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Nobuaki Zenin (禪院 (ぜんいん) 信朗 (のぶあき) Zen'in Nobuaki?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a member of the Zenin Family and captain of it's Kukuru Unit.


Nobuaki is a middle-aged man. He has dark-colored hair that is styled into a pompadour with sideburns. His outfit is a formal light-colored costume, seemingly unique to him as captain of the Kukuru Unit.


Nobuaki is a conceited and vain person. As captain of the Kukuru Unit, he is responsible for its actions, which in turn leads to his superiors chewing him out for possible mistakes. For that same reason, Nobuaki is implied to often leave key actions of any given mission for himself, effectively making the rest of the Kukuru do all the hard work, while he takes the credit.[1]

Nobuaki also holds a very low opinion of at least some of his opponents, Maki Zenin in particular. When hearing of her killing Ogi Zenin, Nobuaki simply brushed it off and assumed Ogi was unaware of the attack.[2] This was also shown during his scuffle against Maki, surprised that she could still move and fight after being hit with Chojuro's technique.[3]


Perfect Preparation Arc

Nobuaki is walking with his unit, the Kukuru, when the alarm sounds. He tells them to go and seize Maki before he arrives and tells them not to kill her as he will be the one killing her.[1] He later arrives at the room where Maki is and asks how'd it went before noticing that Maki had slaughtered his entire unit.

Nobuaki is surprised by Maki's strength as Chojuro uses his technique to trap Maki where Nobuaki is surprised the Hei unit is present. Maki breaks out of Chojuro's technique and clashes with both Chojuro and Nobuaki who wonders how Maki still is able to move around despite being hit with Chojuro's technique.[4] He is ultimately killed after Maki pierces his neck.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Nobuaki fighting Maki alongside the Hei.

Overall Skill: As its Captain, Nobuaki was the strongest member of the Kukuru. No member of the Kukuru Unit possesses an innate technique and they are a lower branch of the Hei, but they are subject to grueling training regularly. Nobuaki himself appears to be an adept swordsman capable of organizing a squad of well-trained fighters.[6]

However, none of the Kukuru were capable of fighting anywhere close to Maki's level during her rampage through the household. Nobuaki and Chojuro Zenin, an elite member of the Hei, were only able to last a short time before perishing as well.[7]

Battles & Events

Perfect Preparation Arc


  • Nobuaki's first name contains the kanji for "faith, trust" ( nobu?) and "clear, serene" ( aki?).


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