Kokichi finally tells them that they will have to put their lives on the line since they will need Gojo to save the jujutsu world and human society. Ui Ui asks what he can do, Kokichi says that he can choose which he says that he will stay with his sister. As the cursed users show up, Mei Mei, Yuji, and Ui Ui prepare to fight.

Back at the Shibuya station, Choso and Jogo get over being stunned and meet up with Pseudo-Geto and Mahito. As the impostor is about to discuss what they are going to do, the Prison Realm suddenly forces it way to the ground. Inside of the object, Gojo comments about how time doesn't flow in the object and that he has messed up. Gojo then says that it is fine since he has faith in everyone.

Outside of the screen surrounding Shibuya, the groups that are on standby head inside the screen to rescue the citizens since curse spirits are attacking the citizens. At another location, Ijichi contact Akari and informs her that they to be in constant communications with the other managers when he is suddenly attacked by Haruta that had attacked during the cultural exchange. Haruta is told by someone to head around the screen and attack anyone who is wearing a suit, which Haruta agrees and announces that he will head inside the screen once he is done.

At the Shibuya station, Mahito wonders what is going on which Geto explains how the sealing is complete but the Prison Realm will need time to process Gojo before they can move it. They notice one of Kokichi's devices and Mahito destroys it. At Yuji's location, Kokichi informs Yuji that the enemy can't move Gojo even though Gojo is sealed. Kokichi then proposes a plan where the shamans will attack all at once, when the screen surrounding Shibuya station comes down. Just before they enter the screen surrounding Shibuya, Kokichi inform Yuji that he can get in contact with Ijichi.

Operation: Rescue Satoru Gojo

Once Yuji enters the screen, he notices that spirits are attacking the citizens and quickly take care of them. After taking care of the spirits, Yuji quickly climbs up a building and yells out for Nanami. Yuji shouts that Gojo has been sealed, which Nanami informs Takuma and Megumi that they are going to meet up with Yuji.

At the Shibuya Station, Pseudo-Geto and the cursed spirits hear what Yuji is shouting. Geto informs the others that the shamans will increase in number and head this way. He also says that he will stay here and asks what they are going to do. Choso says that he will avenge his brother by killing Nobara and Yuji, and then head to the college to retrieve the rest of his brothers. Jogo tells Choso that they have to turn Yuji into Sukuna but Choso replies that he doesn't care. As Jogo gets angry, Mahito tells Jogo to calm down. Mahito then announces that he wants to kill Yuji too, and explains he had figured that shaman and curses are evenly matched after seeing Gojo in person. Mahito also says that they should kill Yuji since they don't need Sukuna and that they can win without Sukuna. Jogo continues to persuade Mahito that they need Sukuna, which Mahito says that he doesn't want to fight with Jogo on this matter. Mahito then says that he will make a deal with Jogo, in that if he finds Yuji first then he will kill him and if Jogo finds Yuji first then he can offer Sukuna his finger in order to restore his power. Choso says that if he finds Yuji then he will kill him, which Mahito is glad that Choso is joining in. Mahito asks what the impostor Geto is going to do, which he replies that he has to keep an eye on the Prison Realm and that they can do whatever they want. As Jogo tells them that all the shamans are heading to their location, the others ignore him and leave which Jogo follows after them. After the spirits leave, Mimiko and Nanako show up and tell the impostor to give back Geto's body. The impostor tells them that they should have done a binding vow with him and that they should leave or they will be killed by Geto's body. The girls say that the impostor will regret it, which the impostor sits down and comments about how he has forgotten what regret feels like.

Elsewhere Yuji is continuing shouting out Nanami's name until Nanami, Megumi, and Takuma show up. Kokichi then explains what had happened, and suggests what they should do next. After listening to everything, Nanami says that he will go meet up with Kiyotaka, which Yuji, Megumi, and Takuma deal with the screens that are blocking the shamans from entering. Nanami also tells Takuma that if they meet up with Atsuya and Naobito, they should tell them what the situation is and that he is also in charge.

After Nanami leaves, Takuma tells Megumi and Yuji that there are two problems with Gojo being sealed. Takuma says that the first problem is that the Gojo family will fall from power since Gojo is the only member of that family. Takuma also says that Gojo has saved a lot of shamans with Yuji being one of them. Takuma tells them that there will be those that will become a nuisance to the authorities and in the worst case they might be killed. Takuma then tells them that the second problem is that the balance of power will collapse. Takuma explains how there are evil shamans that have stayed in the shadow and that they will make their move since Gojo is gone. Takuma also tells them that they will lose if they have to fight both shamans and spirits at the same time. After explaining this to them, the three head off to take down the barriers.

