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Tokyo Metro

The Tokyo Metro (東京メトロ Tōkyō Metoro?) is the primary railway transit system used in Tokyo, and by extension Shibuya. Shibuya Station and all of the adjacent subway stations connected by the Tokyo Metro serve as some of the primary settings of the Shibuya Incident Arc.


The thousands of citizens of Shibuya generally travel using the main railway system; the Tokyo Metro. Shibuya Station is directly connected to four adjacent stations outside the main city area: Meiji-Jingumae, Omotesando, Dakan-Yama, and Ikejiri-Ohashi.[1] This allows Shibuya's pedestrians easy access to places like Tokyo City, Shinjuku, Harajuku, and various others.

Tokyo Metro railways adjacent to Shibuya Station.

Subway stations are generally divided into five basement floors labeled "BF" (i.e. Basement Floor 5 is shortened to B5F). All of the subway platforms are stationed on the basement floor B5F of their respective building. For example, the Meiji-Jingumae Sation is connected to Shibuya Station via the B5F Fukushotin Line. Someone can board that train to Shibuya and reach their destination in just a few minutes.[2]

This railway played into Pseudo Geto's plans for the Shibuya Incident. Several stations were strategically hit and flooded with transfigured humans. Then Mahito moved a large amount of them to Satoru's position using the trains.[3]

Following Satoru's sealing, Mechamaru's plan to rescue him required sending teams of sorcerers to attack Shibuya Station from the adjacent stations. Mei Mei traversed along the tracks between Meiji-Jingumae and Shibuya stations while other teams entered Shibuya Station from above ground and made their way to the lower floors.


Shibuya Station

Location Description
Shibuya Station Exit 13.png

The primary railway station used in Shibuya to reach different cities and areas across Japan. The main station is both directly and indirectly attached to several different kinds of buildings throughout Shibuya via the underground subway lines. Complexes connected to Shibuya Station include the Hikarie Building, the Tokyu Department Store, Shibuya Mark City, and many others, but all of them can be referred to as or a part of "Shibuya Station". Each of them provides a different line for trains to transport passengers varying distances

Exit 13 of the main station is close to Meiji Avenue in Shibuya. The Nanami Team and Kiyotaka Ijichi were stationed here on standby during the early sections of the Shibuya Incident.[4]

At 10:10 PM, Yuji entered Shibuya Station through an entirely different exit well into the Shibuya Incident. By that time most of the station was empty so Yuji rushed straight for the Fukushotin Line. On his way down Yuji encountered Choso, who attempted to get revenge for his fallen brothers.[5] Choso defeated Yuji and incapacitated him, leaving his unconscious body in the station.[6]

Meanwhile, at 10:20 PM, Nanami regrouped with Team Zenin on the Inokashira Line Avenue Gate and headed for B5F. A couple of floors below that they encountered Dagon. Naobito quickly overpowered him with speed, forcing the cursed spirit to take a much stronger form.[7] The jujutsu sorcerers' battle with Dagon ended up taking them inside his domain. At some point, Megumi arrived inside the station and penetrated the domain from the outside.[8] Once Dagon was exorcised, Megumi was taken outside while Jogo took revenge for his recently defeated ally.

Nanako and Mimiko discovered Yuji's unconscious body and fed him a Sukuna finger. This got Jogo's attention and he decided to temporarily awaken Sukuna with ten more fingers.[9] This ultimately resulted in the deaths of both girls and a battle between the special grade curses[10] that literally exploded out of Shibuya Station, spilling out to greater Shibuya.[11]

After Sukuna's rampage, Yuji returned to the station. Inside, Mahito's transfigured humans find a heavily injured Nanami. Nanami fought his way through the transfigured humans only to be killed in front of Yuji. This prompted a battle between Mahito and Yuji that spread throughout the station, mainly around the Dogenzaka Ticket Gate. Nobara fight with Mahito's clone also brought her inside the station.[12] The two Mahito's ran from their respective opponents to reunite in a long corridor in the station.[13] This is where Mahito effectively took out Nobara and broke Yuji's resolve.[14]


Jr. Shibuya Station

Location Description
JR Shibuya Substation.png As the name implies, Jr. Shibuya Station is a substation of the main complex. One of the entrances his by Shin Minami, where Team Kusakabe was initially posted. A business called Caffe Velace is located close by.[15]

Hikarie Building

Location Description
Hikarie Building.png The Shibuya Hikarie building is famous for its shopping center, restaurants, and business offices. Its featured department store, Hikarie ShinQ's is located on B1F of the building. Thousands of people were gathered here on Halloween Night. Four floors directly below the atrium is the Fukutoshin Line on B5F.

