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Satoru Gojo vs. Jogo, Hanami, Choso, and Mahito is a battle fought by special grade jujutsu sorcerer, Satoru Gojo against special grade cursed spirits, Jogo, Hanami, Choso, and Mahito. It takes place on the Fukutoshin Line Platform as the curses attempt to put Pseudo-Geto’s plan to seal Gojo into action.


At 7:00 P.M. a curtain with a four hundred meter radius appears in Shibuya, trapping thousands of civilians inside. The majority of them are gathered around the edge of the curtain begging for one thing: "Bring Satoru Gojo".

Satoru Gojo arrives in Shibuya.

At. 8:31 P.M. Satoru Gojo enters the curtain and immediately heads inside the Shibuya Hikarie Building. As he walks above the crowd, Satoru surmises that the barrier originates somewhere below B1F (Basement 1) where he came in. He makes his way to an atrium that leads him straight down to the Fukustoshin Line Platform.

As he hovers above the opening, Satoru realizes what his enemies are after. He welcomes the challenge and lowers himself down to B5F on the Fukutoshin Line Platform. Standing with Hanami and Choso, Jogo grins upon seeing Satoru has finally arrived. Satoru reciprocates the same feeling of joy as he lands and confronts Jogo and company. They wait on the train tracks to greet him and Satoru tells Jogo not to spout any excuses when he loses again. Amused, Jogo retorts by telling the strongest sorcerer to have his first-ever excuse ready.[1]

The curses trap Satoru in the area and fill it with helpless civilians.

Hanami's roots close off the atrium opening above Satoru, as well as the staircase leading down to the platform. Satoru says he's not going anywhere because the curses would just kill everyone there. Suddenly, all the civilians are forced off of the side platforms and onto the tracks. Jogo emphatically reveals they plan on slaughtering everyone if even Satoru doesn't leave.

As hundreds of people fall onto the tracks, Satoru surmises he can't break the roots because there might be people on the other side of them now. With the stage set for their plan to begin, the triad of curses start massacring the crowd indiscriminately with jujutsu.[2]


Domain Amplification!

Choso activates his Blood Manipulation technique and cuts through the crowd of civilians using Slicing Exorcism. While the blood slashes mercilessly through the populated area of innocent people, it's unable to get past Satoru's Infinity. Hanami moves quickly in front of Satoru while Jogo appears behind him at the same time. They're both coated by dense cursed energy and they attempt to punch the sorcerer's head simultaneously. They're stopped by the infinity but Satoru notices something is off. Jogo grins and both cursed spirits increase their energy output and cast Domain Amplification!

Similar to Simple Domain, Domain Amplification can neutralize any technique the user's coating of cursed energy comes into contact with. Using this method the cursed spirits can bypass the Infinity and make the sorcerer vulnerable to their attacks.

Satoru overpowering Jogo with just physical attacks enhanced with cursed energy.

Geto provided them with the knowledge to use this cursed technique, as well as a sound strategy to deal with Gojo's Limitless techniques. By flooding the area with inferior non-sorcerers, not only are Satoru's move stifled but so are his offensive options. In this unique situation, Satoru can be forced on the defensive. The plan is for the cursed spirits to stall Gojo for at least twenty minutes. After that everything hinges on Geto and the Prison Realm.

Satoru avoids Jogo and Hanami's two-pronged Domain Amplification attack and slips out of the small explosion created from the impact. Jogo reminds him that he's not allowed to run away and snatches the head of a human for good measure. Satoru explains that he's just surprised, but Jogo takes this as a possible excuse.

Hanami falls into the sorcerer's trap.

Deciding to get serious, Satoru removes his blindfold to unveil his Six Eyes and rectifies his previous statement. The strongest jujutsu sorcerer adds that he was just surprised his foolish opponent believed he could win using his sorry excuse for a brain. Having escaped Satoru's grasp twice before, he openly announces he'll be targeting the "weed".[3]

Intimidated, Jogo and Hanami both stand silently in place for a moment. Satoru tells them to come on and fight, stepping up closely in between them and openly challenging their rule to "not to run away". Jogo attempts to throw an uppercut while Hanami attacks from behind again.

Satoru parries Jogo's punch and twists his wrist with physical martial arts using both his hands. Jogo is surprised he touched but the thought is swiftly interrupted. Satoru drags Jogo down to avoid Hanami's kick from behind and then slips his left leg over Jogo's shoulder. Using a mounted armbar, Satoru rips Jogo's arm clean off and blocks Hanami's follow-up strike with the severed appendage. Hanami attempted a downward punch that might have carried enough power, but Satoru blocked it with the arm while kicking out Hanami's lead leg to disrupt the momentum as well.

