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Ranta Zenin (禪院 (ぜんいん) (らん) () Zen'in Ranta?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a member of the Zenin Family and its elite unit of jujutsu sorcerers, the Hei.


Ranta is a young man with round eyes and angled eyebrows. He wears a light-colored kimono and dark-colored hakama bottoms. His hair is tied into a traditional Japanese hairstyle.


Ranta's devotion to the Zenin clan.

Ranta is a devoted member of the Zenin Family. His devotion makes him selfless and willing to sustain enough heavy injury to perish for the sake of his clan. He also highly respects Jinichi Zenin, referring to him in a respectful manner, rooting for him and being confident in Jinichi's abilities.

As seen during Maki's grief fueled rampage, Ranta, like many of his relatives, has a deep rooted fear of Toji Fushiguro, however unlike the majority of his relatives, is one of the few members of the Zenin Clan to acknowledge Toji's immense power and admitted that he was easily more powerful than the entire clan combined and knew full well that the sole reason why the Zenin clan could still continue was due to his whim of not slaughtering them all outright.

Due to this fear, Ranta was able to immediately acknowledge that Maki now posed a massive threat to him and the clan upon her successfully gaining the same superhuman physical abilities as Toji.


Perfect Preparation Arc

When the alarm sounds, Ranta rushes to where Jinichi is, who's with Naoya Zenin. He tells the two that Maki has gone mad and also killed Ogi. He adds on that the Kukuru unit has been sent to confront her.[1]

Ranta, Jinichi, and Chojuro all rushed to assist the Kukuru unit who all has been slaughtered by Maki. After Maki has killed Chojuro and Nobuaki Zenin, Ranta uses his innate technique to prevent Maki from moving and tells Jinichi to go kill Maki. Maki, who's able to push against said technique, is suddenly hit by a barrage of punches. Ranta, at his deathbed due to the overuse of his technique, tells Jinichi he's done it, collapsing lifelessly thereafter, completely oblivious to Maki walking past him with Jinichi's severed Head.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Ranta was a member of the Zenin Family's most elite unit of sorcerers. He was at least ranked semi-grade 1 based on the credentials to be a part of the Hei.[3] Ranta fought well-organized alongside Jinichi Zenin against Maki, but unfortunately for him, it wasn't enough to stop her.[4]


Innate Technique
Maki is restrained by Ranta's technique.png Ranta possessed a restricting technique he was able to utilize for a short time against an immensely powerful Maki. It manifests as a pair of giant eyes next to Ranta's target, restricting their movement.[5] The technique is connected to Ranta's real eyes, seemingly correlating with the strength his target possesses. The more powerful his opponent is, the less time Ranta can hold them for before sustaining damage to his eyes.[6] The technique's strain on Ranta's body can be severe enough to kill him.[7]

Battles & Events

Perfect Preparation Arc

  • Maki Zenin vs. The Hei


  • Ranta's first name contains the kanji for "orchid" ( ran?) and "magnificent, excellent" ( ta?).


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