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Satoru Gojo & Suguru Geto vs. Bayer & Kokun is a battle fought between Tokyo Jujutsu High second-years Satoru Gojo & Suguru Geto and Q soldiers Bayer & Kokun. The two jujutsu students find the Q soldiers attempting to assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel.


Q attempts to assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel.

In 2006, Master Tengen gives Masamichi Yaga a mission for his students Satoru and Suguru. Their mission is to protect and escort the Star Plasma Vessel to Jujutsu High so they can merge with Master Tengen and reset their immortality cursed technique in two days on the full moon.

While Suguru is aware of the situation revolving around Tengen, Satoru is not. Yaga emphasizes to his students that Master Tengen must merge with the vessel or they could risk becoming an enemy to humanity. This makes the assignment of the upmost important to society due to Tengen's role in protecting Jujutsu High.

The location of the Star Plasma Vessel has been leaked and two groups are known to be targeting her. One of them is the curse user group Q, who act quickly by setting off an explosion in a tall building. Q soldier, Kokun, tosses the vessel, Riko Amanai, out to plummet to her death. Satoru and Suguru arrive just as the explosion goes off, with the former slightly concerned they might be too late.[1]


Suguru rescues Riko Amanai.

Suguru uses a sting-ray like curse with the ability to fly to catch the girl, rescuing her from near death.

Kokun recognizes Suguru's uniform and demands he hand over the vessel. Meanwhile, on the ground, A set of five knives are thrown at Satoru as he watches Suguru from below. He activates the Infinity, stopping all the knives in their tracks instantly.

Bayer defeated.

Q soldier, Bayer recognizes Satoru and his technique, admitting he knows the sorcerer is famous. He asks if the rumors are true as Satoru sticks all his knives too a tree. The student agrees, but offers Bayer the chance to cry and apologize now or die.[2]

Suguru makes short work of Kokun, trapping him in a fungus curse that constantly attempts to kiss him while he's immobilized. He promises to quit being a curse user and begs for forgiveness but Suguru doesn't believe him. Irritated, Kokun calls him a brat and claims he's not match for Q's strongest soldier, Bayer. Suguru shows him a picture of Bayer defeated on his phone. Satoru easily defeated him and even took a picture afterward to prove it.[3]


After Q's strongest soldier suffers defeat, the organization disbands.[4] A representative of the Time Vessel Association watches everything that happens with the battle from a nearby building. They are planning on making their own move and pay Toji Zenin to take care of the job since the Star Religious Group doesn't have the power to fight themselves. Now going by Fushiguro rather than Zenin, Toji accepts the job to assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel.[5]


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