Satoru overpowers Hanami's weakened Domain Amplification with the Limitless.

Jogo immediately flees once he has the chance and Satoru stays in hot pursuit. Hanami watches from behind Satoru and analyzes the situation. He realizes that Satoru deactivated the Limitless and likely plans to fight at close quarters with martial arts reinforced by cursed energy manipulation. Without a reason to get the crowd involved, Hanami decides his best course of action is to use his cursed technique, but this turns out to be a fatal mistake.

Jogo notices his ally's error and turns back to yell at Hanami. He tells him not to deactivate Domain Amplification, but it's too late. With his trap being executed flawlessly, Satoru looks back at Hanami as well, expressing a crazed grin. The sorcerer blitzes Hanami, instantly appearing on Hanami's body. He grabs the tree branches growing out of the curse's face, which he learned from his allies that these are Hanami's weak points. He doesn't hesitate to rip them out of Hanami's body completely, and does so in brutal fashion, stomping on Hanami's chin as he violently pulls the roots from the curse's face.

Hanami is mercilessly exorcised.

Hanami is left a literal shell of himself, greatly weakened by the sorcerer's assault. Jogo continues to flee, further terrified by the fact Satoru can still exorcise them without the Limitless, speaking to his unlimited talent.

Choso tries to strike with Blood Manipulation from a distance but Satoru automatically reactivates the Infinity to block it. Hanami and Jogo act quickly to ambush amplification reinforced punches from the front and back again, but Satoru is more than prepared this time. He calls out their repeated tactic and reminds Jogo that the Infinity can be strengthened to counter their amplification. With Hanami in a massively weakened state, the sorcerer is willing to bet the curse can't withstand another attack up close.

Surprised by Satoru's threat, Jogo tries to get his attention by threatening the lives of more non-sorcerers. However, Satoru completely ignores him and focuses on expanding the Infinity into a large barrier that crushes Hanami up against a wall. With a devious grin, Satoru relentlessly increases his technique until Hanami's shell not only cracks but violently explodes. Nothing is left but the dust and blood lining the imprint left in the subway wall from the impact. With Hanami exorcised, the sorcerer looks back at Jogo and simply says "next".[4]

Jogo uses hit-and-run tactics to hide in the crowd and buy time.

Desperate and running for his life, Jogo frantically thinks about how he can stall for time and make sure Hanami didn't die in vain. He tries to blend in with the crowd and use hit-and-run tactics with Domain Amplification. Satoru initially walks him down from behind through the crowd but Jogo tosses someone at him and then rushes behind Satoru to attack. The sorcerer blocks both attempts using the Infinity but the curse gets away behind Satoru and blends back in with the mob of people. Jogo openly demands that Choso help and threatens to kill him first if he doesn't hurry and get more active in this fight.

As nonchalantly as possible Choso attacks the sorcerer on command from long range with three bloody arrows. One of the arrows kills a civilian next to Satoru, but the attack is stopped by the Infinity before it hits him. Satoru wears a similar bored expression to Choso's and surmises that the Death Painting's technique range must be reaching its limit. People who can't see the curses are avoiding Satoru and his tactics to lure his opponent's into a close-range attack won't work be able to draw Jogo out of the crowd. It would be an unfortunate situation if Jogo and Choso launch another full-scale attack on the crowd. Satoru knows he can't save everyone but he promises to exorcise the curses in return.

Mahito and a train full of Transfigured Humans arrive to start attacking indiscriminately.

Suddenly, a subway train drives into the Fukutoshin Line Platform and stops. Inside is a train full of transfigured humans that are immediately let outside to massacre the crowd by their ringleader, Mahito.[5]

Satoru watches in horror as the hundreds of transfigured humans attack the little remaining survivors down on B5F. He doesn't believe it's to the curses advantage to further lower the number of bystanders. Mahito surfs through the air, riding a snake-like transfigured human. He propels himself at Satoru and throws a left straight punch which is stopped by the Infinity. Amused, Mahito admits that he really can't hit this opponent. Satoru uses a palm strike to hit Mahito off his ride, but the curse falls into the crowd. He smiles and shares something he finds disgusting about humans: that there is so many of them.

The atrium that was blocked by Hanami's roots earlier suddenly opens up. Hundreds of even more people fall down onto the Fukutoshin Line Platform tracks. Satoru realizes that there are curses or curse users on the upper basement floors funneling humans down to this area.

Even more people are lead down onto B5F to die.

