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Satoru Gojo vs. Toji Fushiguro: Rematch is the second battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High student Satoru Gojo and Time Vessel Association contracted assassin Toji Fushiguro. It occurs outside the House of the Children of the Star where a rejuvenated Satoru confronts the Sorcerer Killer after turning over the Star Plasma Vessel's corpse.


Toji turns in Riko Amanai's corpse using his cursed spirit much to the pleasure of Shigeru Sonoda, one of the Star Religious Group's elders.

Satoru survived his last encounter with the Sorcerer Killer.

After Shigeru explains the origins of the Time Vessel Association he leaves with the girl. Toji thinks he's crazy and talks over their side of the escort mission with Shiu Kong. Shiu decided not to kill Misato Kuroi in Okinawa to help Toji establish a false sense of security. They both agree the choice to take them all the way to Okinawa was hilarious and Toji offers to get lunch with his new money. However, Shiu doesn't believe Toji would actually pay and states he would ever associate with the assassin in business or in hell.

As Toji is leaving the area, Satoru Gojo surprises him by simply still being alive. Satoru notices the dumbfounded expression on Toji's face and explains that he feels like new, promoting his opponent to realize that he used a reverse curse technique. The jujutsu student is slightly delirious from overusing both the Six Eyes and the Limitless, so he begins monologuing about how a reverse cursed technique works.

Satoru claims that the Sorcerer Killer has lost, but Toji draws the Inverted Spirit of Heaven from his inventory curse and states that the battle is just beginning! Satoru agrees with the prospect and calls out in excitement.[1]


Satoru blasts Toji with Cursed Technique Reversal: Red!

The Sorcerer Killer dashes in a straight line for Satoru and quickly circles around his back from left to right. Toji unloads a powerful left swing but Satoru is able to levitate to avoid it. While upside down in the air, Satoru uses the same concept of a reverse cursed technique and flows the reverse cursed energy into the Limitless, unleashing Cursed Technique Reversal: Red!

Toji uses the Inverted Spear of Heaven on a metal chain to attack Satoru from long distance.

Satoru Red from the tip of his fingers as a massive energy wave. This sends Toji flying across the nearby area clean through another building. Toji makes sure to shield his cursed spirit with his own body to avoid it getting exorcised. He's bleeding from the head but grins and admits that Satoru truly is a monster.[2]

Toji gets up and stretches to check for any broken bones as the inventory curse wraps back around his body. None of his bones are broken and Toji surmises that he was just hit with the Cursed Technique Reversal of the Limitless. He goes over the three main abilities of the Limitless and takes out a metal chain from his curse. He connects it to the end of the Inverted Spear of Heaven and believes the Infinity, Blue, or Red won't be an issue. Toji comes up with a countermeasure for each but there is still a heavy uneasiness resting on his shoulders. He locks eyes with Satoru and decides to ignore the uneasiness, swinging his kusagari-like weapon wildly around himself.

Satoru apologizes to Riko and proclaims himself alone to be "the honored one", quoting the Buddha himself. Toji uses the chain to tear apart the ground, creating a wave of debris that forces Satoru higher in the air. Suddenly, the Inverted Spear of Heaven appears from the dust cloud at the same height as Satoru. The Sorcerer Killer swings the chain, sending the cursed tool directly at Satoru, who isn't moving quickly enough through the air to avoid it.

Satoru finishes the battle by unleashing Hollow Purple for the first time.

Info on Inherited techniques get out between other Sorcerer Families, so Satoru surmises the assassin is probably from the Zenin Family. However, there is a technique in the Limitless' arsenal that is only known to a few even within the Gojo Family.

The awakened Limitless user combines Red and Blue to unleash the imaginary mass that erases everything it touches into nothingness, Hollow Technique: Purple! Toji's entire left side of his torso is hit by Hollow Technique: Purple, instantly breaking his metal chain and ending his offense in one motion.

Toji realizes that he should have run away since he wasn't getting paid to fight anymore anyway. He couldn't let go of his grudge towards the jujutsu world and understands at that point he had already lost. Disappointed, Toji looks down as the eviscerated left section of his torso drips blood profusely onto the ground where his severed arm lies. The disappointment comes from believing he had shoved away such petty pride.[3]


Toji thinks of the woman he had Megumi with and says they agreed to choose the path where they chose to be proud of themselves nor others. Satoru asks if Toji has any last words. Initially, Toji says he doesn't but after thinking of that woman and Megumi, he decides to tell Satoru that his son will be sold off to the Zenin Family in a few years. Moments later, Toji Fushiguro passes away.[4]


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