Bring Down the Barriers

At another location, three shamans are protecting the objects that are creating the screen. One of them comments about how the intel of Gojo's sealing has been revealed, and wonders what would happen to this country now.

As Yuji tries to break through the next screen, but Megumi realizes that the screen is too strong for them to break through it. As Megumi wonder how they can slip through the screen, Takuma explains how the screen basically works and that the caster is most likely inside the screen. Suddenly Takuma figures that the caster is mostly likely outside of the screen, since the screen would get stronger with the more risk to the caster there is. Megumi and Takuma then say that the caster would be at an obvious place, which Yuji figures out were their enemy might be at.

At the Shibuya Tower, the enemies are discussing whether the shamans knew of their location or not. They also discuss how it wouldn't matter since the bottom floors of the tower are swarming with mutated humans. Suddenly Megumi and Yuji shows up at the top of the tower, and manages to distract the enemies. Takuma takes this chance to break one of the cursed tools that is putting up the screen, but also realizes that one of the enemy has taken the other two cursed tools that are putting up the other screens. Megumi and Yuji quickly wrap Jiro Awasaka with a wire and tosses him off the tower. As Ogami has her grandson fight Takuma, Takuma prepares to fight him and comments about how its time to show what he is capable of. As Megumi and Yuji find where Awasaka has fallen, Megumi realizes that the enemy is still alive. As Awasaka gets up, Megumi and Yuji prepare to fight him.

As Takuma fights Ogami and her grandson, he thinks back to when he told Nanami why he wanted Nanami to nominate him. Takuma uses his cursed technique to attack the two, which the two notice something about Takuma's technique. On the ground floor, Megumi and Yuji attack Awasaka and notice that their attacks are doing nothing to him. Back at the top of the tower, Ogami's grandson defends Ogami from Takuma's attacks while she chants. As Ogami finishes, her grandson swallows something and starts to transform into Toji Fushiguro.

In the past, cursed users were free and used their techniques to kill others for money, however, that all changed when Satoru Gojo was born. Back at Yuji and Megumi's fight with Awasaka, the two notices that their enemy is tough which Megumi wonders if this toughness is related to his technique. Megumi tells Awasaka that Gojo is in Shibuya, but Awasaka says that he already knows that Gojo has been sealed. With this information Megumi manages to figure out what the enemies technique is. As Yuji prepares to continue fighting, Megumi uses his Rabbit Escape shikigami to distract Awasaka and escapes with Yuji, while saying that he had figured out what the enemies technique is.

At the top of the tower, Takuma figures that Ogami's grandson had transformed into someone powerful and tries to attack but Ogami's grandson easily counter Takuma.

Back on the ground floor, Yuji and Megumi start to attack Awasaka again. While the two attack Awasaka, Awasaka thinks about how his technique works. Yuji and Megumi think back to when they talked about what Awasaka's technique might be and how they plan to attack him. As they manage to start hurting Awasaka, Awasaka has had enough and tell them to not get cocky. As Yuji prepares to attack, Awasaka notices this and tries to counter. Yuji manages to stop the punch and attack with a weaker punch, which manages to defeat Awasaka since his ability reverse's power. As the two tie Awasaka up and manage to break the cursed object, they notice that only one of the curtain had came down. Suddenly, Megumi notices that Takuma is falling from the tower, which the two quickly rescue him. On top of the tower, Ogami tells her grandson to head down and kill some more shamans but her grandson asks who does she think she is giving orders to. Ogami realizes that Toji has taken over her grandson, and wonders what happen since she only summoned the body's information and not the soul's. Toji says that he has a special body, and that Ogami's grandson's soul has lost to his body. As Ogami realizes what has happened, Toji kills Ogami since she want to kill shamans like him. On the ground floor, Megumi and Yuji discuss what to do. They decide that Megumi would take Takuma to get him some help while Yuji heads to where Gojo is currently trapped at.

At the Shibuya station near exit 13, Nanami reaches that location and finds that Ijichi is wounded on the ground. Back in the tunnel, Mei Mei is fighting the enemy and manages to defeat the enemy. Mei Mei then explains how she became powerful, while the enemy asks that she spare his life. Mei Mei asks the enemy if he can be any use to her but when he doesn't answer right away, she kills him. Suddenly Mei Mei and Ui Ui notice that the curtain has come down, which the two head to where Gojo is at. At Shibuya station, the impostor notices that the curtain has come down and comments about how it happened faster than he thought.