Mahito and Choso prepare to launch an all-out attack over the entire area with their cursed techniques. Choso uses Convergence to harden his blood floating in the air and Mahito combines two transfigured souls with Soul Multiplicity. Simultaneously, Choso casts Supernova and Mahito activates Body Repel, unleashing a chaotic spray of death all around Satoru as bodies fall and disintegrate around him.

Jogo dives from above at the sorcerer and throws a cursed energy-infused downward left punch. The Infinity throws the trajectory of the curse's punch off and Satoru grabs his arm. However, Jogo severs his own arm to disappear back into the crowd. Mahito and his allies realize that unlike Yuji Itadori, his mentor Gojo is capable of being cold-hearted. Satoru Gojo is willing to make sacrifices, but even his capacity to stomach the death of innocent people has its limit. The curses believe this is the best way to make him agonize and waste time thinking of countermeasures. He could cast him Domain and sacrifice everyone on B5F for everyone else in Shibuya. The curses believe he won't do so because his capacity for sacrifice is limited to those killed by curses, not those killed by Satoru Gojo.

Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void!

Satoru does hesitate for a moment among the chaos, but the very next second he abruptly surprises everyone. The sorcerer opens his eyes and activates Unlimited Void, an all-or-nothing Domain Expansion of just 0.2 seconds! Its just an educated guess, but Satoru believes normal humans can only stay within his domain for that long before suffering long-lasting after-effects. Reducing Unlimited Void down to this level, the curses could awaken at any moment from their stasis. Therefore, Satoru decides to focus on executing all the Transfigured Humans in the giant crowd of his immobile victims.

Satoru Gojo's all or nothing Domain Expansion of 0.2 seconds!

With incredible time-bending speed, Satoru rips apart approximately a thousand transfigured humans apart with his bare hands. He does so in just under three hundred seconds following the deactivation of his domain, tearing each and one of the Transfigured Humans released on the Fukutoshin Line limb from limb. Moments later, Satoru is interrupted by the appearance of a small cube wrapped in talismans that somehow suddenly got placed in front of him.[6]

In just 299 seconds, 1,000 transfigured humans are annihilated at the hands of the strongest jujutsu sorcerer alive.

Geto's voice echoes through the area, telling Prison Realm to activate with the command: "gate open". Prison Realm opens and spreads out into a mass of flesh with a single eye that meets the gaze of the Six Eyes. Uncertain of what this curse is, Satoru is quick to turn around and attempts to flee. He only stops when he hears the greeting of his long thought to be dead best friend: Suguru Geto. He turns back around to see Geto, someone he killed himself a year ago.

With years of memories flooding his brain and the Six Eyes rejecting every possibility of an imposter, the required time for Prison Realm to take effect passes. The cursed object ensnares the sorcerer, immobilizing him and cutting off all access to cursed energy. Satoru quickly realizes his enemies have got him now and this is checkmate for the battle.[7]


Satoru is distracted by Geto's appearance long enough to fall into the clutches of Prison Realm.

Desperate for the truth, Satoru demands to know who Geto's imposter really is. The Six Eyes tell him that the body and cursed energy of this person is definitely that of Suguru Geto. Even so, his heart knows otherwise and Satoru that this person can't possibly be his deceased best friend. Upset, Satoru loudly demands an answer, asking once again who this man appearing as Geto is. The curse user pulls the switches from Geto's forehead and takes off the top portion of the head, revealing a brain-like curse inside.

The imposter possesses a cursed technique that allows them to change bodies by switching out the brain. He retains the user's innate technique as well, allowing him to use Suguru's Cursed Spirit Manipulation. Shoko Ieiri never got rid of the body, so it was obtained by this person who coveted curse manipulation and these exact circumstances for sealing the world's strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

Geto's plan to seal Satoru Gojo is executed to its completion.

Pseudo-Geto admits that Satoru is just too strong and this gets in the way of his plans for the world. Satoru replies that someone else is strong enough to disrupt his plans as well, the same person who defeated the original Suguru Geto: Yuta Okkotsu. Unimpressed, Geto fastens the top section of his head back on and claims he doesn't see what everyone else does in Yuta, refuting the idea that he can become the next Satoru Gojo.[8]

Geto says goodnight to Satoru and that he hopes to see him again in the new world. Satoru admits that it's indeed time for him to sleep but that it's just about time for Suguru to wake up. Geto's hand twitches as Satoru asks how his best friend can allow himself to get used. The hand wraps around Geto's throat, surprising him with the body's sudden resistance. He even tells Mahito that his theory about the soul and body being separate has just been disproven.

Defeated, Satoru asks Geto to get on with this whole because the immobilization is uncomfortable. The curse user agrees he can't risk anything happens and finish the seal with the command: "gate close". Satoru is trapped inside the small cube and the sealing is officially complete.[9]


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