Ogami is a Cursed User who helped Suguru Geto & the curses during the Shibuya Incident; along with her grandson and Awasaka.


Ogami is a elderly woman with a wrinkly face, and light colored hair that she has tied in a maru-mage style and a hair accessory placed in the bun. She wears dark colored kimono under a light colored jacket that has 2 capital Js within a dark circle on the back, white socks, sandals, and some prayer beads that she uses with her cursed technique.

In the 90s, Ogami was still elderly but had shorter hair and wore a light colored long sleeved shirt.




Ogami had worked as an assassin, when she took on an assignment to kill Gojo. While stalking Gojo, Ogami became frightened when Gojo has notices their location and figured just how strong he was even as a child.[1]

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Ogami is guarding the cursed objects that are putting up the screens around Shibuya, along with her grandson and Awasaka.[2] Ogami over hears the news that Gojo has been sealed, and discusses what would happen now.

When Yuji, Megumi, and Takuma arrive to destroy the cursed objects, Ogami is protected by her grandson while Awasaka deals with Yuji and Megumi. Ogami then starts to chant while her grandson continues to protect her from Takuma's attacks. Once she is done chanting, she uses her technique to transform her grandson into Toji Zenin.[3] Once her grandson defeats Takuma, she orders him to go down and take care of other shamans. When Toji suddenly takes control of her grandson, Ogami back off and wonders how Toji was able to take control since she only summoned the body's information instead of the souls. Toji explains how he has a special body and kills Ogami.


Ogami is a Cursed User with the ability to mimic the appearance and abilities of deceased people.

Physical Power

Currently unknown what Ogami is capable of.

Weapon Mastery

Ogami uses prayer beads while using her technique.

Cursed Power and Forms

Cursed Technique: It is currently unknown what Ogami technique is but, she uses a seance technique to transform into a deceased person. Ogami makes sure to only summon the body's information, since the soul's information can cause the summoned person to take full control.[4] The technique will continue on even if the caster is killed, and will only deactivate once the cursed energy of the person that the technique was used on runs out.

  • Toji Zenin: After chanting and consuming an object, Ogami transforms or has someone else transform into Toji Zenin. Since Ogami only summons the body's information, Toji is able to take full control after a set period of time.



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