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Nue ( (ぬえ) Nue?) is a bird-like shikigami that can be summoned through the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Family.


Nue has the appearance of an owl-like bird with large orange-feathered wings with white trim, as well as a white mask on its head.

Megumi summons with the Ten Shadows Technique by clasping his hands together to form the shape of a pair of wings. The shadow puppet of the wings summons Nue to rest on his arm.


Nue protecting Megumi.

Nue is one of Megumi's most reliable and most-used shikigami. It has the ability to fly, giving Nue versatility his other shikigami don't possess. Nue can check for Megumi's targets within a large limited range by checking from above. It can hit flying enemies and target grounded ones from above. Noritoshi Kamo has stated that Nue is especially dangerous in open spaces. Furthermore, Nue's wings carry an electric shock that stuns its targets on impact. Nue can also carry Megumi short distances but it's not strong enough to carry people for very long.

Megumi attempted to summon Nue while fighting curses in Sendai with Yuji, but was unable to do so after suffering a surprise attack. In the Eishu Detention Center, Nue's mobility helped Megumi clear long drops, which allowed him to locate Nobara in time while she was surrounded by curses.[1]

When he was forced to fight Sukuna, Megumi only used Nue after his opponent was restrained by Great Snake. It circled Sukuna several times and struck him with its electro-shock wings. This proved mostly ineffective against Sukuna, who escaped and continued to attack Megumi. Nue was able to save Megumi by protecting him from a mid-air blow with its wings. However, defending against one blow from Sukuna put Nue at its limit. Megumi decided to return Nue before it was destroyed like Great Snake.[2]

Related Techniques
Bottomless Well (Anime).png The Well's Unknown Abyss ( (せい) (てい) () (らず) Seiteishirazu?, lit. "Bottomless Well") combines the Nue and the Toad shikigami to create multiple numbers of winged toads which are weaker than the original ones but can be destroyed without any consequence.[3]


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