After informing Maki and Nobara about the situation that is happening, Nobara and Akari head off but they encounter the enemy. As Nobara secretly tells Akari to run away, Nobara faces Haruta. He suddenly notices that Akari is running away instead of hiding, and heads to her location, he then used his technique to wound Akari. After Nobara makes it to Akari's location, Nobara tries to stop the enemy from hurting her more but the enemy immobilizes her. As the enemy gloats over Nobara not being about to defeat him, Nobara asks why he is going these kind of things which the enemy replies that he just wants to have fun. As the enemy continues to hurt Akari, Nobara tells him to stop but the enemy doesn't. As Nobara gets up, the two prepare to continue their fight but suddenly notices something. Suddenly Nanami appears from around a corner with an angry look on his face. As Nanami starts to walk towards the enemy, the enemy says that he has a hostage but notices that Akari has gotten away. As Nanami is right behind him, the enemy attacks Nanami but notices that none of his attacks are working. Nanami asks the enemy where and how many of the enemy are. The enemy says that he doesn't know, which Nanami sends the enemy flying into a wall. The enemy gets up and things about how he has to run away, but Nanami grabs the enemy and asks the question again. The enemy says that he doesn't know, which Nanami beats the enemy again. The enemy tries to attack Nanami with his sword, but Nobara pins the sword against the wall. Nanami then grabs the enemy and asks if he is the one that had killed all the managers. The enemy apologizes, which Nanami sends the enemy out of the building and into another one. Nobara sees this and thinks about how strong a grade 1 shaman is.

Entering the Station

Yuji arrives at the station entrance, and notices that there are people being attacking by mutated humans. Yuji thinks about how he can't save them all, when suddenly Toge shows up. Toge uses his technique to deal with the mutated humans, while Yuji enters the station. Elsewhere, Nanami informs Nobara and Akari about the situation and how he will head into the station with the Zenin group while the two wait to be rescued.

Back in the tunnel that leads to the station, Mei Mei and Ui Ui are confronted by the impostor Geto. As Mei Mei and the impostor talk, Mei Mei wonders thinks about what is happening since Geto was killed last year. After talking, the impostor summons Smallpox Deity which Mei Mei wonder if the impostor really is Geto. The impostor then leaves, while leaving the Smallpox Deity to deal with Mei Mei and Ui Ui. Smallpox Deity easily traps Mei Mei and Ui Ui within its domain, and uses its sure-kill technique on Mei Mei but Mei Mei manages to break from it.

Yuji enters the station and encounters Choso, who becomes enraged after seeing Yuji and fires off his strongest attack. Yuji manages to block the attack but dodges the others attack, all the while making his way closer to Choso. Yuji gets close enough and lands a blow on Choso, which Choso notices how Yuji's technique works. Yuji takes the time to think about what damage Choso's attack has done to him and figures how he will attack from now on. Choso suddenly asks what his younger brothers said before they died, which Yuji tells him that they cried. Choso becomes enrages after hearing this and prepares to kill Yuji.

Back in the tunnel, the Smallpox Deity keeps on trying to kill Mei Mei with its sure-kill technique but Mei Mei easily breaks out of it. Mei Mei figures out how the technique works and figures that she won't be able to break out of the technique if this continues on. Mei Mei figures out how to deal with Smallpox Deity and asks Ui Ui to die for her, which Ui Ui agrees to it. Ui Ui releases his cursed energy, which Smallpox Deity uses his technique on Ui Ui. Mei Mei stops Smallpox Deity from killing Ui Ui, while also explaining what Ui Ui's role is and how he can use Simple Domain to counter an enemy's domain. As Smallpox Deity attacks Mei Mei, Mei Mei uses her Bird Strike technique to exorcise Smallpox Deity. As Mei Mei and Ui Ui prepares to continue down the tunnel, they are suddenly confronted by the Geto imposter.

At the station that Yuji and Choso is fighting at, Yuji figures out Choso's strategy and baits him into attack. Choso figures out what Yuji is doing but still attacks. Yuji dodges the attack and gets close to Choso, but Choso uses an attack to wound Yuji and attacks with a blade made by his blood. Yuji continues to fight Choso, which Choso gets Yuji to stop for a second by faking an attack. Choso then attacks Yuji and manages to launch his piercing blood attack but Yuji manages to withstand the attack.

