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Okinawa ( (おき) (なわ) Okinawa?) is a prefecture in Japan. The Star Plasma Vessel Escort Team briefly visits it during their mission.


Okinawa is a coastal prefecture and a vacation spot for tourists looking to go to the beach or the aquarium among other activities.


Gojo's Past Arc

Riko and her escorts relaxing in Okinawa.

After Misato Kuroi is abducted by the Time Vessel Association, Riko Amanai's escort team takes a plane to the Naha Airport. They rescue Kuroi shortly afterward and decide to relax and bide their time at the beach. While Jujutsu High second years Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto were already assigned to the escort team, first years Kento Nanami and Yu Haibara were sent to guard the airport.

Satoru and Sugur decide to stay an extra day so Riko can enjoy herself. Kento is annoyed they have to stay another day, but Yu is honored to protect and serve while their senpai are "risking their lives". Satoru and the others went boat paddling, they ate at exotic restaurants, and visited an aquarium with fish Riko had never seen the likes of before.[1]


Naha Airport

Location Description
Backup from Nanami and Haibara.png Naha Airport (那覇空港 Naha Kūkō?) is a large airport in Okinawa that the jujutsu students used to travel to the prefecture. With a the potential of a curse user attack, sorcerers were tasked and guarding the airport for the two days they were present.


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