Panda (パンダ Panda?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a second-year at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. As a Metamorphosed Cursed Corpse, he is the best creation of Principal Masamichi Yaga. He is sentient and has three cores inside the doll body: the youngest brother "Panda", the eldest brother "Gorilla" and a sister.


Panda has a huge doll body with black and white patterns. He also wear coat at winter, and may wear different accessories.


Panda has helpful, warm-hearted and wise characteristics. He can also be mischievous at times. He has a complex feelings of human.



Physical PowerEdit

Strength: Panda can carry two wounded shamans, and he often carries one charm weapon for Maki. Despite having a doll body, he can heavily damage Mechamaru's robot body. Durability: Speed and Reflex:

Curse Power and FormsEdit

Panda has three cores. He can shift the cores in battle, and control his cursed power to misinform the opponent with the core location.

  • Gorilla Core: The older brother's core is best at offensive abilities and consume curse power at increased speed. In this mode, the Gorilla has his own destintive look and personality.
    • Drumming Beat: Gorilla's technique which cannot be blocked.