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Sendai City (仙台市 Sendai-shi?) is the capital city of the Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It is also is Yuji Itadori's hometown and serves as the initial setting of the Jujutsu Kaisen series.


Sendai is a large city filled with small, modern homes built close together surrounded by many trees. The height of Sugisawa High overlooks the entire city.


Sukuna threatens to massacre all of Sendai.

In June 2018, jujutsu sorcerer Megumi Fushiguro investigated Sugisawa High after receiving information about a special grade cursed object appearing there.

During Megumi's investigation, he happens upon Yuji and notices the lingering cursed energy around him. After Yuji visited his grandfather at Sugisawa hospital for the last time, Megumi confronted him and discovered Sugisawa High's Occult Research Club was in possession of one of Sukuna's Fingers.

After battling their way through cursed spirits that appeared due to Sukuna's presence, Yuji ultimately chose to eat the finger and incarnated Sukuna within his own body.[1]


Sugisawa Municipal High School #3

Location Description
Sugisawa High cursed (Anime).png

One of the area's high schools where Yuji attended along with Iguchi and Sasaki. Their club, the Occult Research Club, was at odds with the Student Council President. They believed the school's rugby field was cursed, but this was ultimately debunked. Their problem stems from Yuji's membership being changed to the track team because of the coach's desperate desire to put him on the team.

The Occult Research Club came into contact with one of Sukuna's fingers and unsealed it, causing multiple cursed spirits to appear and resulting in a cursed aura surrounding the entire school.

Sugisawa Hospital

Location Description
Sugisawa Hospital (Anime).png The hospital where Yuji's grandfather was treated until his death in June 2018. During his grandfather's time there, Yuji brought flowers for the nurses. In their final conversation, Yuji's grandfather told him to use his enhanced physical gifts to help people. Afterward, he passed away peacefully and Yuji informed the nurses of his status.


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