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Saitama Municipal Urami East Junior High (さいたま市立浦見東中学校 Saitama Shiritsu Urami Higashi Chūgakkō?) is a Junior High school and the alma mater of Megumi Fushiguro and Tsumiki Fushiguro.


Saitama Urami East Junior High is a normal appearing middle school composed of a few buildings. There is an entrance that includes a shallow stairway that leads to the front of the school; and a courtyard in another that also serves as a parking lot. The latter is where Megumi would often get into fights and pile bullies together.[1]

The student uniforms were comprised of a traditional suit and tie attire with pants for boys and skirts for girls.

Faculty, Students, and Alumni

 Fujinuma Brother 
 Fujinuma Sister 


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