Satoru Gojo ( () (じょう) (さとる) Gojō Satoru?) is one of the protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Satoru is a tall man with light, spiky hair and he wears a black cloth covering his eyes, a black high-necked coat, long black pants and black shoes.


Satoru is a complex individual, as he's usually nonchalant and playful towards people such as his students and colleagues, but unsympathetic and cruel with people such as the Shaman Executives.


History Edit

During his second year as a student, Gojo along with Getou and Shoko go to check up on Mei Mei and Utahime after not hearing from them in two days. After the three manage to rescue Mei Mei and Utahime along with dealing with the spirit, Getou along with Gojo and Shoko attend a meeting were Masamichi punishes Gojo for not putting up a screen. Later Getou is in the classroom with Gojo and Shoko, were they discuss the importance of a screen. Getou and Gojo then get into an argument about the strong protecting the weak which almost ends up in a fight. Suddenly Masamichi enters the room and gives Getou and Gojo a mission from Tengen. Masamichi explains to the two about the importance of the mission and that they will to look out for two groups who want to stop them. After being informed about the mission, Gojo and Getou head out.

As they arrive at the location to pick up the vessel for the mission, an explosion happens and the vessel falls to the ground. Before the vessel hits the ground, Gojo helps Getou save the vessel. Gojo is then confronted by a member of Q, Vayer. Gojo easily defeats Vayer, and meets up with Getou and the vessel, Riko Amani. Gojo then introduces himself, along with Getou, to Riko. The three then start to talk, which Riko explains how she is not upset with fusing to Tengen. After talking Gojo and Getou bring Riko to her junior high, since she forced them to, so that she can visit her friend. Once they arrive at the school, Gojo calls Masamichi, who explains how they have to oblige Riko before she fuses with Tengen. After talking with Masamichi, they decide to check the surveillance spirits which Getou tells him that two have be exorcised. Gojo and Misato head out to protect Riko, while Getou deals with the intruders.

Gojo manages to find Riko and drags her off to take her to the magic college. While on the way, Gojo is contacted by Getou, who informs him about the situation. Suddenly the two encounter multiple opponents, which Gojo figures out that the opponent is using the clone technique to increase his numbers. Gojo manages to defeat their opponent, but Riko informs him that Misato has been captured by the enemy. Gojo and Rika meet up with Getou and they discuss what to do next, when they decide to save Misato and head to Okinawa for the meeting spot with the kidnappers. They manages to save Misato and decide to have some fun before heading back. When its time to head to the college, but Riko manages to convince them to stay for one more day. Getou asks Gojo if he is alright since Gojo has been using his technique for a while, which Gojo says that he is fine and they continue to have fun. The next day, the four head back to the college but are attacked when they arrive.

Cursed Child Arc Edit

Gojo talks with the higher-up about Yuta and manages to convince them to let Yuta join the College. When Yuta decides to stay in isolation, Gojo heads over and convinces him to attend the college. Gojo then brings Yuta to the college and introduces him to the class. As the three prepares to attack Yuta, Gojo warns them but Rika shows up to defend Yuta from them. Gojo tells the class of Yuta situation and introduce the class to Yuta. Gojo then pairs the students up for their lesson.

Gojo brings Maki and Yuta to an elementary, and explains that they will be exorcising curses and saving two children that have disappears. Gojo then puts up a screen and leaves the two to handle the rest. When Yuta unleashes Rika to handle the spirit, Gojo comments about how intense the spirit is.

After Yuta manages to handle the situation, Gojo brings them to a hospital and informs Yuta that they will be alright. Gojo then talks with Yuta and how Yuta plans to release Rika from the curse the he most likely placed on her. Gojo then takes Yuta to another locate, and gives him katana. Gojo explains to Yuta that he will need to pour the powers of the curse through the katana in order to break the curse, and that Yuta will need to train with the Katana first.

Later Gojo meets with the higher-ups and informs them about the what kind of curse Rika is. After the meeting Gojo heads towards his students while complaining about the higher-ups. Gojo watches as Yuta and Maki train, until he assigns Yuta and Toge a mission. As Yuta wonders about Toge, Gojo explains who Toge is and what he is capable of. Gojo also tells Yuta that he will be observing Toge only and to not let Rika out. After the mission is complete, Gojo is informed about what had happened during the mission.

Later Gojo meets with Masamichi about Getou, but rush to the first-years after Getou arrives at the college. As Gojo tells Getou to leave the first years alone, Getou responds by saying that he will start an all-out war on a certain day. Once Getou leaves, Gojo attends a meeting were they discuss their course of action.

On december 24, Gojo is at Shinjuku and wonders why Getou is not on the front line. Suddenly Kiyotaka tells Gojo about what he had found out about Yuta, which Gojo figures out that Getou is at the college. Gojo then uses his power to sent Toge and Panda back to the college. When the war starts, Gojo takes on Miguel and manages to easily overpower him. Once all of Getou's comrades leave, Gojo heads over to college and confronts Getou. After have a chat with Getou, Gojo deals with him. Gojo then meets with his student and informs Yuta that he is a distant relative of hims. When Rika's curse is undone, Gojo says that is was Yuta that had cursed her and congratulates him one undoing her curse.

