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Satoru Gojo vs. Sukuna is a ten-second battle orchestrated by Satoru Gojo used to test Yuji's control over one of Sukuna's fingers.


Gojo sensei arrives late.

During Megumi's mission to Sugisawa High, his sensei, Gojo, arrives after all of the cursed spirits have been exorcised. Satoru arrives and tells Megumi that he wasn't going to come at first. The Higher-ups ordered him to do so in order to apprehend Sukuna's finger.

Satoru agreed to do so on the terms that he could have time to himself. Satoru examines Yuji and confirms that he's fully incarnated Sukuna. He asks if Yuji can switch to Sukuna at will.

Yuji says he can and Gojo asks him to change to Sukuna for ten seconds and then take over again. Yuji is skeptical, but Satoru assures the young man that he's the strongest shaman. [1]


Yuji gives control to Sukuna for ten seconds.

During the aforementioned time gifted to him by the higher-ups, Satoru went to buy souvenirs, shocking Megumi. Satoru specifies that he went to get Kikufuku Mochi and turns his back on Yuji. Sukuna jumps up behind Satoru and Megumi warns him of the ambush.

Satoru swiftly appears behind Sukuna and says he's going to show off for his student. He knocks Sukuna down with a powerful blow and admits that shamans have always been troublesome in every era.

Sukuna breaks up the ground and sends a shockwave of rubble at Satoru and Megumi. He believes that his attack landed, but once the dust settles, he realizes Satoru levitates the harmful rubble to stop from being hit. After ten seconds, Yuji takes back control of his body, annoying Sukuna as his control falls away. [2]


Satoru is impressed that Yuji really can control Sukuna's influence on his body. Yuji says that Sukuna is annoying but Satoru replies that he's getting off easy. Satoru knocks out Yuji and says that he has the potential to be a vessel. Megumi adds that even if that is the case, jujutsu regulations state he must be executed. Satoru asks what Megumi wants to do with Yuji and his student proclaims that he doesn't want to see Yuji die. [3]


  • This fight was nominated for the "Best Fight Scene" award in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2021.


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