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Niji Ebina (蛯名 (えびな) 仁次 (にじ) Ebina Niji?) is a minor antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a curse user who aligned himself with Pseudo-Geto during the Shibuya Incident.


Niji was a muscular man with a face without lips or eyelids. His eyes were always wide open so they stuck out and gums and teeth were always showing as well, giving him a fish-like facial structure. He had stringy light-colored hair mostly covered by his hat. Niji's headwear had eyes similar to his own and wing flaps that went over his ears. He also sported dark pants and shoes.


Not much is known about Niji Ebina. It can be assumed Niji had a questionable moral code, aligning himself with Geto and his evil plan to seal Satoru Gojo. He was initially excited to take on the task of killing Mei Mei[1] but cowered in fear when she easily defeated him. Mei Mei believes the reason Niji was defeated is that he doesn't understand the value of life despite being a serial killer.[2]


Shibuya Incident Arc

While Mei Mei, Ui Ui, and Yuji are talking to Kokichi Muta who says that there are curse users heading over there to kill them. Niji appears after they finish talking about their plan where Niji appears and asks them if they're Mei Mei.[3]

Ebina overpowered by Mei Mei.

Niji faces off against Mei Mei who asks him if he knows what her cursed technique and reveals that her technique only allows for her to control crows. Mei Mei also adds on that it's quite weak. Now on the ground, Niji frantically tells her that he'll leave when Ui Ui gets up from the cursed spirit and tells him to be quiet as his older sister is still talking. Mei Mei continues talking about how she trained herself to master her cursed technique and that's how she became the grade 1 sorcerer she is today. Ui Ui claps which leaves Niji confused.[4]

Just then, Mei Mei proclaims that it's time to die much to the shock of Niji who desperately begs for Mei Mei to spare him. Mei Mei tells him that she wanted to kill some time by talking. Niji bows down low and apologizes and says he'll stop making trouble as Mei Mei asks Ui Ui what's life value proportion to which confuses Niji. Ui Ui excitedly answers that it's proportion is to how useful it is to Mei Mei. Mei Mei thanks Ui Ui and asks Niji who's unprepared to answer and is killed as Mei Mei tells him that the fact that he can't immediately answered as a murder is the reason why he lost.[5]

Powers and Abilities

Overall Skill: While sensing his cursed energy from a fair distance away, Mei Mei and Yuji Itadori believed Niji was stronger than the Grasshopper Curse, unofficially ranking him around semi-grade 1 level.[6] However, he was no match for the grade 1 sorcerer Mei Mei and was easily defeated and killed without the use of her cursed technique.[7]


Cursed Spirit
Ui Ui sitting on Ebina's curse.png Niji Ebina kept a small four-legged cursed spirit of an unknown grade wrapped in a chain that he used as a leash.[1] It was defeated by Mei Mei and mockingly used as a chair for Ui Ui until it was fully exorcised.[8]

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