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Satoru Gojo vs. Cloning Curse User is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High student Satoru Gojo and an unnamed curse user who uses a cloning technique. It takes place outside Renchoku Girls' Junior High when the curse user's clones ambush Satoru as he's trying to escort Riko Amanai away.


The curse user's clones surround Satoru and Riko.

Once the curse users invade Renchoku Junior High looking to cash in on the bounty for the Star Plasma Vessel, Satoru heads to the chapel where he finds Riko. He takes her away by grabbing her clothes and running away, carrying her in hand. While escaping on the rooftops of the building, one of the curse users notices him carrying the bounty. Misato Kuroi tries to stop him in a fight but he escapes by disappearing into a puddle.

Suguru Geto call Satoru to warn him about the bounty but the curse user already has him surrounded with five clones.[1]


Satoru takes out two clones in an instant.

Satoru strikes first by gravitating two of the clones into each other using Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue. In an instant he takes out two clones, surprising the curse user.

Riko thinks that they're shikigami but Satoru explains each of the clones is the genuine article. Two more clones try to surprise attack Satoru but he lowers Riko's head so she avoids danger and allows the Infinity of the Limitless to do its job, stopping both punches before they reach Satoru's body.

Satoru's infinity halts the clones' fists.

Satoru fails to unleash the Cursed Technique Reversal: Red and simply punches the curse user to save face.

The curse user doesn't understand what's happening and Satoru explains it's the infinity from the Achilles and the Tortoise. Satoru reminds his opponent that studying is important and pummels the two clones, leaving just one.

Thanks to the Six Eyes, Satoru can read his opponent's technique. The clone user can max out five clones including himself and can switch his real body with any of them at any time. It's quite the technique, so Satoru asks why his opponent is so weak.

Satoru divulges his technique, revealing how the Infinity works and how amplifying his technique can create a magnetic force using the convergence of the infinity. He attempts to use the divergence of the infinity, Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. The curse user and Riko wait for something to happen, but Satoru makes a joke when he ultimately fails to unleash it. Despite his technique failing, Satoru finishes the fight with a decisive uppercut in a comedic fashion.[2]


With the curse user unconscious, Satoru takes a moment to lament, believing red would work this time. Riko is less than impressed and she gets a strange text on her phone. Panicked, she asks Satoru what they're going to do and shows him a picture of Kuroi captured by the enemy.[3]


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