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The Night Parade of a Hundred Demons ( (ひゃっ) () () (こぅ) Hyakki Yakō?) is a jujutsu terrorist attack on the cities of Kyoto and Shinjuku orchestrated by Suguru Geto.


Special grade curse user Suguru Geto has spent the last decade under the facade of a Buddhist monk "cleansing" people of their curses. In that time he has amassed a number of cursed spirits from cursed humans, as well as allied sorcerers who wish to see his dream of a reality without non-sorcerers and curses come true.

Suguru summons his commanders to bring about the end of the age of "monkeys".

In 2017, Suguru learned of the Special grade vengeful spirit Rika Orimoto who has cursed Tokyo High first-year student Yuta Okkotsu. He decides this is the perfect time to enact his plan and put an end to non-sorcerer "monkeys". After not seeing his "family" for a while, Suguru meets with all of his commanders at his temple headquarters. He announces his intention and states they'll start by crushing the cornerstone of the jujutsu world, Tokyo Jujutsu High.[1]

Suguru rides a giant bird-like curse to the Tokyo school with Larue, Mimiko, and Nanako. As soon as they land, Suguru surprises Yuta's classmates with his speed, blitzing past them to abruptly introduce himself to Yuta. He commends his power and claims it should be used to create a world with only sorcerers. Suguru's old friend Satoru Gojo arrives to get the curse user away from his students. He accompanied by their old teacher Masamichi Yaga as well as several other sorcerers and managers. Suguru tauntingly tries to defuse the tension by commending his new class, but goes out of his way to call Maki the failure of the Zenin Family.

Suguru returns to Tokyo Jujutsu High uninvited.

Annoyed, Yuta refuses Suguru's kindness and claims he won't ever use his power to help someone who'd insult his friends. Satoru uses the chance to get in between them and demands to know why Suguru would dare return to the school after being expelled. Suguru reveals that he's arrived to declare war. He announces on December 24, he will commence the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. It is set to take place in the crucible for curses: Shinjuku and jujutsu's sacred land: Kyoto. One thousand cursed spirits will be unleashed on each city and ordered to massacre every non-sorcerer. He challenges the sorcerers to stop them and states they need to curse each other to their heart's content.

Satoru doesn't plan on just letting Suguru walk away, but he creates a one-eyed curse capable of summoning skeletons that surround the students. Shortly after, Suguru and his allies take off on the bird-curse and leave. Yaga holds a meeting right afterward to discuss their plan to deal with Suguru. He informs everyone of Suguru's abilities and confirms it's likely to have over two thousand curses after using his religious group as a lure for cursed humans. Even so, Yaga believes he can't have any more than fifty curse user allies, so it doesn't make sense for Suguru to wage war.

In order to exorcise the curse known as Suguru Geto, all school alumni, the sorcerer families, and the Ainu society are asked to help. Suguru foresees Yaga's big speech and believes his distraction is working. The Night Parade of 100 Demons true purpose is to isolate Yuta Okkotsu so Suguru can kill him and subjugate Rika, using her power to realize his dream.[2]


The curses of the Night Parade in Shinjuku.

On December 24th, while Suguru is confronting Yuta at the school, a thousand curses swarm Shinjuku. From across the battlefield, Satoru and the curse user Miguel notice that one another will likely be the biggest threat. The woman with Miguel, Manami Suda says she will serve to distract the other sorcerers. She reminds Miguel that their goal is simply to buy time for their leader. Miguel understands, confirming that he'll take it slow and steady and enjoy themselves until Suguru finishes.

Ijichi finds other managers hanged by Mimiko and Nanako.

It's not long before word gets out that Suguru hasn't shown up in Shinjuku or Kyoto. After investigating further Kiyotaka Ijichi informs Satoru about a curtain that's formed around the school. He realizes Suguru's plan and teleports Toge Inumaki and Panda back to the school to save Yuta. Miguel and the woman are both shocked to see that Satoru noticed and the former claims they should have prepared a stand-in. However, the woman claims Master Geto told them that would never work and commands Mimiko and Nanako to move on ahead of schedule.

The curse carrying them opens up to reveal the two girls opens its mouth to reveal them. At the same time, Miguel confronts Satou directly, telling the special grade that he'll be his opponent. Annoyed, Satoru reveals one of his eyes and claims he's busy at the moment.[3]

Satoru clashes with Miguel!

Mimiko and Nanako hang several auxiliary managers on the Shinjuku Ballpen Town sign. Ijichi finds them and tells the young girls they still have a chance to stop, believing them to be immature to understand the difference between good and evil. They ignore his plea and agree to hang him, believing whole in Master Geto's vision and killing anyone who gets in the way. Before Nanako can use her cursed technique against Ijichi, Miguel is send flying across the air behind them and slams into the roof of a building.

Satoru appears behind him instantly, admitting he's pretty tough. Miguel reacts quickly and swipes at Satoru using an uncanny cursed tool. Miguel wields a dark-colored rope imbued with an abnormal curse, capable of disturbing the Infinity of Satoru's technique. However, there's already just under half left of this rope, a cursed tool that took decades for his country's sorcerers to create.

A large furry cursed spirit appears behind Satoru, but he's out of patience and uses Cursed Technique Reversal: Red to blast apart the curse's head. This surprises Mimiko, Nanamko, Ijichi and Miguel. Ijichi realizes Satoru is upset and Miguel recognizes the Limitless technique from Suguru's description. It allows Satoru to manipulate cursed energy at an atomic level thanks to his Six Eyes. Miguel only has ten minutes left until his assignment is over, but he threatens to curse Suguru if he dies in that time.[4]


Sometime afterward, the battles in Shinjuku and Kyoto conclude. Suguru Geto is also defeated by Yuta and Rika, but he escapes with his life. While trying to get away, the heavily injured Suguru is confronted once again by Satoru. He gives him a chance for his final words and Suguru reveals that he couldn't be happy no matter what.[5]

By 2018, the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons is recognized in history as a jujutsu terrorist attack on Kyoto and Shinjuku led by Suguru Geto. Rumors began to spread about Aoi Todo's accomplishments during the attack in Kyoto. Apparently, he exorcised five grade 1s and one special grade curses on his own. Todo confirmed the story while talking to Megumi, revealing he only used his cursed technique against the special grade.[6]


  • Gege Akutami notes that Miguel is the MVP of the Night Parade. Shortly after his life became more difficult, something commonly associated with becoming a jujutsu sorcerer, implying he was recruited by Satoru Gojo.[7] Following Geto's fall, it appears that Miguel has ceased working as a curse user and has accompanied Yuta overseas.[8]
  • Kinji Hakari was suspended for an altercation that took place with a conservative member of the jujutsu higher-ups. Hakari beat them up and was promptly suspended.[9]


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