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Nobara Kugisaki & Kento Nanami vs. Haruta Shigemo is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Nobara Kugisaki and grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer Kento Nanami against the curse user Haruta Shigemo.


Nanami finds Ijichi bleeding out after he's attacked.

Inside Shibuya Station, Akari Nitta reports to the Zenin Team that it sounded like Kiyotaka Ijichi was attacked while they were talking on the phone. Maki decides that Nobara and Akari should split off from her and Naobito in order to look for Ijichi outside the curtain.

On Fukutoshin Line Platform, Shoto Bunkamura Street, Haruta Shigemo finds the girls running on the road while he's outside the curtain hunting managers on Uraume's orders. Nobara and Akari stop running as Shigemo expresses that he's excited to finally run into some girls.

Out loud, Nobara tells Nitta to hide while she handles this, but then she whispers and tells Nitta to pretend she's hiding in the Bunkamura Station before making her escape through Tokyu. Akari agrees but warns Nobara not to overdo it. Shigemo notices the girls whispering and says he wonders what about.[1][2]


Nobara deflects Shigemo's cursed tool.

Shigemo throws his hand-sword cursed tool at Nobara but she deflects it straight down to the ground with a swing of her hammer. At the same time, Nitta makes a run for the Bukumura subway entrance.

Shigemo asks if the manager is trying to hide and Nobara figures that since the curse user is using a cursed tool, then he's likely be a mid-ranged fighter. She thinks he's a fool for throwing his weapon away and attempts to get in close and hit him with her hammer. Shigemo jumps aside to dodge and asks Nobara if they've met before. She remembers meeting at the Goodwill Event invasion but she denies it.

While Akari is running through the station, Shigemo realizes she's not actually hiding. Unbeknownst to Akari, she runs right past Shimgeo's sword, which is clutching onto a wall above her. Shigemo immediately runs inside and heads directly for the girl. She has already been attacked by the levitating blade, leaving her collapsed on the ground and vulnerable. The curse user delivers a hard soccer kick to the manager's torso, causing her to spit up in pain.

Nobara tries to bring the fight into close quarters.

Angry at the sight of her hurting friend, Nobara rushes in behind Shigemo and prepares to swing her hammer. Shigemo's sword suddenly descends into his hand, confusing Nobara. She believed that the sword was out of play since he threw it away earlier. However, Shimgeo uses it to slice Nobara's lead leg, resulting in a shallow cut that halts her momentum. Before she can swing, Shigemo follows up by throwing the closed-fist end of the sword directly into Nobara's jaw.

Nobara staggered from the straight punch to her chin and loses her balance. Nobara falls to her knees and Shigemo bends over to taunt her face to face. He believes she's gotten stronger since last time but adds that it doesn't matter in the face of his cursed technique. Although, he admits he doesn't quite understand his technique anyway. To buy time, Nobara asks the curse user about what he's after in this incident. Shigemo laughs as he can't give an answer. He's simply having fun and it doesn't matter as long as he's enjoying himself.

Shigemo hits Nobara with several devastatingly precise blows in quick succession.

The curse user slashes Akari's back while she's laying on the ground and asks Nobara if she agrees. She yells at him to stop but he replies by saying "make me". Nobara tries to stand up and barely stumbles to her feet. Just before the two swing at each other again, they detect a powerful presence. In walks, Kento Nanami, who immediately glares down the hallway at the curse user.[3]

Shigemo can't remember if it's okay for him to kill non-black suits or not. Blood drips from his sword as Nanami wraps his necktie around his fist. Nobara recognizes Nanami from Megumi's team. Shigemo tells the newcomer to read the room and claims to have a hostage but, Akari crawls up the escalator to escape from the curse user. While Shigemo laments about her getting away, Nanami appears behind him.

Nanami completely outclasses Shigemo.

Nanami asks where and how many enemies there are. Shigemo replies that he doesn't know and turns around, upward slashing Nanami's shoulder at the same time. He tries to follow up with a front kick, but it's as if he hits a stone wall. Nanami doesn't budge and he isn't cut either, surprising Shigemo.

Annoyed, Nanami asks the curse user the same question again. Haruto begins to say he doesn't know but Nanami activates his Ratio Technique. In an instant, he creates a weak point on Shigemo's face and backhands without a second thought. The impact sends Shimgeo tumbling through the air and flying across the room into a wall behind Nobara with a violent crash. Even she's surprised by how ridiculously strong Nanami is compared to this curse user.

Shigemo crashes into a window, breaking it and barely keeping his balance. He stands as blood pours from his mouth and nos onto the ground, believing he'd be dead without his cursed technique. Shimgeo knows he needs to run but Nanami grabs him by his hair and delivers a ferocious body blow that slams Shigemo into the wall behind him, shattering a small part of it from the impact. Shigemo violently vomits blood as his cursed tool levitates in the air and attempts to stab Nanami from behind.

The curse user brutally defeated.

Nobara sends one of her nails into the hand of the cursed tool, pinning it to the wall. Shigemo tells her not to interfere but Nanami grabs him by the throat with his left hand and also raises his right hand, a fist charged with cursed energy. Rather than repeat the question, Nanami reveals that he came across several dead assistant managers on the way here. He asks the curse user if he was responsible. Fearful for his life, Shigemo tears up and apologizes, but it's far too late for that.

Nanami hits him with one final blow enhanced by the Ratio Technique, knocking him through a wall outside into another wall of the building across the street. Shigemo is left unconscious sitting in the crater created by the impact with blood profusely pouring from his face. This makes Nobara realize that Nanami is on another level, and this is what it means to be a true grade 1 sorcerer.[4]


Afterward, Nanami and Nobara locate the assistant manager and tend to her wounds. Nanami reveals that he took Ijichi to safety so he's still alive as well. Additionally he informs them of the situation involving Satoru Gojo's sealing. He orders them to remain behind and wait for rescue because all the upcoming battles will require sorcerers to be at least grade 1. Nobara wants to go but Nanami insists she would only be in the way.[5]


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