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Rot Technique ( (しょく) (らん) () (じゅつ) Shokuran Fujutsu?) is an innate technique used by Cursed Womb: Death Paintings Eso & Kechizu. It gives the user dark blood with poisonous and corrosive properties, as well as the ability to manipulate it.


Kechizu spewing the corrosive blood from his mouth.

The users of the Rot Technique posses dark blood with toxic effects. It is poisonous to humans and corrodes anything it touches, capable of burning skin on impact and eating away at solid rock.[1]

However, the blood is not fatal, and could only kill a sorcerer if they were drowned in it. Despite this, the sting is said to be extremely painful.[2]

Additionally, utilizing the Rot Technique also grants the user the ability to manipulate this blood in various ways. The blood can be shaped into weapons or used to poison someone and decompose their body over time.


Kechizu hits his targets with the corrosive blood by spewing it from his large second mouth. His blood is noted to be of less quality than Eso's as well.[3]

Eso uses the Rot Technique in a far more technical fashion. He has two abilities that utilize the true effectiveness of the Rot Technique. Using them he can manipulate its shape as well as change its form once it has infected his targets.[4] While unable to use a reverse cursed technique to heal his arm, Eso was capable of creating a pseudo-limb by manipulating the blood from his wound into an arm-like shape. He used this to burn a human hostage by holding the exposed blood to their face.[5]

Extension Technique
Decay used on Yuji and Nobara (Anime).gif Decay ( Kyū?): After the target has been hit by the user's blood, this ability creates a floral pattern on their skin that begins to erode their body, leaving nothing but bones after a few hours.
Maximum Technique
Wing King (Anime).png Maximum: Wing King (極ノ番「翅王」 Gokunoban・Shiō?): Reshapes the user's dark blood into wasp-like wings. These wings can attack with vector lines of blood, as well as increase the user's maneuverability.


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