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Setsuko Sasaki ( () () () せつこ Sasaki Setsuko?) is a second-year student at Sugisawa Third High School and a member of school's Occult Research Club.


Setsuko is a teenager with black colored hair that extend to below her ears and styled in a bob, blue eyes, and wears glasses.

Setsuko's outfits consist of her school uniform, a beige colored vest over a white long sleeve shirt and a diagonal stripped tie. She also wears a dark blue skirt, with grey socks, and light colored shoes.


Setsuko is a laid-back girl that enjoy spending time playing games in the club room. She has an interest in the occult and asks Yuji Itadori to retrieve a cursed charm they found, but when the cursed spirit attacked, she felt guilty for putting her friend in danger.


Introduction Arc

At the Occult Research Club's room, the club members where playing a game of Kokkuri, until the student council president comes and informs them that their room is being taken due to lack of activity report. Sasaki tells the clubs theory that the reason for the school's rugby field got closed is due to being haunted, but the student president debunks it, saying it was due to ticks. He then informs that Yuji is not even on the club and the club doesn't have minimum required members.[1] Sasaki and Iguchi then go with Yuji to sort things out with the Takagi-sensei, who changed his club activity. After sorting things out with Takagi-sensei, Yuji told Sasaki and Iguchi, that he liked the club and wanted to stay, to which they blushingly agree.[2]

Later that night, Sasaki and Iguchi sneaked into school and while in the Occult Research Club room, they try to unseal the cursed charm they found. As they succeed, they are surprised it was a human-looking finger, but in that moment they got attacked by curses.[3] As they ran, they got separated and when they reunited, Iguchi had a curse attached to his head.[4] When Yuji and Megumi reached them, Sasaki and Iguchi were already unconscious and the curse was attempting to eat them, but Yuji saved them.[5][6]

On the next day, Sasaki was at the hospital watching over the injured Iguchi and blaming herself for what happened. Yuji then insists that he is to blame for finding the charm and that people capable of healing Iguchi will come tomorrow.[7][8]

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, Setsuko doesn't posses any additional abilities.


  • Setsuko's family name contains the kanji for "help, aid" ( sa?) and "tree" ( ki?).
  • Setsuko ranked 52nd place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 106 votes.


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