Fukutoshin Line Platform

Location Description
Jogo, Choso, and Hanami stand off with Satoru Gojo.png

The Fukutoshin railway line connects Harajuku to Dogenzaka and beyond. It is located underground and can be found in B5F of the Hikarie Building[16] and Meiji-Jingumae Station.

This was the primary location of the battle between Satoru and Mahito's allies. Many civilians were forced onto the tracks and slaughtered by the curses as a part of their plan to wear down Satoru.[17] Eventually, a train from Meiji-Jingumae filled with transfigured humans came in as well to add to the chaos.[18] The plan was successful and Satoru was sealed into Prison Realm.[19]

Thanks to Mechamaru's surveillance, all of Satoru's allies immediately headed to Shibuya Station in order to rescue him. The first group to do so was the Mei Mei Team. Mei Mei and Ui Ui made their way toward Shibuya Station by going along the rails of the Fukutoshin Line. She cleared a path by defeating the curse user Niji Ebina, an assassin sent by Pseudo-Geto to impede them. While Mei Mei and her brother continued underground, Yuji ran above ground to spread the news of Satoru's sealing.[20][21]

Pseudo-Geto confronted Mei Mei face to face and summoned a special grade disease curse to judge if she was worthy to fight him. Mei Mei was immediately trapped by the Smallpox Deity's Domain Expansion, encased in a separate space from the tracks.[22] Mei Mei successfully defeated the disease curse with her brother's help and called a large flock of crows underground in preparation to face Pseudo-Geto directly.[23]


Meiji-Jinguemae Station

Location Description
Meiji-Jingumae Station outside exit 2.png

Meiji-Jingumae is the main station in Harajuku and connects to Shibuya Station via the Fukushotin Line. There are five floors that can be navigated using a variety of signs hanging from the ceilings, typical of any subway station. The five basement floors can be traversed using different sets of stairs and escalators. The Fukushotin Line is in BF5 where the train runs directly into Shibuya Station, more specifically beneath the Hikarie building.

Early in the Shibuya Incident, Mahito prepared numerous transfigured humans on a train inside Meiji-Jingumae. In order to provide him with adequate time, a commissioned curtain was activated, preventing sorcerers from reaching him on the lower floors. Team Mei Mei was ordered to respond to the appearance of this curtain. They ran there straight from Aoyama Cemetary and got there within a few minutes.[24][25]

From outside exit 2 of the subway station aboveground, Mei Mei scouted the situation inside using her crows. She discovered the source of the curtain was between B1F and B2F.[26] Mei Mei went through exit seven and saved civilians on B4F before they were all killed by swarms of transfigured humans. Yuji continued down exit 2 and worked on dispelling the curtain.[27]

The commissioned curtain was guarded by the Grasshopper Curse, who was ultimately defeated by Yuji. After taking down the curtain, Yuji regrouped with Mei Mei on B4F and ran down to B5F to find Mahito. However, he had already escaped on a train full of more transfigured humans to Shibuya Station to meet Satoru Gojo.[28]


Bunkamura Station

Location Description
Bunkamura Substation Entrance.png

There are parallel subway lines that run below Shoto Bunkamura Street. One is the Bunkamura line and the other is for Tokyu. While

Nobara was fighting Shigemo, she told Akari Nitta to pretend to hide in Bunkamura while actually sneaking to Tokyu. However, the curse user saw through their plan and attacked Nitta inside the station. He momentarily overpowered Nobara inside as well but Nanami arrived after taking the injured Ijichi to receive help.[29] Shigemo was the one to hurt Ijichi, so Nanami brutally beat him, knocking the curse user through several walls of the station.[30]



  • The Ginza Line is also a subway line adjacent to the Fukutoshin Line, but it's route to Shibuya Station is above ground, so Gege Akutami decided not to include it in the story.[31]


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