Noritoshi Kamo ( () () (のり) (とし) Kamo Noritoshi?) is an antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He lived over a hundred and fifty years ago when he conducted research resulting in the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings. Noritoshi Kamo is regarded as the evilest jujutsu sorcerer in history and a stain on the Kamo Family.

Noritoshi's body was inhabited by an older entity who claims to have gone by many names. They use a cursed technique that to change out the brains of sorcerers in order to possess their bodies. This same person now inhabits the thought to be deceased Suguru Geto's body and has assumed his identity as Pseudo-Geto ( () (とう) (かり) Getō (Kari)?).


Noritoshi, in his original body, was seen to be an older-looking man with short dark hair, worn slicked back, and a small mustache. He had narrow eyes and had a straight, stitched scar running horizontally through his forehead. He wore what appears to be a dark yukata and sported an umbrella.

As Suguru Geto, Noritoshi takes the same appearance as Suguru himself, only with the same stitched scar through his head. It was shown that Noritoshi was able to remove the top part of his head in Suguru's body and reveal his brain.


Noritoshi has a reputation as a cruel man considered both a blot on the Kamo Family and the evilest jujutsu sorcerer to ever live. His experiments during the Meiji Era were so vile all records were destroyed and even the curses that resulted from them, despite having no hatred for humanity, despised him. While in the body of Suguru Geto, Noritoshi displays a relaxed, cheerful and cocky attitude.

Although willing to work with cursed spirits to achieve his own ends, he reacted negatively when these spirits acted like they were his equal. He proved to be a civil collaborator as he told Jogo and the others exactly what they needed to do and even formed a friendly bond with Mahito. In his spare time Noritoshi would even play board games with them. This relaxed and condescending attitude remained during fights, where he would praise the abilities of his opponents. Although Noritoshi occasionally pauses claiming that he is talking like somebody else. This implies that at least some of his habits come from the original Geto's personality influencing him.

As shown in his conversation with Yuki Tsukumo, Noritoshi believes that the next stage of human evolution is not "removing themselves of cursed energy", but is instead "optimizing cursed energy". This belief being the main reason to his actions and all of his unethical and inhuman experimentation on both cursed spirits and human beings and the main motivation for his current plots.



Noritoshi was a sorcerer who would be known as the most infamous sorcerer in history. Noritoshi, at the temple that the woman who was capable of giving birth to human-spirit hybrids, had ran off to. During her time there, it was recorded in history that Noritoshi Kamo had apparently taken the woman as his prisoner for his intellectual curiosity, with him having performed numerous experiments with her that resulted in her having nine pregnancies and nine abortions that lead to the creation of the Nine Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.

As stated by Choso, Noritoshi had apparently mixed in his own blood with some of the cursed wombs, resulting in him inheriting the Kamo family's inherited Innate Blood Manipulation Technique.

In 2017, Suguru Geto was killed by Satoru Gojo. Using a cursed technique, Noritoshi put his brain in Geto’s body and took over. For unknown reasons, he desired his innate technique; curse manipulation, and the sealing of Gojo.

Cursed Training Arc

In July 2018, Noritoshi met with Jogo, Hanami, and Dagon at a restaurant to discuss their goals. Having planted one of Sukuna’s fingers at Eishu Juvenile Detention Center to examine Sukuna’s current strength, Noritoshi explained that the curses needed to ally with Sukuna and render Gojo unable to fight. Only then could they achieve their goal. Since Gojo cannot be killed or beaten, Noritoshi offers up the high-grade cursed charm, Prison Realm, as a solution. Jogo gets excited by the Prison Realm tool only for Noritoshi to tell him to calm down. Jogo killed everyone in the restaurant as a  response and asked how his strength compared to a number of Sukuna's fingers. Noritoshi guessed Jogo's strength is equal to 8 or 9 fingers, which Jogo claimed to be enough to kill Gojo in exchange of the Prison Realm.

That night Noritoshi and Hanami watch as Jogo loses to Gojo and is pushed into a corner. Noritoshi stays out of sight as he needs to keep any hint of ‘Geto’s survival’ hidden until later. Noritoshi later enters Dagon’s domain to meet with Mahito and the other curses. When Jogo and Hanami arrive, Noritoshi says this defeat proves they should avoid Gojo until the operation to seal him on October 31st in Shibuya. An operation that he will explain later, which Mahito agrees with.