Suddenly Yuji is contacted by Kokichi and asks for the situation. Yuji explains the situation, which Kokichi explains what Blood Manipulation is capable of and advises what Yuji should do. As Yuji retreats into a bathroom, Choso doesn't want to follow but Kokichi manages to lure Choso in. Once inside, Choso destroys the device that Kokichi was using but notices that there is a ton of water around. Suddenly Yuji appears behind Choso and forces Choso into the water. Choso figures what the water is doing to the blood, and decides to fight Yuji in hand to hand combat. As the two clash, Yuji thinks that he can win but Choso manages to pierce Yuji with his blood that he was protecting from the water. Yuji figures out what had happened, and thinks about how he has to take Choso down so the others can rescue Gojo. Choso thinks about how strong Yuji and prepares to counter Yuji's attacks. The two resume their fight, but Yuji manages to get the advantage. As Yuji goes to deliver a powerful blow, Choso manages to protect himself and lands a blow that knocks Yuji out.

As Choso go to finish Yuji, he suddenly stop and becomes confused about a memory that appeared within his mind that never happened. Choso wonders what that memory was before leaving. Nanako and Mimiko then find Yuji and prepare to feed him Sukuna's fingers.

Elsewhere, Nanami, Maki, and Naobito enter the station. Naobito and Nanami try to get Maki to leave, but Maki changes the conversation by telling Nanami that Naobito has been drinking on the job which Naobito declines. Suddenly the three comes across Dagon, which Nanami prepares to fight it but Naobito traps it within a frame and lands a blow. The blow forces Dagon to spit up a ton of bones which Naobito wonders just how many people Dagon had eaten. Dagon remembers what had happened to Hanami, which Dagon shreds his skin and transforms. Dagon releases a torrent of water, but the three manages to avoid the flood. Naobito starts a conversation with Dagon, which allows Nanami and Maki to attack Dagon. Naobito also attacks Dagon with the two, but Dagon manages to defend himself. As the three think about how Dagon is managing to defend itself, they decide to attack Dagon with speed based attacks. The three overwhelm Dagon, who is forced to escape from the three. Naobito manages to catch up to Dagon and continues to attack Dagon, until Dagon traps the three within it's domain.

Dagon manages to hit Nanami and Maki with his sure hit technique, but Naobito is able to defend himself. Dagon uses an attack to overwhelm Nanami, along with blocking Naobito's view. Dagon hits Naobito into the air, and uses his shikigami's to swarm Naobito. Dagon turns his attention to Maki and kicks her into the forest while calling her the weakest. Maki walks out of the forest and tells Dagon to kill her with single blow if she is the weakest, which Dagon decides to kill her.

Suddenly Megumi breaks into the domain by using his domain, and gives Maki Playful Cloud, a special grade cursed tool. Dagon goes to attack Megumi but then notices that something is wrong, which Maki takes this chance to deliver a blow to Dagon. Dagon figures that Megumi's domain is blocking his domain's ability and sends his shikigamis at him. Nanami manages to protect Megumi, while Naobito and Maki continues to attack on Dagon. While Dagon is busy, Megumi explains to Nanami how he is trying to create an exit to Dagon's Domain. When Megumi manages to open a hole, Nanami tells Maki and Naobito to retreat. Dagon figures out what they're up to and chases after them.

Suddenly Toji enters through the hole, much to the surprised of everyone. Toji easily takes Playful Cloud from Maki and prepares to fight Dagon. Dagon underestimates Toji, which allows Toji to overwhelm Dagon. Dagon tries to defends himself by using his shikigamis but Toji easily takes them all down. Toji then starts to sharpen Roaming Cloud much to the shock of everyone. Dagon figures that he just need to wait for Megumi technique to run out and tries to escapes, but Naobito block him which gives Toji the chance to impale Dagon. Dagon says that its not over yet, but Toji repeatedly stabs Dagon until Dagon is exorcised. The four are shocked that Toji has exorcised Dagon, but then worry about what Toji is going to do next. Toji quickly gabs Megumi and takes him to another location. Megumi is surprised that Toji is so fast and wonders just who is Toji.

Maki tries to head to where Megumi was taken, but is surprised when Jogo shows up. As Jogo mourns Dagon being exorcised, Nanami and Naobito notice that Jogo is stronger than Dagon. Jogo then easily take care of Nanami and Maki. Naobito manages to avoid Jogo's attack, but Jogo manages to land hit on Naobito by surprise.

