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Shibuya ( (しぶ) () Shibuya?) is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. It is a key location in the Jujutsu Kaisen series and serves as the main setting of the Shibuya Incident Arc.


Shibuya is a major city-level ward comprised of several highly populated commercial, business, and residential districts.

The area in front of Shibuya Station.

Its commercial districts are packed with attractions such as the world-famous shopping mall inside the Hikarie building. The business districts include key landmarks such as Shibuya Tower and numerous subway stations.

Shibuya is a popular destination for a nightlife area for young people. Thousands of people turned out for a Halloween Celebration on October 31st, 2018. The hundreds of thousands of non-sorcerers gathered in one area made Shibuya the perfect setting for Pseudo-Geto's plan to seal Satoru Gojo.

Shibuya Station is located in the Dogenzaka Nichome East district. The streets surrounding it include Inokashira, Jingu, Yumeji, and Bunkamura Way among others. Additionally, highways such as the Metropolitan Expressway and Shibuya 109 are close by as well. All of them are structured as any road in a large city would be.


Shibuya Incident Arc

Pseudo-Geto always had Shibuya in mind regarding his plan to seal Satoru. Its population and railway system among other factors make it the perfect setting for executing the aforementioned plan.

The eerie atmosphere surrounding Shibuya at the start of the incident.

On Halloween night, October 31, 2018, a curtain was cast that trapped civilians inside Shibuya. The curtain had a 400-meter radius and was centered at the Tokyu Department Store. Non-sorcerers trapped inside were ordered to call out for Satoru Gojo by name if they wanted their freedom. Satoru arrived half an hour later and confronted the special grade cursed spirits aligned with Pseudo-Geto in B5F of the Hikarie building.

Pseudo-Geto's plan was to use the large population of non-sorcerers to crowd Satoru's ability to fight freely. The evildoers even used the subways to their advantage.[1] This succeeded and sealed Satoru Gojo within Prison Realm, but the cursed object required time to process him. This left it immobile on the Fukutoshin Line Platform on B5F of Shibuya Station. This news quickly found itself to Satoru's allies thanks to the most-mortem efforts of Kokichi Muta.[2] With Mechamaru's help, the jujutsu sorcerers coordinated an attack on Shibuya Station from the adjacent Subway Stations throughout Shibuya. In order to do so, one of several curtains cast on Shibuya had to be deactivated first.[3]

Transfigured humans attacking civilians after chaos ensued.

A curtain preventing jujutsu sorcerers from reaching Shibuya Station originated from a commissioned curtain on top of Shibuya Tower. It was guarded by the curse users Jiro Awasaka and Granny Ogami. After learning of Satoru's sealing, Kento Nanami ordered Takuma Ino to take Yuji and Megumi to dispel the curtain. They engaged in battle with the curse users on top of Shibuya Tower and on the Metropolitan Expressway below. The curtain was ultimately dispelled but Ino was gravely injured and the group was forced to separate.[4]

A gigantic portion of Shibuya is annihilated by Sukuna.

Teams of jujutsu sorcerers moved in on Shibuya Station and clashed with Mahito and his allies inside. Nobara clashed with Haruta Shigemo outside of the curtain. He was attacking managers all across the city including Kiyotaka Ijichi and set his sights on Akari Nitta next. Nanami took over the battle and defeated Shigemo inside the Bunkumura substation before regrouping with Team Zenin and heading straight for the Fukutoshin Line.[5] On their way, Nanami, Maki, and Naobito were engaged by Dagon and trapped inside his Domain Expansion.[6]

At the same time, the Mei Mei Team approached Shibuya Station in a different way. Yuji headed the station inside on his own but was caught and ultimately defeated by Choso.[7] Mei Mei and Ui Ui worked their way from Meiji-Jingumae to Shibuya along the underground Fukutoshin subway line itself. She successfully defeated Pseudo-Geto's assassin, Niji Ebina as well as his special grade disease curse, the Smallpox Deity along the way. However, she too was repelled by the enemy, in her case, Pseudo-Geto himself.[8]

The outcomes of these numerous battles resulted in an opportunity for people to take advantage of an unconscious Yuji. By force-feeding Yuji's unconscious body Sukuna fingers, Sukuna was awakened temporarily. During this time Sukuna went on a rampage that destroyed a grand portion of the city. This was mainly the result of collateral damage from his battles with Jogo and Mahoraga. In the latter bout, Sukuna used Malevolent Shrine to decimate over three hundred meters of Shibuya, stretching from in front of Shibuya Station all the way to Yumeji Street.[9]

The consequences of Sukuna's rampage on the city.

