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Puppet Manipulation ( (かい) (らい) (そう) (じゅつ) Kairai Sōjutsu?) is an Innate Technique possessed by Kokichi Muta that allows him to control multiple cursed corpse puppets remotely.[1]


As the name implies, Puppet Manipulation allows the user to remotely control cursed corpse puppets.[2] The puppets are capable of receiving and discharging their master's cursed energy, as well as using different cursed techniques through a variety of methods. The puppet manipulator shares vision with the cursed corpses while controlling them remotely.[3] They are also capable of using their technique to pilot a manned puppet.[4]


Kokichi Muta was born with a Heavenly Restriction that cursed him with an unhealthy and highly fragile body. In exchange, Kokichi can output vast amounts of cursed energy that stretches across all of Japan, allowing him to use his Puppet Manipulation over a wide range.[5]

Kokichi controlling Mechamaru from remote location.

In order to attend Kyoto Jujutsu High as a student, Kokichi manipulated his Ultimate Mechamaru puppet to act as his stand-in proxy to physically attend classes and go on missions. As a second-year student, Kokichi was recognized as Mechamaru, with everyone referring to him as such. Along with his physical interactions with the world, Kokichi's social actions were through Mechamaru as well. His peers had no idea what he actually looked like, but Panda and Kasumi Miwa both said they would come to visit him eventually.[6][7]

In a Binding Vow with Mahito and Geto, Kokichi agreed to manipulate unregistered puppets with his technique in order to steal information and pass it on to them. In exchange, Mahito agreed to heal his body using Idle Transfiguration.[8] Following his healing, Kokichi and Mahito engaged in battle. The fight began with several Mechamaru's storming out of Kokichi's secret lab. Kokichi used this as a decoy to escape and enter his experimental armored puppet, Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute.[9]

While piloting Mode: Absolute, Kokichi used seventeen years' worth of stored-up excess cursed energy to fuel the giant puppet. Mode: Absolute was essentially a giant Mechamaru, but it had incredible speed and power as well as the ability to momentarily output special grade levels of cursed energy.[10]

Cursed Corpse Puppets

Puppet Description
MechamaruP.png Ultimate Mechamaru (究極メカ丸 Arutimetto Mekamaru?): Kokichi's signature puppet and the standard model for the cursed corpses he controls remotely with Puppet Manipulation. It is capable of shooting cursed energy beams from its palms and shapeshifting its arm into blades or spikes among many other abilities.
MechamaruAbsoluteP.png Ultimate Mechamaru - Mode: Absolute (丸絶対形態 Mōdo Abusoryūto?): A gigantic armored puppet and the upgraded version of Mechamaru that Kokichi can pilot himself. It discharges special grade levels of cursed energy due to the immense amount Kokichi has stored up over the entirety of his life.
Mechamaru communication puppet.png Prior to the Shibuya Incident, Kokichi prepared three small Communication Puppets as a contingency plan in the event of his own death. They were designed to guide his sorcerer comrades and to spy on their adversaries. These devices were running on the remains of Kokichi's cursed energy. Once those reserves ran dry, the Mechamaru puppets deactivated.


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