Later Gojo is with Yuta and informs him about Getou, and then gives him back his student ID that Getou has.

Introduction Arc Edit

Gojo arrives at Sugisawa Third High School to check up on the situation, and finds out that Yuji had eaten one of Sukuna's fingers. Gojo decides to check how strong Yuji is by seeing if Yuji can take his body back after letting Sukuna have control for 10 seconds. Gojo then takes on Sukuna and after ten seconds, Yuji takes back his body. Afterwards, Gojo knocks Yuji out to see if Sukuna takes over after Yuji wakes up. Gojo then asks what Megumi thinks they should do, which Megumi says they should execute Yuji but doesn't want him to die. Megumi also asks for Gojo helps, which Gojo agrees to do something.

Later when Yuji wakes up, Gojo greets him and introduces himself to him. Gojo also informs Yuji that his execution has been sent and explains the reason that they are going to suspend their execution. Gojo also explains who Sukuna is and how in order to finally exorcise Sukuna, why what Yuji to eat all of Sukuna's finger before being executed.

After letting Yuji to meet with his friends, Gojo meets with him and asks for his decision. Yuji asks about the casualties that come from curses, which Gojo explains thinks to him. Yuji then asks for Sukuna's finger, which Gojo gives the finger to him. Yuji manages to remain in control after eating the finger, which Gojo figures that Yuji is able to keep Sukuna in check. Yuji then tells Yuji to get his stuff together since he will be joining the college, and that their is only three first years.

After arriving at the college, Gojo is escorting Yuji to his interview with principal Masamichi and also warns him that he might fall the interview he messes up. Suddenly Sukuna talks through a mouth he made on Yuji, and voices his opinion about the school. Sukuna also says that he will kill Gojo first since he owes him a debt which Gojo considers it an honor. Gojo then brings Yuji to Masamichi, which Gojo watches as Yuji has his interview. When Masamichi accepts Yuji to the college, Gojo brings Yuji to his room. While Yuji is unpacking, Gojo explains that Yuji is now a radar that can find Sukuna's fingers since he had become Sukuna's vessel. When Megumi comes out of his room, which is next to Yuji's, Gojo tells them that tomorrow they will go pick up the third first year student.

The next day, Gojo takes Megumi and Yuji to Harajuku in order to pick up the last third year student, Nobara. After they pick up Nobara, Gojo brings the three to Roppongi for a mission which Nobara and Yuji are disappointed in. As they reach the side, Gojo informs them that only Nobara and Yuji will head inside since he wants to test them. Gojo also hands Yuji a cursed weapon since he can't use Jujutsu yet, but also tells him to not let Sukuna out. Gojo then waits outside with Megumi, as Nobara and Yuji head inside. While waiting, Gojo explains his reasoning for wanting to test them. When one of the spirits tries to escape, Gojo stops Megumi from exorcising it so that Nobara can exorcise it. After the mission is complete, Gojo decides to take them out to eat.

Cursed Womb Arc Edit

Two weeks later, Gojo is on a business trip and can't take the first year on a mission.

Disaster Curses Arc Edit

After the mission at the detention center results in Yuji's death, Gojo meets at the morgue with Kiyotaka. Gojo talks about how Yuji's death during the mission was planned by the higher ups and that he should just kill them all. When Shoko shows up to examine the body, Gojo tells her to make use to him. As Shoko prepares for her examination, Gojo explains to Kiyotaka why he had become a teacher. As Shoko is about to start her examination, Gojo watches as Yuji suddenly returns to life. Gojo greets Yuji about him returning to life. Gojo then leaves with Shoko, and discusses about how he wants Yuji to stay death on paper so the he can help get Yuji stronger.

Afterwards, Gojo brings Yuji to a room to train him in the art of Jujutsu which Yuji is excited about. Gojo then explains how Cursed Power and techniques works, and evens demonstrates it. Gojo also explains how emotions play a big part of controlling Cursed Power and that Yuji will train by watching movies. Gojo hands Yuji a Cursed Corpse that attacks a person that is not releasing a constant flow of Cursed Power, and says that Yuji will be watching movies with it. When Yuji starts to watch the movies, Gojo heads out to meet with the Principal Masamichi.

While being driven to the meeting by Kiyotaka, Gojo has Kiyotaka stops the car. Gojo gets out and tells Kiyotaka to head on without him. After Kiyotaka leaves, Gojo is attacked by Jogo but Gojo is unharmed. Gojo thinks about how Jogo is a High-class spirit, and that Jogo might be stronger then the current Sukuna. Jogo then continues his assault, which Gojo remains unharmed by all of it. As Jogo wonders why Gojo is unharmed, Gojo explains how his ability works and that even through Jogo can't touch him, he can easily touch Jogo. Gojo then attacks Jogo, and use a technique send Jogo flying. As Jogo tries to counterattack, Gojo easily dodges and attacks Jogo. Gojo then heads back to retrieve Yuji, so that he can observe the fight. As Gojo arrives back at the fight, Jogo comments about how Yuji will become a hindrance for Gojo. Gojo replies that it won't matter since Jogo is weak, which makes Jogo angry. Gojo then tells Yuji to not leave his side, as Jogo traps the two in his Territorial Expansion. As Yuji is confused, Gojo explains what Territorial Expansion is and how it works. Gojo then uses his own Territorial Expansion to trap Jogo and explains to Jogo and Yuji how his technique works. Gojo destroys Jogo's body and starts to interrogate him. Suddenly Gojo and Yuji get distracted, which Hanami uses this chance to rescue Jogo. Gojo and Yuji try to stop them but the two have already escaped. Gojo then explains to Yuji that he is going to train his to get stronger become the exchange.