Sukuna Awakens

As Jogo prepares to finish off Naobito, he suddenly notices the presence of one of Sukuna's fingers. Elsewhere, Nanako feeds Yuji one of Sukuna's finger when Jogo suddenly arrives. Jogo asks how many finger have they fed Yuji, but Nanako and Mimiko say they won't tell him. Jogo says that they can die, which Mimiko quickly prepares something before they are attacked. After Jogo deals with Nanako and Mimiko, Jogo thinks about what the impostor Geto told him about feeding Yuji multiple of Sukuna's fingers. Jogo then pulls out ten of Sukuna's fingers and says that its time for Sukuna to wake up. After Jogo finishes feeding the fingers to Yuji, he notices that Mimiko and Nanako are still alive. Jogo goes to kill them but notices that his hand is missing.

Sukuna tells Jogo that he has one second to move, which Jogo quickly gets away from Sukuna. As Sukuna gets up, Jogo and Nanako notice just how powerful Sukuna is. Sukuna tells them that their heads are to high, which Nanako and Mimiko drops to the floor while Jogo gets on one knee. Sukuna cuts the top of Jogo's head off and says that dropping to one knee was not enough. Sukuna turns his attention to the two girls and says that he will give them one finger worth of his time. Nanako remembers her time with Geto, and then asks Sukuna to kill the person that has taken over Geto's body for another finger. Sukuna tells them to raise their heads and kills Mimiko. Sukuna tells Nanako that a finger or two is not worth ordering him around. Nanako goes to attack Sukuna with her phone but Sukuna easily kills her. Sukuna grabs Mimiko's photo and figures that her cursed technique has something to do with photo manipulation, which he calls boring. Sukuna asks Jogo what he wants, which Jogo says that he only wanted to revive Sukuna. Jogo explains how Sukuna's control is only temporary and asks Sukuna to make a binding vow to take full control of Yuji's body. Sukuna replies that that is not necessary since he has his own plans. Sukuna then says that he will make a deal with Jogo that if Jogo can land a blow on him, then he will do what the cursed spirits ask of him which Jogo agrees to.

Elsewhere, Megumi thinks about how he has visualize winning against Toji and summons his Escape Rabbits. Toji easily pierces through the escape rabbit shikigami, but Megumi manages to dodge. Megumi runs away, and thinks about how he has to end the battle quickly since he doesn't have the energy to last a long fight.

At a different location, Shoko and Masamichi have set up a medical tent. Shoko tells Masamichi that she can handle things herself with the support they have, but Masamichi replies that they need protect Shoko since she is the only one that can heal the others. Shoko then comments about how it was a good idea that Masamichi had set up this place in advance.

Back at Megumi's fight, Megumi quickly escapes down an ally and thinks about how he had to win this fight without relying on his other shikigamis. Megumi thinks about what Toji is capable of, when Toji attacks. Toji suddenly misses when he steps in a hole, which Megumi thinks about how his plan worked. Megumi pulls out a weapon and attacks, but Toji easily manages to get away. Megumi is frustrated and wonders what to do next. Toji suddenly thinks back to when he met with Naobito about selling his son to the Zenin family. Toji asks for what for Megumi's name, which Megumi fully introduces himself. Toji compliments Megumi for not going by the Zenin name and stabs himself in the head. Megumi checks the body and notices that the face has changed. Megumi thinks about how he is lucky that Toji has ended it himself and questioned who Toji really is, but notices that he has to head to were Shoko is at. Megumi starts to leave, when he is suddenly attacked by Haruta.

At the Shibuya Stream, Panda and Kusakabe comes out of a building. Panda asks if they are done checking build and what to go help rescue Gojo, which Kusakabe replies that Gojo is not the only person that matters and explains how they have to help people that might be hiding. Panda says that he has a point, which Kusakabe says that they will get back to searching. Kusakabe thinks about how he doesn't want to head where Gojo is at since he doesn't want to die and that he has to think about more excuses in order to not go.

