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Nue ( (ぬえ) Nue?) is a bird-like shikigami that can be summoned through the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Family.


Nue has the appearance of an owl-like bird with large orange-feathered wings with white trim, as well as a white mask on its head.

Megumi summons with the Ten Shadows Technique by clasping his hands together to form the shape of a pair of wings. The shadow puppet of the wings summons Nue to rest on his arm.


Nue protecting Megumi.

Megumi uses Nue to increase his own mobility. Nue can fly at great speeds, even while carrying Megumi around. Thanks to Nue's speed and the mobility granted to him, Megumi was able to effectively maneuver through the Detention Center where Nobara was trapped by curses and rescue her in time.[1]

On offense, Megumi uses Nue as support, ordering it to fly around and attack only when the opponent is vulnerable. While Megumi fought Sukuna hand to hand, Nue circled the duel and stuck Sukuna multiple times while he was bound by the Great Serpent shikigami.[2]

It's also useful for defense in a pinch, Nue's speed and dense wings allow for a powerful defense against physical attacks. Nue showed this ability by defending Megumi from a direct hit from Sukuna. However, Nue was unable to continue fighting afterward and was called back by Megumi.[3]

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