Playful Cloud ( (ゆう) (うん) Yū-un?) is a Special Grade Cursed Tool used by several different sorcerers.


Maki swinging Playful Cloud.

Playful Cloud is a three-section staff connection by three rings in between the joins of the weapon. Each staff is decorated with a flame-like pattern near the ends by the metal which connects to the chains.

It is the only Special Grade Cursed Tool not imbued with a Cursed Technique. Instead, Playful Cloud's strength relies on the raw power of its user. Playful Cloud has been best utilized by those with incredible physical abilities rather than those with high levels of Cursed Energy.

Playful Cloud amplifies the user's strength with it's Cursed Energy, allowing even those with little to no Cursed Energy to overpower Special Grade Cursed Spirits.


Suguru Geto

First shown in possession by Suguru Geto during his attack on Jujutsu high, Playful Cloud is an extremely powerful weapon that allowed the Curse User to fight on equal terms against an enraged Yuta Okkotsu. After a heated clash between the two, Suguru lost possession of Playful Cloud after being struck by Yuta. After his failed attack, Playful Cloud came into possession by Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High.

Maki Zenin & Megumi Fushiguro

Playful Cloud's powerful abilities were displayed again when Maki Zenin, a girl with little Cursed Energy, was able to wield it to contend with a Special Grade Cursed Spirit. When his weak points were struck by a blow from Playful Cloud, Hanami was knocked away with great force.

Maki and Megumi were able to trade Cursed Tools mid-battle to confuse Hanami, leaving him open to attack from Playful Cloud. Even Megumi, who possesses only average physical strength, was able to harm Hanami using the staff. Megumi did admit however that he's uncomfortable wielding a three sections staff. Playful Cloud equalizing power allowed Maki to contend with Hanami despite being injured although she was eventually overpowered.[1]

The Special Grade Cursed Tool also helped Maki better contend with Dagon during their fighting in Shibuya. In the middle of this battle, Toji Fushiguro appeared and took Playful Cloud from Maki.

Aoi Todo

As a Special Grade Cursed Tool, Playful Cloud possesses a considerable amount of Cursed Energy. This makes it compatible with Aoi's Cursed Technique, allowing him to switch it out with any desired target. After Megumi left Playful Cloud in the river, Aoi was able to summon it to his side by switching it out with Yuji. With a powerful blow infused with his own Cursed Energy, Aoi was able to smash Hanami's weak points and nearly defeated the Cursed Spirit.[2]

Toji Fushiguro

In the hands of a highly physically capable user, Playful Cloud's abilities were shown to be devastating. With Toji's superhuman levels of strength and speed, Playful Cloud was able to rip through Dagon's swarms of Shikigami with ease. Even Dagon's hardest Shikigami were effortlessly sliced through by a single swing from Toji. The extra power provided by Playful Cloud also helped to easily overpower and overwhelm the Special Grade cursed spirt Dagon which had already been shown to withstand combined blows from Kento Nanami, Maki and Naobito Zenin. By rubbing the edges of Playful Cloud together, Toji was able to sharpen Playful Cloud into a spearing weapon. Heavily damaged, Dagon attempted to flee by levitating but with help from Naobito, Toji vaulted with Playful Cloud and propelled himself into the air onto Dagon. Using the sharpened edge, Toji stabbed clean through Dagon's head.[3]


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