Suddenly Panda and Kusakabe are surrounded by shamans. The shamans asks for them to give up and leave, which Kusakabe replies that he just can't and asks what they are after. The shamans reveal that they are the ones that inherited Geto's will. The shamans talk about when the group had an argument about what to do about the impostor who has taken over Geto's body. As a fight is about to start, Larue stops them and explains how they should separate to achieve their goals. Larue says that he is not going with either of them and that there will be a day that they meet up since they are a family. After the shamans are done explaining, they asks if Panda and Kusakabe will surrender. Kusakabe is upset that the story has ended, but thinks about how he can handle shamans of this level. Kusakabe prepares to attack, which one of the shamans gets ready to signal the attack.

Suddenly the group notices an explosion nearby, and notices Sukuna's fight with Jogo. Sukuna asks Jogo if that is all he has, which Jogo says that its not over yet and prepares to attack. Sukuna cuts off Jogo's hands and slams him through a building. Sukuna comments about how weak Jogo is, which Jogo thinks about how he didn't think that there was this much of a difference in their power. Sukuna picks Jogo up and says that Jogo can keep going. Jogo ignites the building, which Sukuna easily manages to escape. Jogo prepares his Maximum: Meteor attack, which Panda and Kusakabe see and start to run away. As some of the shamans block their path, Kusakabe easily takes care of them. Kusakabe then tells the shamans that they have to run away, but Sukuna shows up and says that he won't allow it. Sukuna explains how he will kill any humans that moves before he give the signal. As Jogo attack comes closer, Sukuna gives the signal at the last minute and everyone runs away.

As Jogo attack sets the entire area on fire, Jogo figures that Sukuna must have taken some damage. Sukuna reveals that he is fine and asks why Jogo is not using his domain. Jogo replies that he would lose in a battle between domains. Sukuna says that things are getting interesting and says that he will fight using Jogo specialty. Sukuna says a command and starts to producing flames. Jogo is shocked by this and thinks about how Sukuna's technique was to slash things. Sukuna tells Jogo to get ready since they are going to have a fire power battle, which both fighters get ready to attack.

Jogo is then killed, which Jogo winds up meeting with Hanami and Dagon. Jogo apologizes to them, which Hanami explains why Jogo had propped up Mahito as the leader and that Mahito will get stronger. Jogo says that he can't wait for the day that they are reborn, even through they won't be the same. As Jogo proclaims that they are the true humans, Sukuna shows up and comments about how Jogo wants to be human. Sukuna says that he knows what Jogo means and that it was because he tried to be human, is what made him weak. As Jogo says that Sukuna is right, which Sukuna says that he had fun fighting with Jogo and that Jogo is strong compared to opponents he had back in the day. As Jogo starts to cry, Jogo wonders what it is which Sukuna says that he doesn't know. Suddenly, someone arrives and says that they are here to escort Sukuna. Sukuna wonders who they are but realizes that it's Uraume.

Elsewhere, Megumi is trying to get away from Haruta. Megumi starts to explain how the user of the Ten Shadow Technique obtain their shikigamis. Megumi suddenly collapses but continues to explain how multiple people can exorcise a shikigami. Megumi add that its pointless to do this since the user won't obtain the shikigami, but that it does have its uses. Megumi remember Gojo telling him about how the head of the Gojo family (who possesses the Limitless and Six Eyes technique) and that head of the Zenin family (who possesses the Ten Shadow Technique) had killed each other in a fight, and that is the reason that the two families had each other. Megumi thinks about how the previous had used it like this and starts to summon a shikigami, which Haruta notices and tries to stop it. Megumi manages to summon the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga shikigami to preform an exorcism ritual. The attacker notices that Megumi has trapped him in an exorcism ritual with a powerful shikigami. Megumi says that he will be going first, which Mahoraga takes out Megumi much to Haruta's shock.

Sukuna notices that something powerful was summoned, and tells Uraume that he has something to attend to. Sukuna says that it won't long until he's completely free and that Uraume shouldn't neglect their preparations. Sukuna then leaves, which Uraume says that they will wait for them.

