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Satoru Gojo vs. Toji Fushiguro is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High second-year student, Satoru Gojo and the Time Vessel Association contracted non-curse user, Toji Fushiguro. It takes place just within the limits of the school when Toji makes a sudden surprise attack on the Star Plasma Vessel's escort team.


On day three of the Star Plasma Vessel Escort mission, the team finally reaches Tokyo Jujutsu High through the foothills of Mount Mushiro. They travel up a large set of stairs through several parallel torii gates. At the top of the staircase Suguru announces they've made it inside the school's barrier.

Toji pulls off a surprise attack on Satoru Gojo.

Riko and Kuroi are both relieved and everyone thanks Satoru for their hard work. Tired from the extended periods keeping the Infinity active, Satoru ignores the praise and says babysitting is finally over, annoying Riko.

As soon as Satoru deactivates the Infinity and lets his guard down, a katana suddenly pierces through his torso. Toji Fushiguro stabs him from behind, surprising everyone because they're supposed to be hidden inside the Jujutsu High's barrier. Satoru looks back to see Toji and asks if he knows him from somewhere. Toji replies by telling Satoru not to waste the effort and adds that he's not the type of person to remember some random person's name either.[1]

Satoru pushes Toji back and Suguru follows up by summoning his giant hookworm curse. As the cursed spirit swallows Toji whole, Suguru checks up on his friend. Satoru assures him that he's fine and asks him to finish the escort. As Suguru leaves, Toji slices his away out of the cursed spirit, exorcising it with a different katana, a cursed tool. Satoru notices this as well as a cursed spirit that's now wrapped around his body.

Toji looks around for the Star Plasma Vessel and Satoru tells him that the bounty has been lifted. The Sorcerer Killer reveals he's the one who put the bounty up in the first place and he used it to create the illusion of goals so the Six Eyes user would let his guard down and create an opening.[2]


Satoru tries to send Toji flying with Blue.

Satoru understands Toji's plan and begins his offensive by generating a field of attraction behind his opponent to send him flying away using Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue! However, Toji is incredibly fast and his reflexes are superior to Satoru's. He's able to not only avoid the attack, but instantly covers enough ground to move to a roof behind Satoru. The jujutsu student realizes that Toji isn't just fast, he has zero cursed energy. Using nothing but physical prowess makes it difficult for Satoru to read the assassin's moves.

Toji's speed and unpredictable movements become an issue for Satoru

Toji switches out his cursed tools and blitzes Satoru using a random jagged path too fast to follow with the naked eye. At the very last moment before Toji slices his opponent, Satoru blasts him away with blue into a building. He believes Toji won't get close enough to use the new curse tool but is surprised when Toji disappears from inside the building. Satoru decides to rely on sensing the cursed energy of the cursed spirit Toji uses to carry his weapons. Without any choice left, Satoru uses Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Blue!

Satoru creates a giant field of attraction that tears all the buildings apart in the area, leaving nowhere left to hide. The Limitless user believes he'll be able to see an attack coming this way, but suddenly a giant swarm of Fly Heads appears. He expands the Infinity around him to keep the Fly Heads away and surmises that Toji is using them like a chaff grenade. Unable to locate his opponent with his view blocked, Satoru considers the possibility the Sorcerer Killer left to go after his main target: Riko Amanai.

Toji stabs Satoru in the neck with the Inverted Spear of Heaven.

Satoru looks in the direction of where his allies fled, making a fatal error. Toji instantly appears behind him from the swarm of cursed insects, instantly putting Satoru on the defensive after seeing the foreign cursed energy flowing out of his cursed tool.

The special grade cursed tool: Inverted Spear of Heaven forces the stoppage of any cursed technique, including the Limitless. The Sorcerer Killer stabs it clean through Satoru's neck, negating the Infinity completely.[3]

The injured sorcerer desperately reaches for the dagger as he bleeds from the mouth. Toji acts quickly and slashes through Satoru's torso down from his throat. He takes out a second knife as Satoru can only watch as the blood splatters from his body.

Toji finishes the job by rapidly stabbing Satoru's right leg, forcing him to collapse directly into being stabbed through the forehead by Toji's normal knife. Appearing to have been brutally murdered, Satoru sits in a pool of his own blood as Toji claims he's finally getting back into the groove.[4]


While Toji defeats Satoru, Suguru escorts Riko to the Tomb of the Star where Master Tengen waits. In a surprise twist to Riko, Suguru offers her the chance to go home and live her own life rather than go through with the merger. After all her experiences with Suguru and the others, Riko cries and states that she wants to remain with Kuroi and everyone. Suguru reaches out to take Riko home, but she's suddenly shot in the head and dies.

Shocked, Suguru looks up from his friend's corpse to find Toji armed with a handgun. The jujutsu student asks why Toji is here and the assassin reveals that he killed Satoru Gojo. Suguru retaliates by summoning two powerful cursed spirits and demanding Toji die.[5]


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