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Piercing Blood (穿 (せん) (けつ) Senketsu?) is a Blood Manipulation attack.


After the user compresses and condenses their blood to the limit with Convergence, the user claps their hands together and fires the blood from their fingertips.[1] The blood, now reinforced with cursed energy, is capable of reaching the speed of sound.[2]


Noritoshi Kamo

Noritoshi Kamo used this technique against the unregistered special grade cursed spirit Hanami and managed to damage his head.


Choso first used this technique against Yuji Itadori and pierced his left arm with ease. He later used this technique repetitively due to having more than one condensed blood sphere. He is also able to change the direction of the stream at the expense of losing velocity. As observed by Noritoshi Kamo, Choso's version of this technique is incredibly powerful with an immense amount of pressure focused into his shots, shown when he used it against Uraume. He can also use this technique to inject his poisonous blood into his opponents.


  • According to Naoya Zenin, this is the strongest extension technique of Blood Manipulation.


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