Nobara Kugisaki ( (くぎ) (さき) () () () Kugisaki Nobara?) is the tritagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. She is a first-year at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Nobara is a short girl with orange eyes and orange hair (dyed).

Nobara school uniform consists of a black button down jacket, black long skirt, black stockings, and black shoes. She also wears a light colored belt to hold her hammer, nails, and straw doll.

While training, Nobara wears a light colored hoodie with a dark flower pattern around her shoulders, black pants, and white shoes.

While in casual clothes, Nobara wears a black sleeveless shirt, a sweat wrapped around her neck, and a long black skirt.



Nobara Kugisaki is a 3rd grade shaman.

Physical Power

Weapon Mastery

Nobara has shown to use a hammer, nails, straw doll, and a rubber mallet while in combat.

  • Hammer: Nobara uses the hammer to either hammer the nails into the straw doll for her technique, hit the nails and fire them like projectiles, or simply hit the target with it.
  • Nails: Nobara uses these to for multiple purposes. Nobara can be used with her technique, or firing the nails like projectiles.
  • Straw Doll: By placing a piece of her target within or on the straw doll, Nobara hammers a nail into the straw doll to cause the target to be destroyed.
  • Rubber Mallet: Nobara uses this hammer to attack humans with so that she doesn't kill them.

Curse Power and Techniques

Cursed Technique: Nobara's curse technique is Straw Doll Technique ( (すう) (れい) (じゅ) (ほう) Sūrei Juhō?), which is about using straw doll to control the opponent from distance. She uses charm weapons to perform her technique. She does this by “shooting” the nails from distance by hitting them with her hammer. Upon hitting the Curse, her magic power surrounds and enlarges around the nails, destroying the curses [2].

  • Resonance ( (とも) () Tomonari?)[3]: By using a straw doll and part of the curse, she links the doll to the curse and anything the doll experience, the curse will too.[4]
  • Hairpin ( (かんざし) Kanzashi?)[5]: Nobara scatters the nails on the solid objects such as trees and destroys the objects to control the environment.
  • Sympathy: By pouring cursed energy into a doll that contains a part of that target, the target itself takes damage. The effective range is fairly forgiving. The technique's effect depends on the difference in ability between the user and their target, as well as the value of the part taken.

Shaman Techniques: These technique are ones that any shaman is capable of using.

  • Black Flash (黒閃 Kokusen): Is a technique that any Shaman is capable of using. When a shaman makes an impact of Cursed Power within a span of .000001 seconds of a physical hit, space is distorted and Cursed Power flashes black. The power of Kokusen is on average 2.5 time that of a normal hit.



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