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Renchoku Girls' Junior High ( (れん) (ちょく) (じょ) (がく) (いん) (ちゅう) (とう) () Renchoku Jō Gakuin Chūtōbu?) is a female-only middle school that Riko Amanai used to attend.[1]


Riko Amanai's alma matter is a girl's only private missionary school with several different classes available to the students and a chapel.[2]


During the events surrounding the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai was given the chance to attend school one last time. However, her location was leaked and a bounty was placed on her head. Two curse users invaded the school in an attempt to assassinate her.

Satoru Gojo, one of her escorts, was able to find her in the chapel where he was greeted by many girls. Riko explained this by saying Satoru was her cousin and they left shortly afterwards, keeping everyone else out of danger.[3]

Faculty, Students, and Alumni

 Unnamed Teacher 


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