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Nobuko Takada ( (たか) () (のぶ) () Takada Nobuko?) better known as Tall Idol Takada-Chan is a popular Japanese idol, Aoi Todo being one of her biggest fans.


Nobuko is a tall young woman with golden eyes and wears her long black hair tied into twin tails with her wispy bangs covering her forehead. She wears stylish clothes, a choker and platform heels.


Nobuko has a cheerful and upbeat personality. She will gladly pose for her fans and even ask them about their well-being. She manages to persuade even such crude and unshakable people like Mai Zenin.


Cursed Training Arc

Nobuko was having a meet and great in Tokyo.[2] She later meets Aoi Todo, shakes his hand and performs her signature Taka-tan Beam.[3]

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Nobuko appears in Aoi's makeshift memories, where she attended the same middle school as Aoi and Yuji Itadori. Aoi confesses his love to her, but she rejects him, stating she already has someone she likes.[4]

Abilities and Powers

As a normal human being, Nobuko has no additional abilities.


  • Her favorite sushi is Goatfish and her favorite drink is room temperature sake.
  • According to Aoi, she stated "dumb guys are perfect".[5]


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