Naobito Zenin ( (ぜん) (いん) (なお) () () Zenin Naobito?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is the 26th head of the House Zenin.


Naobito has long light colored hair that extends past his shoulders and his brushed back, long thin eyebrows, and a long light english mustache.

While on a mission, Naobito wears a light colored haori with a light colored haori himo over a dark colored yukata, a black hakama, white tabi, and zori.

While in casual clothes, Naobito wears a dark colored yukata with a black sash, and carries a gourd to drink alcohol from.




When Maki decide to leave the family and return later to become the head, she informed Naobito and he started laughing. He then suggested to make it a bit harder for her, but Maki didn't care what he was going to do. As Naobito mentioned Mai, Maki got angry and told him that she got nothing to do with this.[1]

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Naobito is with Nobara and Maki at Shibuya Mark City Restaurant Avenue Entrance when they meet up with Akari. Naobito then listens as Akari informs them about the situation and how they will be on standby for now.

Later when the civilians are being attacked by Mutated humans, Naobito along with Nobara and Maki head into the screen to protect the humans. After they head inside the curtain, Naobito does nothing but drink while the others deal with the mutated humans.

Naobito and Maki wind up meeting with Nanami and the three head to the Shibuya Station. Along the way, Naobito tries to get Maki to leave but Maki reveals that Naobito has been drinking on the job. When the three encounter a cursed spirit, Naobito quickly uses his technique to attack the spirit. When the spirit spit up a ton of skeletons, Naobito wonders just how many humans the spirit had eaten. When the spirit had shed its skin, Naobito figures that the spirit was a spirit womb just a moment ago. As the cursed spirit, Dagon, releases a torrent of water at the shamans, Naobito manages to defend himself from the current. After defending himself, Naobito starts to talk to Dagon about how many frames within an animated sequences, but Dagon ignores him and stated that he and his cursed spirit allies all have names.

Naobito, along with Nanami and Maki, then attack Dagon all together but Dagon manages to defend himself. Naobito comments about how strong Dagon is and figures what Dagon might be capable of. Naobito, Nanami, and Maki then attack Dagon with speed based attacks, and manage to for Dagon to retreat. Naobito manages to overwhelm Dagon, which force Dagon to use his Domain Expansion. Noabito manages to defend himself from Dagon's Expansion's sure hit technique with his Falling Blossom Emotion technique. Dagon then uses his Death Swarm attack, which Naobito manages to counter the attack but his view is blocked. Naobito is suddenly blown away by Dagon and then engulfed by multiple fish.


Naobito Zenin is a 1st Grade Shaman.

Physical Power

  • Speed: Naobito is capable of moving at great speed, to easily overwhelm a special grade Cursed Spirit and force it, to not be able to use any of its techniques.
  • Intelligence: Naobito has shown to be able to figure out what a special grade Cursed Spirit is capable of with just little information that she had seen.

Weapon Mastery

Cursed Power and Techniques

  • Cursed Technique: it is unknown what Naobito's Cursed Technique is but he has shown to be able to trap his target within a single frame.
  • Shaman Technique: These techniques are one that any shaman is capable of using.
    • Falling Blossom Emotion: A technique that uses the user's domain to counter attack with Cursed Energy the moment a can't miss attack makes contact.



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