Days later, Gojo meets with Yoshinobu and talks about how the wave of power that the older generations have keep sealed, will come crashing down on them. As Yoshinobu becomes angry at Gojo, Gojo says that he is done talk and leave but not before tells Yoshinobu that Masamichi will arrive two hours later.

Vs. Mahito Arc Edit

A month later, Gojo has Nanami accompany Yuji on a mission since he can't. After the mission is finished, Gojo meets up with Nanami and Yuji.

Goodwill Event Arc Edit

On the day of the Goodwill Event, Gojo is with Nanami as they discuss what had happened during the mission that Yuji was on. When Yuji arrives and is excited about meeting with the others, which Gojo tells Yuji that they have to make it a surprise and explains his reasoning. Yuji agrees with Gojo and wonders what he has to do. Later Gojo meets up with the Tokyo and Kyoto students and faculty, and reveals that Yuji is still alive. As Yoshinobu is shocked by this, Gojo mocks him about this. Gojo then helps explain how the event will be held, to the students. Afterwards Gojo meets with Utahime, which Gojo reveals that their might be a spy and that he wants Utahime to investigate the Kyoto college.

Before the events starts, Gojo meets up with the other faculty to watch the event. As the event starts, Gojo watches the event through monitors with the other faculties. During the event, Mei Mei notices how strong Maki is and wonders why she has not been promoted. Gojo explains how her family is getting in the way and also points out how the video around Yuji is inconsistent. Gojo thinks that they have something up their sleeve, but Yuji is not the same that he once was. As another curse spirit is exorcised, Gojo wonder if the students have forgotten about the main objective.

When intruders invade the site, Gojo heads over to the site along with Utahime and Yoshinobu. As they head over their, Yoshinobu tells Gojo to get into the area before the screen is completed but Gojo notices that the effect of the screen is already complete. As the three reach the site, they find out the Gojo is the only one that can't enter the screen. Gojo tells the two to head in so that they can help the others. After a little bit, Gojo manage to break into the screen. Gojo decides to handle Juzo Kumiya first, and easily manage to restrain him. Gojo then uses a technique on Hanami but they doesn't if he has been dealt with.

After the intruders have been dealt with, Gojo attends a meeting with the other faculty were they discuss everything that had happened during the invasion and how they have got nothing from Juzo. As Masamichi says that the event is over, Gojo says that that is not for them to decide. Gojo then meets with the students were they decide to continue the event. When its decided that they will play a game of baseball, Gojo plays that umpire for the game.

The Origin of Obedience Arc Edit

Days later, Gojo calls Utahime to talk about what his students had done and wonders if she had found out about something. After hanging up on Utahime, Gojo thinks about how he is counting on Mei Mei, which he has transfer 10 million to her account.


Physical PowerEdit

Strength: He has great physical strength to fight against powerful curses without problems, delivering powerful punches and throwing Jogō a large distance with a single kick during their fight.

Speed and Reflex: He has great speed, managing to follow the movements of Jogo without effort, and throwing almost imperceptible punches and kicks. He was shown to be able to move faster than the eye can perceive, and in his greatest feat of speed, traveled a large distance away from a fight, and returned to the battlefield before his opponent realized that he had even gone in the first place.

Curse Power and FormsEdit

Satoru has massive curse power to use many techniques and do a Territorial Expansion at once.

His curse form is called "No Limit". This allows, Gojo can to distort space to make himself invulnerable to attack and transport himself or others in some circumstances.

  • Inversion Technique: "Illumination (Red)" ( (じゅつ) (しき) (はん) (てん) (あか) Jutsushiki hanten: Aka?)[3]: By bringing the infinite to reality he creates a small orb in his finger that creates a void of convergence and divergence. When it touches the enemy, a great explosive vacuum is generated.
  • Forward Rotation Technique: "Blue":
  • Imaginary Technique: "Purple": After combining "Blue" and "Red" together, Satoru snaps his fingers and unleashes an attack with devastating power that obliterates everything in it's path.
  • Screen: Gojo creates a barrier that surrounds a certain area. The barrier is capable of sealing the area off from other wanting to get in or a pacific person.
  • Territorial Expansion: A technique where Cursed Power is used to construct an innate territory with technique that spans the surrounding area.
    • Immeasurable Void ( () (りょう) (くう) (しょ) Muryōkūsho?)[4]: It creates a boundlessness space, that opponents can seemingly see and feel everything, but the information is never-ending.[5]


Weapon MasteryEdit



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