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Nobara Kugisaki vs. Momo Nishimiya is a battle fought between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Nobara Kugisaki and Kyoto Jujutsu High third-year student Momo Nishimiya during the Spirit Bash Race competition of the 30th Annual Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event.


Megumi's Nue knocks Momo out of the sky and she crashes into the top a tree, paralyzed from the shikigami's electro-shock wings.

"Come out and plaaaaay!"

Nobara and Panda find Momo and taunt her from the bottom of the tree, asking the girl to come down and play with them.

Nobara asks Momo if her Principal ordered Yuji's assassination. Momo plays dumb but Nobara knows its the truth and threatens to kill the Kyoto students in return, or more specifically, Mai. The Tokyo first-year is irritated by the target her rivals have put on Yuji's back and takes out her frustrations on Momo. She points fun at Momo's lack of responses and compares her to a tin can like her teammate.

Suddenly, Mechamaru appears and incapacitates Panda with a single precise shot to the cursed corpse's core. Mechamaru confronts Nobara about the tin-can comment but Momo tells Mechamaru not to engage so she can fight her personally. She wishes to teach the first-year the hardships female sorcerers like Mai have to face. However, Panda quickly recovers and uses the chance to surprise attack Mechamaru.[1]


Momo hits Nobara with gusts of cursed energy wind.

Nobara chases Momo through the forest as the latter levitates on her broom out of range. Momo takes her turn to taunt her opponent, asking if she's going to catch her or not. She swipes her broom and creates a powerful gust of cursed energy wind at Nobara. The first year guards herself, but she's admits its painful to be hit by the wind combined with gravel and branches.

Momo lowers her broom independent of herself behind Nobara and strikes her in the face with the broom's handle. Then Momo quickly recalls her broom and jumps back on it, much to Nobara's irritation. Momo takes a moment to tell Nobara that female sorcerers are discriminated upon because they're expected to be perfect in a world that's supposed to be based on skill. Mai in particular faces even more discrimination than that, but Nobara couldn't care less and replies that Momo is annoying her.[2]

Momo manipulates her broom to strike Nobara in the face.

Nobara tries to rush her opponent again, Momo pushes her back with another swipe of her broom. Panda has trained Nobara to getting used to being tossed around, so she's able to quickly recover and get right back up. Momo's afraid to get closer due to the possibility that Toge could arrive at any moment and she's dedicating some of her cursed energy to blocking out cursed speech.

While asking if her senpai is finished with the lecture, Nobara launches three nails at Momo, who's easily able to evade them as she continues her monologue. She explains that Mai is apart of the Zenin Family, where she and Maki have been looked down upon their whole lives. Momo believes someone who's friends with a curse like Yuji can't understand Mai's struggle. Nobara rejects this completely and asks if the unfortunate deserved to be forgiven while the blessed should be ridiculed. Regardless of how Mai was raised, she's a bad person while Yuji has always been kind.

Straw Doll Technique: Hairpin!

The Kyoto students haven't even stopped to consider the person behind the curse they've condemned. Impassioned to protect the name of her friend, Nobara activates Straw Doll Technique: Hairpin! This detonates each of the nails with cursed energy, destroying the tree behind Momo and forcing her to swerve out of the way. This gives Nobara the opening to get close and jumps after Momo, but she's quickly kicked away.

Nobara disrupts Momo's control over her broom.

However, Nobara obtains one of the straws from Momo's broom and attaches it to her straw doll. Nobara emphatically hammers the straw-doll, forcing Momo to lose control of her broom and crash into the ground. Knowing her iron hammer might kill Momo, Nobara takes out her squeaky hammer and pummels her opponent's face with it. With her opponent on the edge of defeat, Nobara prepares one final blow, but she's suddenly struck in the temple by a rubber bullet, knocking her out cold.[3]


The bullet was fired from Mai, who was sniping from a tree just within her range. She calls Momo to inform her that Mechamaru has likely been defeated and asks Momo to return to the skies for support. Immediately after, Mai is confronted by her sister, who claims she should've asked Momo for back up. Mai responds that she wants Maki all to herself.[4]


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