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Rin Amai ( (あま) () (りん) Amai Rin?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a citizen of Sendai City until he was involuntarily turned into a sorcerer by Kenjaku and forced to participate in the Culling Game.


Rin is a young man with long light-colored hair that reaches to the back of his neck and thin dark eyebrows. He has large eyes with small black pupils. Rin wears a tracksuit with sneakers and a small hat on the top of his head.


Rin is an innocent young man compared to other Culling Game players who take advantage of his weakness. He was quick to gravitate toward Yuji Itadori, a familiar face from the same hometown.

Rin first encountered Yuji while standing idle by as another classmate was bullied. He examined the behavior of the bullies and knew how to avoid getting on their bad side. Rin was content going with the flow so others wouldn't see him as a target and took good things as they came. Yuji however stood up for the student being bullied and beat up the bullies. When Yuji turned to see if Rin also wanted to fight, the latter was simply stricken with fear.[1]

During the Culling Game, Rin was too much of a coward to do anything while Hanyu and Haba killed others. After being freed from their grasp by Yuji, Rin helped lead him to Higuruma and even apologized for their previous encounter.[2]


Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level: Next to nothing is known about Amai's abilities. He was born a non-sorcerer but was marked at some point by Kenjaku. Using the remote activation of Idle Transfiguration, Kenjaku affected the soul's of those marked. This changed Rin's brain to give him the capacity to manifest a cursed technique. Despite gaining the powers of a jujutsu sorcerer, Amai is still weak in comparison to other Culling Game players. He was ordered around and abused by Hanyu and Haba, who could've killed him at any time.


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