Vs Mahito Arc

Days later, Noritoshi would see Yuji Itadori and Junpei bounding on the river, much to his satisfaction. He would then check on Mahito after his battle with Nanami. The duo would later place one of Sukuna's fingers inside Junpei's apartment, causing a cursed spirit to kill Junpei's mother. Exploiting Junpei’s friendship with Mahito and grief to convince him this attack was arranged by a classmate. After unlocking Junpei’s cursed energy, Mahito and Noritoshi watched as he attacks his classmates. Mahito placed the barrier over the school to prevent weak humans from existing or entering, as Noritoshi is hiding his residuals. The plan being that if Junpei and Yuji fight it will force Yuji to make a binding vow with Sukuna, which would help them convince Sukuna to work with them. Noritoshi left after the conversation. The plan would ultimately fail due to Sukuna’s own interests and Mahito would flee the scene.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Noritoshi, along with Mahito, meets up with Jogo. All three talked about how they will have to offer Sukuna all his fingers if they want him on their side. The finger left in Junpei’s course would be taken by Jujutsu High, was vital to this plan as they planned a seal on it so they could track it’s location to the hidden store room. Hanami’s attack on the Goodwill Event was part of this mission as a distraction away from the school and Mahito’s break-in robbery. Noritoshi recommends that they avoid killing any students as Sukuna appears to have some interest in them and they can only unleash him at the critical moment, October 31st. Mahito would end up stealing six fingers and three Death Painting Wombs.

The Origin of Obedience Arc

Days later, Noritoshi and Mahito would implant the Death Womb Painting curses into human hosts, letting the spirits fuse and possess them. They send two of these brothers, Kechizu and Eso, after one of Sukuna’s remaining fingers. Later they would play board games with the third brother, Choso. When Choso senses the death of his family, he breaks the pieces and tells them. Noritoshi asks how Choso could possibly know that but contacting somebody reveals Choso was right; Nobara and Yuji had to kill the brothers.

Shibuya Incident Arc

Noritoshi and Mahito meet up with Kokichi after setting up a curtain. Noritoshi stops Mahito from killing Kokichi, as their Bidding Vow is in place. Unless Mahito heals Kokichi he is unable to kill him without bad karma triggering against them in the future. Causing something terrible to happen. Mahito fixes Kokichi’s body and a fight immediately breaks out. Mahito refuses Noritoshi’s offer to help and handles it himself. Noritoshi watched the fight from a distance, examining Kokichi’s ability to temporarily use special-grade level cursed energy to counter Mahito. After witnessing Kokichi use the technique multiple times, he figures out that Kokichi uses the Simple Domain and thinks about how the technique works. They leave quickly after Mahito manages to kill Kokichi. As they are leaving, ‘Geto’ talks with Mahito about how they could use this chance to see how the commissioned screen works.

Before October 31st, Noritoshi talks to the true human curses to breakdown the plan to seal Gojo. As Gojo is more strongest in open areas, they plan to fight him in the underground subway surrounded by hundreds of people. This will prevent Gojo from using his domain or other abilities. Finally, Noritoshi tells the curses they need to distract Gojo for 20 minutes while the Prison Realm prepares and that Gojo will need to remain in range for a minutes before it seals him for good.

On October 31st, Geto watches as Jogo, Hanami, and Choso fight against Gojo. Even after the 20 minutes of battle pass and Nanami’s destruction, Geto comments to Dagon that they need Gojo to be more on edge and exhausted before striking with the prison. Mahito joins the battle with a thousand transfigured humans and as civilians fall into the lower level as Hanami’s trees fade upon death. Gojo, reaching the limit of what he is willing to sacrifice in battle, uses his Domain Expansion for less than a second to stun everyone in the area. Gojo spends the next 5 minutes killing the transfigured humans with his bare hands. Exhausted and mentally drained from killing so many people, Gojo is shocked by the Prison Realm opening by his feet. As he turns to flee, 'Suguru Geto' to make his appearance. Seeing his dead friend alive again causes Gojo to go through all the possibilities, causing a minute’s worth of thoughts to pass through his mind, allowing the Seal to lock him away. As Noritoshi watches Gojo being sealed, Gojo realizes that this must be an imposter using Geto's body. Noritoshi reveals his brain and his ability to swap bodies but not his true name. While admitting Gojo is too strong for to handle normally, the imposter comments that even Yuta Okkotsu won't be enough to stop him. The original Geto makes a surprise appearance, taking control of his arm and grading at Noritoshi’s neck when Gojo calls out to him. Noritoshi finds this brief defiance from his own body amusing and curious, talking about the philosophical implications this has on the nature of the soul with Mahito. The seal is completed. Noritoshi tries to carry it but Gojo causes it to slam to the ground, too heavy to carry out of the B5 underground until it is finished processing. Geto and the curses then realize that Kokichi is spying on them and is relying the information to the sorcerers in Shibuya.

