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Ranta Zenin (禪院 (ぜんいん) (らん) () Zen'in Ranta?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a member of the Zenin Family and its elite unit of jujutsu sorcerers, the Hei.


Ranta is a young man with a slim build and a short stature compared to Naoya and Jinichi. He has wide, light-colored eyes with long eyebrows and dark disheveled hair tied into a low ponytail.

Like many of his fellow-clansman, Ranta wears a light-colored kimono and dark-colored hakama bottoms.


Ranta's sacrificing his body to ensure the future of his clan..

Ranta appears to be more timid and less abrasive than many of his fellow clansmen, while still remaining confident in himself. He is a devoted member of the clan who refers to senior members like Jinichi with great respect.

During Maki's grief-fueled rampage through the clan, Ranta was able to recognize that her power had become comparible to Toji's. Unlike many in the clan, Ranta understood Toji's power and referred to him in a respectful manner as well. He fully believes the clan only exists because Toji decided not to destroy it outright.

With this understanding of the threat, Maki possessed, Ranta was willing to put his life on the line to stop her. He sacrificed his body without complaint and entrusted killing Maki wholeheartedly to Jinichi. Ranta showed his optimism and selflessness when he believed Jinichi to be victorious and died with a smile after fulfilling his duty, even when it cost him his life.[1]


Perfect Preparation Arc

Ranta tries to paralyze Maki, but she resists his cursed technique.

When the alarm sounds, Ranta rushes to where Jinichi is, who's with Naoya Zenin. He tells the two that Maki has gone mad and also killed Ogi. He adds on that the Kukuru unit has been sent to confront her.[2]

Ranta, Jinichi, and Chojuro all rushed to assist the Kukuru unit who all has been slaughtered by Maki. After Maki has killed Chojuro and Nobuaki Zenin, Ranta uses his innate technique to prevent Maki from moving and tells Jinichi to go kill Maki. Maki, who's able to push against said technique, is suddenly hit by a barrage of punches. Ranta, at his deathbed due to the overuse of his technique, tells Jinichi he's done it, collapsing lifelessly thereafter, completely oblivious to Maki walking past him with Jinichi's severed Head.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Ranta was a member of the Zenin Family's most elite unit of sorcerers and was at least ranked semi-grade 1 based on the credentials to be a part of the Hei.[4] Ranta fought in a well-organized manner alongside Jinichi Zenin against Maki. He tried to use their techniques in tandem to bring her down swiftly. Unfortunately for the Zenin clan, Maki's body escaped from cursed energy and gained immense power, and their techniques weren't enough to stop her.[5]


Innate Technique
Maki is restrained by Ranta's technique.png

Paralyzing Gaze: Ranta possessed a paralyzing technique that envelops anyone he gazes upon in an immobilizing aura. It also manifests a large pair of eyes that create the aura that restricts Ranta's target, placing a strain on his real eyes as a side effect.[6] While trying to restrict an immensely powerful Maki, the backlash on Ranta's eyes was great. Maki was able to push through the conjured eyes and break the paralysis, causing Ranta's eyes to bleed profusely.[7] The strain was so severe that Ranta eventually succumbed to his injuries.[8] (Unnamed)

Battles & Events

Perfect Preparation Arc


  • Ranta's first name contains the kanji for "orchid" ( ran?) and "magnificent, excellent" ( ta?).


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