Nagi Yoshino ( (よし) () (なぎ) Yoshino Nagi?) is the mother of Junpei Yoshino.




Vs. Mahito Arc Edit

Nagi was returning from the groceries store, when she saw Junpei with a friend and decided to say hi. She was scolded by Junpei, who took her cigarete, who previously told her to stop smoking. Nagi then invited Yuji to dinner with them[1] Later during the dinner, all three had a casual conversations and Nagi even asked Yuji to do a monoboke, but then didn't understood Yuji's movie reference, and later fell asleep on the table.[2] When she woke up, Yuji was already home and Junpei in bed, when she found a Sukuna's finger and a curse spirit was already behind her.[3] It was then reported that she was found dead with body missing below waist, laid on the bed with cold ice packs on her body and bed cover on her.[4]


As an ordinary human, she doesn't posses any additional abilities.



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