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Ogami (オガミ Ogami?) is a minor antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She was a curse user who worked with Jiro Awasaka in the past to make money. However, their freedom to commit crimes and curse people stopped with Satoru Gojo's birth. Determined to reclaim their past lives, Ogami, Awasaka, and her grandson aligned themselves with Pseudo-Geto during the Shibuya Incident.


Ogami was eighty-seven years old and nicknamed Granny Ogami for her elderly appearance. She was an old woman with many wrinkles and her eyes were almost always shut. She had light-colored hair tied into a maru-mage bun with an accessory placed on it.

As of 2018, Granny Ogami wore a light-colored kimono haori combination decorated with dark lines across the shoulders. It also includes a "JJ" circle symbol on the back. Ogami completes her outfit with a dark sash and normal sandals. She also always carried her prayer beads with her for jujutsu as well.


Ogami was an evil self serving old woman who only ever used her talents for herself at the cost of others. She cursed others in order to get paid and live freely, nothing more. As far as generally mannerisms, Ogami hardly speaks or opens her eyes the majority of the time.

Like Awasaka, she was upset her freedom to commit crimes was deterred by the presence of Satoru Gojo . Even in her old age, Ogami decided to work together with other curse users to get rid of him and reclaim her prime.

Ogami doesn't appear to have any sympathy for others. During old assassinations, she would kill people not even involved in her assignment. She once murdered a man's daughter to use her body in a Seance. Ogami also frequently kidnaps young children to become her "grandchildren". This includes her grandson that accompanies her during the Shibuya Incident.[2] She showed little to no concern when he was being injured during their fight with Takuma Ino.



Ogami had worked as an assassin, when she took on an assignment to kill Satoru Gojo. While stalking Gojo, Ogami became frightened when Gojo notices their location and figured just how strong he was even as a child.[3]

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Ogami is guarding the cursed objects that are putting up the screens around Shibuya, along with her "grandson" and Jiro Awasaka. Ogami overhears the news that Gojo has been sealed, and discusses what would happen now.[4]

When Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Takuma Ino arrive to destroy the cursed objects, Ogami is protected by her "grandson" while Awasaka deals with Yuji and Megumi.[5] Ogami then starts to chant while her "grandson" continues to protect her from Takuma's attacks.[6] Once she is done chanting, she uses her technique to transform her "grandson" into Toji Zenin.[7] Once her "grandson" defeats Takuma,[8] she orders him to go down and take care of other sorcerers. When Toji suddenly takes control of her "grandson", Ogami backs off and wonders how Toji was able to take control since she only summoned the body's information instead of the soul's. Toji explains how he has a special body and kills Ogami.[9]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Ogami was a talented sorcerer and reputable assassin in her heyday. She was able to outmaneuver and stay a step ahead of grade 2 sorcerer, Ino, in their battle. Using her "grandson" to protect herself while reciting an incantation, she was able to maintain distance and safety from her enemy to activate her cursed technique. Once she was able to activate her ability, the battle quickly ended.


Cursed Energy Manipulation
High Cursed Energy: As an old and wise sorcerer, Ogami possesses high levels of cursed energy. At the conclusion of the incantation for her Séance Technique, Ogami's cursed energy rises significantly and creates a large swelling aura.[10]
Innate Technique
Ogami impersonating a girl to kill her father.png Séance Technique ( (こう) (れい) (じゅつ) Kōreijutsu?): Ogami can summon the body or soul information from a deceased person using their corpse. This allows her to shape-shift herself or a willing participant into that person.[11] Ogami is careful to summon only the body's information and not the soul's. This allows the shape-shifter to utilize the physical abilities of the séance's target without reviving their personality.[12]
Toji Zenin ( (ぜん) (いん) (とう) () Zen'in Tōji?): After chanting an incantation with her prayer beads for a few minutes, Ogami ends by stating the name of her desired target. She used this to transform her grandson into Toji Zenin, allowing him to utilize the Sorcerer Killer's immense physical prowess in battle.[13] Ogami reviving Toji Zenin.png

Battles & Events

Shibuya Incident Arc


  • Ogami likes young men and is a junior member of the Boy Idol Agency fan club.
  • The grandson is not Ogami's actual grandchild but one of the numerous children she kidnapped and raised after falsifying their relationship.[14]


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