Sukuna spared a large portion of Dogenzaka in order to avoid hitting Megumi with his Domain Expansion. Shibuya Station and much of the district surrounding it still remained. This included an alleyway very close to the station where Nobara encountered Mahito's double. The final battles against Mahito began underground and eventually exploded out into the city above. During Yuji and Aoi Todo's struggle with Mahito, Todo was hit clean through a Shibuya skyscraper. The clash eventually took the three fighters to an area of the city already decimated by Sukuna.[10]

The area in front of Shibuya Stream was decimated by the impact of Jogo's Maximum Meteor. It resulted in several collapsed buildings and heavy debris over the area. Kuakabe was trapped beneath a compromised structure and was later found by Panda when he searched the rubble in Gorilla Mode.[11] Mahito's defeat took place at the remains of the Shibuya Police Station, Udagawa Police Box. Nothing remained by the tattered flat grounds. It was also here that the jujutsu sorcerers' last-ditch effort to free Satoru Gojo from Prison Realm took place.[12]

Itadori's Extermination Arc

The city left desolate and abandoned as all of Tokyo is declared no-mans-land.

The Shibuya Incident resulted in the release of at least ten million cursed spirits. All twenty-three wards of Tokyo were compromised and civilians were forced to evacuate. The entire area that Tokyo encompasses was deemed no-mans-land and became a haven for demons. Stragglers such as a hungry little girl were easy prey for dangerous cursed spirits. Yuta Okkotsu, who recently returned to Japan from overseas at the time, was sent to suppress curses and rescue civilians to gain the trust of the higher-ups.

Without Satoru around to protect him, the jujutsu higher-ups appointed Yuta to execute Yuji.[13] Yuji remained in Shibuya due to everything that transpired that he blames himself for. He hunted curses with Choso in an attempt to reduce their number in any way possible. Naoya Zenin searched for Megumi in the area and was able to easily find Yuji due to all the noise his hunting was making. Yuta was able to do the same and each of their battles was decided in different parts of the desolate city.


Bunkamura Way, Dogenzaka

Location Description
Bunkamura Way.png

Bunkamura Way is one of the roads directly in front of Shibuya Station in Dogenzaka. The majority of civilians trapped during the early stages of the Shibuya Incident were gathered on this street.[14] Following the battle against Dagon, Megumiwas was taken outside the station onto Bunkamura Way. By this time most of the civilians had been cleared out and in hiding. Megumi's struggle against Shigemo as well as Sukuna's battle against Mahoraga also took place in the nearby area.[15]


Aoyama Cemetery, Harajuku

Location Description
Aoyama Cemetery.png A famous cemetery located in Harajuku, Shibuya. It is in close proximany to Meiji-Jinguemae Station. The Mei Mei Team was initially posted here during the Shibuya Incident at 8:39 PM. When concerns arose over enemy activity at Meiji-Jinguemae, the Mei Mei Team was dispatched to handle it. They ran there and reached their destination by 8:51 PM.[16][17]

Shibuya C Tower

Location Description
Shibuya Tower.png Somewhere in Shibuya's business district, not far from Shibuya Station is a large skyscraper that extends upward of forty stories. Shibuya C Tower is over twice the size of the buildings that surround it. On the roof is a helipad that overlooks the entire city. The curse users Awasaka and Ogami well as their adversaries figured Shibuya Tower was the most noticeable spot in the area.[18] While Megumi and Yuji fought Awasaka on the Metropolitan Expressway in front of the tower, Ino fought against Ogami on the helipad.

Metropolitan Expressway, Route No.3: Shibuya Line

Location Description
Shibuya Tollgate.png

The Shibuya line of the Metropolitan Expressway runs in very close proximity to Shibuya Tower. After dropping Awasaka off the tower, Yuji and Megumi fought and defeated the curse user in the streets of the expressway.[19] Along the expressway there is also a tollgate that was used as a base of medical operations of the Jujutsu High sorcerers during the Shibuya Incident. Shoko Ieiri was stationed there to heal the wounded. The area was protected by Masamichi Yaga and his cursed corpses.[20]


Shoto Bunkamura Street

Location Description
Shoto Bunkamura Street.png

Shoto Bunkamura Street is a road with several substations connected to Shibuya Station nearby. Two of which include subway lines to Tokyu and Bunkamura. Nobara and Akari ran along this road and encountered Haruta Shigemo. Nobara told Akari to act like she was hiding in the Tokyu line while actually running around to Bunkamura. Shigemo saw through their plan and brought the battle inside the Bunkamura substation where Nanami eventually intervened and defeated him.[21][22]


Dogenzaka Alley

Location Description
Dogenzaka Alley.png Nobara ended up in an alleyway in Dogenzaka two minutes after heading toward Shibuya Station from Shoto Bunkamura Street. She was confronted by a clone of Mahito and she fought him using the narrow environment consisting of old signs and several buildings on each side.[23] [24] Nobara managed to injure Mahito's soul, forcing his double to retreat to the main body's location inside Shibuya Station. He reached it in a matter of seconds, taking a left after exiting the alley and jumping down a subway entrance.[25]

Commercial District

Location Description
The desolate streets of Shibuya.png After all twenty-three wards of Tokyo were compromised and named no-mans-land, a small child scavenged for food in a commercial district. She found some inside a "Fami Fami" marketplace but was attacked by a cursed spirit that used a human body to lure her out of the store. Yuta Okkotsu rescued the girl and exorcised the curse. He knew she wasn't from this area because it's a commercial district.[26]


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