Mahoraga attacks Haruta, but Sukuna shows up and saves him. Sukuna quickly figures out what is happening and is glad that he had saved Megumi's attacker. Sukuna heals Megumi since he has something planned for Megumi. Sukuna figures that if an outsider like him exorcises the shikigami, then the ritual will be void and prepares to fight. Mahoraga attacks but Sukuna blocks the attacks and then wounds Mahoraga with his technique. Sukuna figures that Mahoraga's sword is capable of exorcising any spirit with positive energy. Suddenly Mahoraga heals itself, which Sukuna attacks but Mahoraga deflects the attack. Sukuna figures that Mahoraga is capable of seeing his cursed technique. Mahoraga attacks, which Sukuna blocks but is sent flying. Mahoraga continues to attack but Sukuna dodges it and wounds Mahoraga. Mahoraga heals itself, which Sukuna figures that Mahoraga's ability is to adapt to any and all phenomena. Sukuna thinks about how he would have died if Megumi has summoned Mahogara when he first met Megumi. Sukuna then summons his domain. Sukuna's domain expansion ability is to cut up everything within the 200 meter radius area, and while this is happening, he thinks about how he plans to use Mahoraga's regeneration ability to defeat Mahoraga. Once Mahoraga starts to regenerate, Sukuna changes his ability and uses it to defeat Mahoraga. After defeating Mahoraga, Sukuna encounters Megumi's attacker and tells him to get lost. The attacker happily complies but runs into Sukuna's domain and is killed. Sukuna then brings Megumi to Shoko and Masamichi's location, to get healed, and then leaves. Sukuna arrives back at the location that he had fought with Mahoraga, and tells Yuji to look at the damage caused by Sukuna's domain as Yuji switches back to himself. Yuji breaks down and wants to die, when he remember that he is going to be executed and wants friends around him when he dies. Yuji thinks about how he has to continue fighting since he would just be a murderer if he would be killed now.

Elsewhere, a heavily wounded Nanami continue on into the station when he encounters a horde of mutated humans. Nanami thinks about how he is tired and would like to get the time that he has lost by read his books in Malaysia, but remembers about Maki, Naobito, and Megumi. Nanami takes on the mutated humans, but is suddenly confronted Mahito when he is finished. The two have a small talk, when Nanami starts to wonder why he is doing this. Suddenly Nanami sees Haibara, who is pointing to his right, and sees Yuji. Nanami tells Yuji that he'll leave it all to Yuji, which Mahito then kills Nanami. After seeing this Yuji gets angry at Mahito and prepares to fight Mahito, while Mahito prepares to do the same. As Yuji charges, Mahito manages to distract Yuji and change location. Mahito attacks with an attack, which Yuji manages to stop the attack. Suddenly Mahito appears and lands a blow on Yuji. Yuji asks Mahito why he can kill so easily, which Mahito replies that Yuji is Mahito and that Yuji won't be able to defeat him until he accepts it. After hearing this, Yuji prepares to continues to fight which Mahito also prepares but decides to increase his toughness by manipulating his soul. Mahito starts to get closer and plans to pierce Yuji heart with his fist. As Mahito get close enough, Mahito attacks but Yuji manages to dodge it. Yuji then manages to land a kick, which Mahito quickly collects himself and says that they will begin round 2.

Mahito continues to attack Yuji from a distance to avoid risk. Yuji thinks about how Mahito moved compared to the last time they fought. Mahito manage to escape from Yuji's view, which Yuji chases after him but find two humans. Yuji tells them to get to safety, but Mahito appears from one of them and lands a blow. Mahito then uses the other one to create a sword, and thinks about how transfigured humans are effective in breaking Yuji's mind and how he will add one more card to that. A little back in time, after Dagon clear the humans from the station, Mahito splits himself into two and leave. Jogo tries to chase after him but Mahito blocks him way.

Elsewhere, the second Mahito comes across Nobara and the two have a brief chat. After talking, the two prepare to fight which Nobara remembers what he was told about Mahito. Nobara attacks but Mahito manages to dodge it, but causes a sign to fall. Nobara uses the sign to land a blow on Mahito, which Mahito tell Nobara that technique won't work. Mahito figures that Nobara is a friend of Yuji's and that bringing her dead body to Yuji would break his soul.

The second Mahito then decides to rejoin with his other half and bring Yuji and Nobara in one place. After the second Mahito runs and goes to his other half, Nobara chases him and by the time she arrives, there were two Mahito's and Yuji fighting with the other Mahito. Since Mahito isn't able to use his Idle Transfiguration technique on Yuji, he made the second body, that can't use idle transfiguration attack Yuji and his other body, that can use idle transfiguration to attack Nobara. As Nobara and the Mahito fights, he was able to touch and use Idle Transfiguration on her.