Noritoshi stays with the Seal to guard it while the curses spread out to kill their enemies. Once they are gone, Mimiko and Nanako come forward and demand the return of Geto's body but he refuses. Mei Mei and her brother Ui Ui make their way to the B5 Underground and are confronted by Geto. Mei Mei quickly realizes that this Geto is a fake until he summons a special grade disease cursed spirit, Smallpox Deity. The spirit uses its Domain Expansion to seal Mei Mei in a coffin. Mei Mei manages to break free from a couple more of Smallpox Deity's attacks and manages to exorcise the spirit at the cost of one of her crows. Once they are released from the spirit's domain, Mei Mei and Ui Ui prepare to face off against Geto, who claims they are strong for sorceress of this era. The siblings ultimately flee.

When the seal is completed, Noritoshi left the B5 underground with it before Aoi Todo arrived. When the battle between Mahito and Yuji ended with Yuji’s victory, Noritoshi appeared on the scene and asked Mahito if he needed help. Recognizing that Noritoshi matches the description of the person who sealed Gojo, Yuji tried to attack him only for Noritoshi to counter with a barrage of curses.  Mahito realized that Noritoshi plans on imprisoning him with curse manipulation and attacked, only for Noritoshi to seal and then absorb him. This moment of victory is interrupted by the Kyoto students attacking him. He effortlessly avoids their attacks but his attempt to kill Kasumi Miwa is blocked by the arrive of Atsuya Kusakabe and Utahime Iori. The battle is paused with the arrival of Choso. Choso finally realizes Geto’s true identity, his monstrous father; Noritoshi Kamo. Noritoshi admits this to be true and Choso attacked him only to be intercepted by Uraume.


Noritoshi's abilities are currently unknown. He is however incredibly knowledgeable about curses and jujutsu, as proven by his experiments with Death Womb Paintings alongside his barrier techniques. His most notable cursed technique allows him to swap bodies with another person, even if they are dead. Once he is inside a body, Noritoshi gains access to all their innate techniques. Even the Six Eyes cannot recognize him as an imposter as he retains the host's cursed energy.

Body Possession

  • Suguru Geto: Currently, Noritoshi Kamo has taken Suguru Geto as his host body, effectively giving him access to all of Geto's memories, skills and jujutsu. This is seen where he could now apparently access all of Geto's Cursed Spirit Manipulation techniques.
    • Cursed Spirits: Due to gaining Geto's body, Noritoshi was shown to have acquired numerous cursed spirit's as his personal familiars and has deployed them to fight off numerous opponents and bombard them with a variety of different cursed technique that each spirit possess.
      • Smallpox Deity: While inside Geto's body, Noritoshi has shown to have acquired a powerful special grade cursed spirit capable of creating its own unique Innate Domain. As shown during its battle against Mei Mei, it was powerful enough to nearly corner her if not for the assistance of her brother to distract it to give her a chance to finish it off.
      • Mahito: Later after acquiring Mahito, he was granted access to the latter's Idle Transfiguration technique.
      • Maximum Uzumaki: The Maximum Uzumaki technique of Cursed Spirit Manipulation combines the cursed spirits the user has absorbed into one and uses it as a powerful attack of super condensed cursed energy. While at glance it seems to negate Cursed Spirit Manipulation's main advantage, its wide arsenal of cursed techniques due to losing access to the curses used in the attack, its true potential is revealed when used on cursed spirits of semi-grade 1 or higher as Maximum Uzumaki extracts their innate cursed technique, allowing the user to keep the techniques.


  • Noritoshi Kamo's name is pronounced the same way as his relative, Noritoshi Kamo, but they are written differently.


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