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Remi (麗美 (れみ) Remi?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She was a normal human turned jujutsu sorcerer by Kenjaku for the Culling Game. Remi aligned herself with Reggie Star's group who all serve as antagonists for the Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc.


Remi is a young woman with a well-figured build who is considered attractive enough to make people let their guard down. She has long black hair with fringed bangs and a long ponytail that has been likely been altered by her awakened cursed technique into the shape of a scorpion's tail. She has big light-colored eyes with long eyelashes and wears a long, sleeveless black dress.


Remi trying to use her charm to manipulate Megumi.

Remi is a deceptive and self-serving person who puts on an act to manipulate others for her own benefit. She understands her beauty can be used to her advantage and tries to take advantage of it at every turn to bend others to her will.

Remi attacked Megumi upon meeting him in the Tokyo No.1 Colony and then had the impudence to ask him why he knocked her down. She was especially resistant to answering his questions and the contrast in their personalities constantly irritated him. She only agreed to work with him in exchange for being her "knight", a deception meant to lead the rival player into a trap. Megumi agreed to help her in exchange for information but refused to play along with being her knight, making Remi refer to him as no fun. Megumi threatened to eliminate her if she was dishonest, but Remi was fully intent on deceiving him and responded with malicious scorn while introducing herself.[1]

Remi's overreliance on others to take care of her.

When Megumi realized he had been tricked, he gave Remi a harsh glare but she was unafraid due to her reliance on her true "knight", Reggie Star.[2] She actually believed Reggie would protect her if she did a good job when it was obvious that he would eventually eliminate her for points. It was only when Megumi made his great strength apparent that Remi realized she might be in danger.[3] She was caught in an ambush from Iori Hazenoki's explosions along with Megumi, making it clear Reggie's group didn't care to protect her.

In heavy denial, Remi still attacked Megumi out of desperation. She said she would only stop if Megumi said he would protect her and that he likes her just like Reggie did. Megumi refused and called Remi trash who cares more about words than actual deeds.[4] While retreating, Remi lamented over her confusion on how to function as an adult. People have warned her that men are wolves, but charming men is always how Remi has solved her problems. They cleared up her bills, took care of her, and did everything for her because she's cute. Remi believed she didn't have to think about anything, which is precisely what got her to misplace her trust in Reggie.[5]


Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

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Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level: Remi has little to no actual combat prowess as she relies on others to protect her. She was easily overpowered by Megumi when she first attacked him, likely knocked to the ground and defeated by a single blow.[6] Megumi noted that Remi was weak and didn't fit in with Reggie's strong group of sorcerers.[7] Her efforts to contribute to ambushing Megumi alongside the others in Reggie's group were all fruitless as well. Megumi was easily able to avoid her attempt at stinging him with her hair and threw her to the ground again.[8]


Innate Technique
Remi stabs Megumi.png Scorpion Hair: Remi's technique allows her to manipulate her scorpion tail-like hair to attack her enemies. Her attacks don't seem to deal significant damage as Megumi was able to brush off a sting with only mild irritation.[9] (Unnamed)


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