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Mode: Albatross (砲呪強化形態 (モード・アルバトロス) Mōdo Arubatorosu?) is a Puppet Manipulation extension technique used by Kokichi Muta while remotely piloting Ultimate Mechamaru.


Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Albatross shifts the head of the respective cursed corpse around and protrudes a cannon from its mouth. This is essentially a preparation mode for Ultimate Mechamaru to unleash his most powerful technique.[1]


Kokichi utilized this technique against Panda during their fight to allow Mechamaru to discharge high output cursed energy from both palms and mouth. While using this technique, it shown that he released high amounts of cursed energy which envelopes Mechamaru completely.

Related Techniques
Ultimate Cannon (Anime).gif Ultimate Cannon (三重大祓砲 Arutimetto Kyanon?): Mechamaru's finishing move as a high output massive beam of cursed energy fired from the Mode: Albatross cannon barrel.[2]


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