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Rabbit Escape ( (だっ) () Datto?) is a swarm of countless rabbit shikigami that can be summoned by the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Family.


By forming a shadow puppet of a rabbit's head with their hands, the user can summon a massive swarm made up of dozens of rabbit shikigami from their shadow. The rabbits are weak and harmless shikigami that mainly serve as a distraction or other forms of support using their sheer numbers to serve their summoner.[1] Unlike many of the other shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique, rabbits can continue to be produced in large numbers regardless of how many are destroyed.[2]


Megumi using Rabbit Escape to distract Awasaka.

Megumi Fushiguro first used Rabbit Escape to retreat with Yuji in the middle of their fight with Jiro Awasaka. The rabbit shikigami filled the metropolitan expressway. Awasaka's Inverse technique could have made rabbits more powerful than they should have been, making him react to them as a threat. This was a clue that allowed Megumi to pick up on how his technique works. The wall of rabbits formed around Awasaka helped Megumi escape, and they were dispelled once he was ready to engage in the fight again.[3]

Megumi used Rabbit Escape again to create distance during his fight with his father. When he summoned them this time they swarmed together in a giant upward wave that reigned down rabbits and created chaos and confusion. Toji instinctively charged into the swarm to attack, but Megumi was able to avoid it.[4]

Megumi using his rabbits to help deduce his opponent's technique.

Against Kirara Hoshi, whose cursed technique affects an area, Megumi summoned Rabbit Escape to flood the Gachinko Fight Club roof with shikigami.[5] This allowed him to see what areas of the roof the rabbits could and couldn't approach based on the rules of Kirara's Love Rendezvous.

Kirara's innate technique considers shikigami the same as their sorcerer, so it marked all the rabbits with the same "★Acrux" star that was on Megumi. Kirara also pointed out that the rabbits would eventually attract back to Megumi and suffocate him. However, Megumi suddenly dispelled Rabbit Escape before they were sent back at him and used the information they provided to deduce some of the conditions of Love Rendezvous.[6]

Megumi utilized Rabbit Escape again in a similar fashion while trying to counter Reggie Star's technique during the Culling Game. He combined using Rabbit Escape with Max Elephant to try and distract Reggie before dousing him in water to render his Contractual Re-Creation technique unusable. Most of the rabbits were caught in a re-created net or stabbed by re-created knives. Reggie noticed that unlike the other shikigami in Megumi's arsenal, the rabbits can continue to appear regardless of how many are destroyed.[7]


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