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The Perfect Preparation Arc ( (あし) (ふく) (へん) Ashi O Fukumu-hen?) is the tenth arc in Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen. It follows the Tokyo High students as they prepare for the battle royal organized by Pseudo-Geto at the end of the Shibuya Incident.


Megumi Fushiguro explains to Yuji Itadori that the Pseudo-Geto, now discovered to be Noritoshi Kamo (not to be mistaken for Noritoshi Kamo), plans to involve anyone involved with jujutsu in an activity known as a Culling Game. Fushiguro asks Itadori for his aid, explaining that his sister, Tsumiki Fushiguro, will fall victim to the game. Itadori informs Okkotsu that Sukuna is plotting something involving Fushiguro. Itadori then tells Yuta Okkotsu not to hesitate to kill him if he ever switches to Sukuna again, explaining he'd already eaten 15 fingers and that Sukuna probably took over previously due to the fact that Itadori had been fed 10 fingers in one go. Okkotsu agrees to do so. Fushiguro explains that they should return to Jujutsu High and contact Master Tengen. Fushiguro explains how they should figure out how to free Gojo from the Prison Realm and figure out Noritoshi's Objectives. Megumi also mentions that Yuki Tsukumo is hiding from higher-ups at Jujutsu High as well.

There will be difficulty in getting through Master Tengen's concealing barrier and contacting him. If need to go through one of over 1000 different doors that are constantly shuffling in order to get to Tengen. Choso appears and says he may have an idea to get to Tengen. Choso says that they use the same method Mahito previously used to steal Sukuna's fingers. When the four of them arrive at Jujustu High, Maki Zenin is there, to their surprise. Okkotsu asks Maki if she is ok moving around, as she had visible remnants from the wounds she suffered during the Shibuya Incident. Choso explains his aforementioned idea to Maki and Tsukumo. The girls ask who Choso is. Itadori explains that Choso is his brother. Choso is touched.

The group makes their way to an elevator, which leads to the tomb. Itadori asks about the blood stains he sees. Tsukumo thinks back to 11 years ago, when Toji Fushiguro was killed.

When they get out of the elevator, they find nothing. Fushiguro asks if what they see is the main shrine, Tsukumo says "No. It's rejecting us." She explains how she was too optimistic thinking that contact with Tengen would be possible now that Gojo was sealed. Okkotsu says that Tsukumo doesn't have time, and that they should leave. Right before, a voice greets Choso, Fushiguro, Maki, and Okkotsu. The voice belongs to Tengen whom they see once they turn around. Tsukumo asks Tengen why he closed off the tombs. Tengen explains that he cannot see into the human heart and therefore cannot know if visitors are conspiring with, Kenjaku, Noritoshi Kamo.

Itadori is curious why Tengen looks the way he is. Tengen explains that he is the result of 500 years of aging and a failed attempt to merge with a Star Plasma Vessel(See Gojo's Past). Megumi and Okkotsu ask Tengen about Kenjaku's objectives. Tengen agrees to tell them what he knows, under one condition. Between Okkotsu, Choso, and Tsukumo, two of them have to stay and be his guards and protect the seal.

Tengen explains that Kenjaku plans to merge him with humanity. Tengen does not know why Kenjaku plans to do so. Maki questions why Tengen does not just refuse the merge to which Tengen answers by saying that because he's evolved, he's more cursed spirit than human, making him a target for cursed spirit manipulation. This is why he needs guards.

Jujutsu Battles & Events

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Yuji defeats Panda.png Yuji Itadori vs. Panda After exchanging information with Yuji, Panda lets the boy defeat him.
Totality attacks Kirara.png Megumi & Panda vs. Kirara Hoshi Megumi figures out Kirara's technique and uses that information to trick his opponent and defeat them.
Kinji kicks Yuji.png Yuji Itadori vs. Kinji Hakari Yuji avoids dodging Kinji's attacks, making his senpai accept him and listen to his request.
Ogi counters Maki's attack.png Maki Zenin vs. Ogi Zenin After Mai sacrifices herself to power up Maki, she easily beheads their father.
Maki overpowers the Kukuru Unit.png Maki Zenin vs. The Kukuru Unit Maki easily overpowers and slaughters the entire unit, bar the captain, before the Hei arrive to face her.
Maki fights Nobuaki and Chojuro.png Maki Zenin vs. The Hei Maki overpowers and slaughters the entire unit with the exception of Naoya.
Naoya kicks Maki through a wall.png Maki Zenin vs. Naoya Zenin Maki figures out how Naoya's technique works and knocks her cousin out with a single punch by smashing him into the ground.


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