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Ogi Zenin (禪院 (ぜんいん) (おうぎ) Zen'in Ōgi?) is an antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is the brother of Naobito Zenin and father of Maki and Mai Zenin. Ogi serves as one of the antagonists of the Perfect Preparation Arc.


Ogi is a tall man with a Roman nose and long, black hair slicked back into a high ponytail. His eyes appear fully black, giving the impression of black sclera, but they are shown to be white when they widen upon being reminded of Toji. Ogi's attire consist of a white shitagi, a white kosode and dark hakama with white socks.


Ogi is a serious man who follows the ideals of the Zenin Family. He dislikes Naoya and immediately attacked him for insulting him around the time of Naobito's death. He strongly resents his children, believing he couldn't become head of the clan because they lacked talent in Jujutsu[1], deeming them as failures. He even proposed killing the twins and Megumi Fushiguro in order to retain the Zenin Family fortune, revealing a ruthless side.[2]

As seen during his final moments, Ogi had a deep seated sense of dread for his nephew, Toji, and made active attempts to hide his deep rooted fear of him.



Ogi's twin daughters Maki and Mai were born before or around the time that Naobito was selected as the 26th head of the Zenin Family. The two were deemed as failures by the Zenins, and because of this Ogi was not chosen as head.

Itadori's Extermination Arc

Ogi is with Jinichi Zenin in one of the rooms of the Zenin household when Naoya Zenin walks in. Naoya says that he'll become the next clan leader while insulting Ogi and Jinichi in the process, who attacks him. After a short scuffle, Furudate walks in and announces the clan leader, Naobito Zenin passing. Ogi listens as Furudate reads Naobito's will, revealing that, in the case of Satoru Gojo's disappearance, Megumi Fushiguro is to become the next clan leader.[3]

Perfect Preparation Arc

Ogi was waiting in the Zenin family cursed warehouse as Maki arrived. He reveals there are no cursed tools as he stands next to an injured Mai. Ogi decided that he will execute his daughters and Megumi, to strengthen the trust between him and the higher-ups. Ogi uses Falling Blossom Emotion to fight Maki. Maki manages to brake his blade in the initial exchange but when she whipped around, he turned before her and cut her down, breaking her Dragon-Bone sword. He then slashes and downs Maki, claiming the reason he couldn't became the head of the clan, was because his children are worthless.[4]

Ogi is killed.

He berates both Maki and Mai, dragging them to the training room and throwing them into a pit of cursed spirits to be killed.[5] However, Mai gives her life to create a weapon for Maki and remove her Cursed Energy completely, allowing her to slay the cursed spirits and emerge thanks to her now achieving the same superhuman physical abilities as their cousin, Toji Fushiguro.[6] Noticing the sudden disappearance of the Cursed Spirits, Ogi would then see Maki emerge from the room with Mai's body. Upon seeing his daughter, Ogi is immediately filled with the same dread he felt from Toji. He then draws his sword and activates his innate technique to fight her once again, but she quickly slices his head in half and kills him.[7]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Ogi is a special grade 1 sorcerer who believes himself to be equal to Naobito in terms of skill.

Tactical Intellect: It was Ogi's idea to frame Megumi Fushiguro, Maki, and Mai Zenin for trying to unseal Gojo Satoru, showing a devious and calculating mind. He also predicted Maki's arrival in the Zenin residence, emptying the weapons cache ahead of time. His caution also led him to think ahead and leave Maki incapacitated to use as a hostage in case his duel with Maki went wrong.

Master Swordsman: Ogi wields a katana and was skilled enough to attack quickly with it, nearly slicing Naoya. He is also able to overpower Maki in a sword duel, albeit it was implied that he was only being able to do so using his advantage of Jujutsu instead of his own natural sword skills.


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Great Cursed Energy: The Zenin Family values cursed energy and the capacity to use powerful techniques more than anything else. As a special grade 1 sorcerer, Ogi naturally has relatively large amounts of cursed energy for a sorcerer. His talent for jujutsu allows him to use secret barrier techniques in addition to his innate technique.
Innate Technique
Blazing Courage.png Blazing Courage (焦眉之赳 Shōbi no Kyū?): This technique allows the user to eject flames from their weapon. Ogi uses this technique with his katana, being capable of both ejecting fire to replace the broken blade[8] and intensifying it to make the flames deadlier.[9]
Barrier Techniques
Ogi using Falling Blossom Emotion.png Falling Blossom Emotion (落花の情 Rakka no Jō?): A secret art and an anti-domain technique. In contrast to Simple Domain, which casts its own barrier, Falling Blossom Emotion counters an enemy domain's guaranteed hit with cursed energy the moment it makes contact.[10]

Ogi applies this technique to swordplay. Not only is he himself shrouded in cursed energy, but his katana is as well. This allows the blade to automatically strike anything the cursed energy comes into contact with.[11]


Semi-Cursed Tools
Ogi threatens Naoya.png Ogi carries a katana along with himself all the time. He is able to use this in conjecture with his innate technique and barrier techniques. During the clash against his daughter, this is broken. However, he is able to replace the broken parts of sword with his technique.[12]

Battles & Events

Perfect Preparation Arc

  • Maki Zenin vs. Ogi Zenin


  • Ogi's first name contains the kanji for "folding fan" ( ōgi?).


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