Jujutsu Battles & Events

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Mechamaru overpowering Mahito.png Kokichi Muta vs. Mahito Mahito narrowly defeats Kokichi and Mechamaru Mode: Absolute.
Satoru Gojo Rescue Operation.png The Shibuya Incident Pseudo-Geto's plan is successful. Satoru Gojo is sealed and all twenty-three wards of Tokyo are abandoned, left to be a haven for cursed spirits.
The Shibuya Incident Jujutsu Battles
Satoru Gojo fighting Jogo and Hanami.png Satoru Gojo vs. Jogo, Hanami, Choso & Mahito Satoru Gojo exorcises Hanami and a thousand Transfigured Humans. Jogo, Choso, and Mahito buy enough time for Pseudo-Geto to activate Prison Realm. Satoru Gojo is sealed.
Grasshopper Curse jumping and biting.png Yuji Itadori vs. Grasshopper Curse Yuji exorcised the Grasshopper Curse and breaks the commissioned curtain it was guarding.
Ino vs. Ogami and her grandson.png Takuma Ino vs. Ogami & Her Grandson Ino outclasses the grandson in the fight but it buys Ogami enough time to shapeshift her grandchild into Toji Zenin. Toji Zenin completely dominates and defeats Ino.
Yuji and Megumi attacking Awasaka.png Yuji & Megumi vs. Awasaka Yuji and Megumi work together to defeat Awasaka. They break the curtains he was protecting that prevented sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station.
Mei Mei vs. Niji Ebina.png Mei Mei vs. Niji Ebina Mei Mei effortlessly defeats Ebina.
Nanami vs. Haruta Shigemo.png Nobara & Nanami vs. Shigemo Shigemo momentarily overpowers Nobara, but Nanami takes over the battle. Nanami effortlessly brutalizes Shigemo into submission.
Mei Mei cutting the Smallpox Deity.png Mei Mei & Ui Ui vs. Smallpox Deity Mei Mei successfully exorcises the Smallpox Deity with her brother's help.
Yuji fighting Choso.png Yuji Itadori vs. Choso Choso defeats Yuji after a hard-fought battle. An invasive memory of an event that never happened stops Choso from finishing him off.
Naobito saves Maki from Dagon.png Jujutsu Sorcerers vs. Dagon Naobito initially overpowers Dagon until he traps all his adversaries inside Horizon of the Captivating Skandha. After Megumi arrives late to help, Toji Fushiguro is accidentally allowed inside the domain and takes over the fight.
Toji stabs Dagon through the head.png Toji Fushiguro vs. Dagon Toji overpowers Dagon and easily exorcises the curses spirit.
Toji attacks Megumi through Rabbit Escape.png Megumi Fushiguro vs. Toji Fushiguro Toji commits suicide to end the séance and rescue his son for certain death.
Sukuna and Jogo's final faceoff.png Sukuna vs. Jogo Sukuna defeats Jogo without suffering a single hit. Sukuna admits Jogo is strong and exorcises him using a flame manipulation technique.
Sukuna punches Mahoraga.png Sukuna vs. Mahoraga Sukuna defeats Mahoraga after deducing how its adaptability works. This puts an end to Megumi's exorcism ritual, allowing Sukuna to preserve the young sorcerer's life for his own future plans.
Yuji and Nobara chasing Mahito.png Yuji & Nobara vs. Mahito Mahito incapacitates Nobara and pummels Yuji after destroying his resolve. Aoi Todo takes over the battle to rescue Yuji and restore his fighting spirit.
Aoi Todo swaps with a transfigured human.png Yuji & Aoi vs. Mahito Yuji defeats Mahito once and for all with Todo's support. Pseudo-Geto finds his defeated ally before Yuji can exorcise him for good.
Jujutsu Sorcerers charge at Pseudo-Geto.png Jujutsu Sorcerers & Choso
vs. Pseudo-Geto & Uraume
Yuki Tsukumo interrupts the battle before Uraume could kill their opponents. Pseudo-Geto and Uraume escape with Prison Realm.


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October 31, 2018
Shibuya.png Shibuya ( (しぶ) () Shibuya?) is a special city-level ward in Tokyo. The city area and its subway transit system were always in mind as a part of Pseudo-Geto's plan to seal Satoru Gojo. There are numerous landmarks throughout Shibuya that served as major settings for different phases of the incident. This includes but is not limited to Bunkamura Way, Aoyama Cemetery in Harajuku, Shibuya C Tower, Metropolitan Expressway, Shoto Bunkamura Street, Dogenzaka Alley, and numerous Tokyo Metro subway stations.


  • The Shibuya Incident Arc is currently the longest arc in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. This is both in publication duration (lasting for 472 days from October 12 of 2019 to January 25 of 2021) and the total amount of chapters (58).

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