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Projection Sorcery ( (とう) (しゃ) (じゅ) (ほう) Tōsha Juhō?) is an inherited technique passed down in the Zenin Family from Naobito Zenin to his youngest son Naoya Zenin. It traces movement at twenty-four frames per second and traps anyone who disobeys that rule inside a frame for one second.[1]


Disobeying the 24 FPS rule results in the offender being frozen inside a frame of animation for one second.

This technique divides one second into twenty-four frames of animation using the user's field of view as the projection angle of view. The user can trace a predetermined set of movements into those twenty-four frames and execute them in that single second. Moving using this technique makes the user appear to move unnaturally fast, too quick for even special grade cursed spirits to follow.[2][3]

While Projection Sorcery is active, anything touched by the user's palm must also abide by the "24 FPS" rule while moving. Failure to do so results in the subject getting immobilized and frozen in an animation frame for one second. Although it's just a second, anything caught in that frame is completely vulnerable to attack. Hitting the frame will break the target out of it, usually heavily injuring them.[4][5][6][7]

In addition to its strengths, are several risks to using Projection Sorcery for the user. The predetermined course cannot be adjusted once started. Furthermore, if the trajectory of movement or the laws of physics excessively ignored, the user will be frozen as well.[8] There is also an upper limit to the user's body acceleration when activating this technique. However, maintaining constant activation of Projection Sorcerery allows speed to continually build.[9]


Naobito Zenin

Projection Sorcerery does not have a prevalent history within the Zenin Family like the Ten Shadows Technique. As such, Ogi Zenin believes it wasn't a factor in deciding the 26th head of the clan.[10] Naobito was born with a natural sense of strategic movement and timing. Coupled with Projection Sorcery, the head of the Zenin Family became known as the "Fastest jujutsu sorcerer" (excluding Satoru Gojo).

Naobito hitting Dagon while he's frozen inside an animation frame.

Naobito was an extremely proficient user of this technique, capable of consistently using the advanced movement speed to make it appear as if he's faster than the eye can follow. Not even special grade cursed spirits could follow Naobito's movement. Dagon claimed Naobito was even faster than Jogo, a special grade with proven speed. Naobito showcased this by getting behind Jogo just as the curse turned around to attack him during the Shibuya Incident.

Prior to the aforementioned battle with Jogo, Naobito applied Projection Sorcery's ability to immobilize his opponents several times. When Nanami and Maki first spotted Dagon, the former went to attack him, but before any of them moved, Naobito had the octopus-like curse trapped inside a frame. Neither Maki nor Nanami could even tell what had just occurred before their eyes. While Dagon was trapped for one second, Naobito delivered a powerful punch that smashed Dagon out of the frame, brutally injuring the curse.[4]

Naobito freezing a current of water into various frames.

Even after Dagon evolved from a cursed womb, Naobito still completely outclassed him in terms of speed using Projection Sorcery. Dagon's first attack was a violent water current that Naobito was able to get rid of by trapping it all inside several small frames.[11] When Dagon attempted to counterattack a failed strike from Maki, Naobito stopped him by trapping the curse inside a frame. This allowed Nanami to dive down from above and hit the curse while he was frozen.[12]

Naobito eventually deduced Dagon had an excess of cursed techniques and deduced it was best to crush him with speed before he gets the chance to use any of them. While levitating in the air in retreat, Dagon was blitzed by Naobito in midair, who appeared instantly behind him and kicked the curse back down to the ground. Then Naobito followed up using his technique to appear behind Dagon and struck him again, slamming the curse into the ground. During this exchange, Dagon even recognized that he couldn't fight back against the team of sorcerers due to Naobito's speed alone.[13]

Naobito using the movement speed granted by his technique to outmaneuver his enemy.

Dagon only managed to counter Naobito by activating Domain Expansion. While trapped inside Dagon's coastal domain, Naobito was able to use his technique to fight back once the guaranteed hit had been nullified. He attempted to attack Dagon from behind but was repelled by a large eel-like shikigami. Naobito plotted out the course in his mind and activated his technique while being attacked, trapping the shikigami inside an animation frame. While it was frozen, Naobito crushed it with a powerful stomp and exorcised it in one blow.[14]

Despite being able to avoid the initial aggression from Jogo, a curse far stronger than Dagon, his injuries from that fight made him incapable of avoiding all Jogo's attacks. Naobito was caught off guard by two volcanic openings behind him and suffered a direct hit from Jogo's flames.[15]

Naoya Zenin

Naoya using his technique's speed to suddenly disappear and avoid damage.

Naoya inherited this technique from his father, and like Naobito, is a proficient user of the ability. Naoya is especially proud of the speed granted to him by Projection Sorcery, happy to show it off and boast about it in battle.

Upon encountering Yuji and Choso while hunting for Megumi, Naoya used the technique to appear between the two instantly. This surprised them both, even prompting Yuji, who possesses superhuman speed and reflexes, to recognize Naoya as an extremely fast adversary. While exchanging blows with both of them at the same time, Naoya used his technique to suddenly disappear from in between the two fighters as they were simultaneously counterattacking. This level of speed made them notice something was off, and Choso deduced that this had to be due to Naoya's cursed technique.[16]

Noaya trapping Choso inside a frame.

Once Yuta Okkotsu joined the fight, Naoya used Projection Sorcrey's speed-boost to stop Choso from attacking Yuta. This allowed Yuta to pursue Yuji alone while Noaya fought and overwhelmed Choso with speed.[17]

Against Blood Manipulation, the speed of Projection Sorcrery presents a major problem for Convergence's time lag. Naoya's proficiency and knowledge of the Kamo Family allowed him to move so quickly that Choso couldn't fight back at all without using Flowing Red Scale. Naoya could disappear from view, reappear only to trap Choso inside a frame, and then hit him, all within mere moments. This prevents any blood manipulator from controlling and condensing blood outside their body. [18]

Flowing Red Scale: Stack allowed Choso to follow Naoya's movements more closely and nearly countered him. However, Naoya always acts on the assumption his enemies will counter and plans his predetermined course accordingly.[19] Even when his hakama was blood-stained and he was unable to move freely, Naoya was still fully confident he could dodge Piercing Blood.[20]

Naoya reaching his top speed against Maki.

Fighting Maki's Heavenly Restricted body that had broken away from cursed energy, Naoya was able to surpass even her physical prowess by continuously building speed throughout their battle. By keeping his technique activated, Naoya was able to barrage Maki and continuously chain combos until he was moving beyond supersonic speeds.

Maki attempted to take him head-on using Shiranui-Gata, but in a similar fashion to his duel with Choso, Naoya accounted for her counterattack. His intention was to freeze her inside an animation frame and circle back around to finish it. However, Maki's newly improved body allowed her to perceive the twenty-four set of movements Naoya planned out and caught him at the end of it. So not only was Maki not frozen but approaching her at top speed made it impossible for Naoya to avoid the attack. As a result, Naoya was defeated by an extremely powerful punch that used his own technique and momentum against him.[21]


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