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Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute (絶対形態 (モード・アブソリュート) Mōdo Abusoryūto?) is a massive manned and armored version of Kokichi Muta's Ultimate Mechamaru cursed corpse.


Mechamaru Mode: Absolute is a giant mechanical armored puppet created under the trial production number zero. It is a massive cursed corpse that can be piloted using the cockpit area in the head.[1]

The driver's seat and cockpit area.

Inside, there is a driver's seat suspended from the top of the cockpit area via several mechanical tubes. The diver's seat itself is slim and the driver's feet can rest on a circular fixture attached to the bottom of it. Mode: Absolute's piloted using two pulley-like handles fastened to the user's hands that are also connected to the roof of the cockpit with long wires. This allows the pilot to move the puppet's limbs as they do, granting them a full range of control. It also features a communication device and sensory feedback settings. [2]

This version of Mechamaru is not only much larger but defensively its armor is far more durable and offensively it can momentarily output special grade levels of cursed energy.[3] The inside of the cockpit has an uploader function that allows the user to insert tubes imbued with cursed techniques called a Jujutsu Technique Charge ( (じゅつ) (しき) (そう) (てん) Jutsushiki Sōten?). The uploaded techniques can be used as the pilot sees fit.[4]


Mechamaru's overwhelming strength and speed.

During his years in isolation, at some point, Kokichi developed the giant armored version of Mechamaru. After having his body healed by Mahito's Idle Transfiguration, Kokichi was finally healthy enough to pilot the goliath by himself, using it to combat Mahito. It was hidden underground, apparently beneath a riverbank.

Mode: Absolute is fueled by Kokichi's entire life's worth of cursed energy; seventeen years, five months, and six days. The highest area of concentration in the suit is inside the head, making it simple for Mahito to sense where Kokichi is piloting it from.

Kokichi fueling Mechamaru's next attack with a one-year charge of cursed energy.

Kokichi mainly combats Mahito with Ultimate Mechamaru using a combination of different energy-based attacks as well as physical blows. Energy beams like Ultra Cannon use entire years worth of cursed energy in their blasts, burning their targets with massive explosions. Mahito initially brushed them off, believing this type of offense wouldn't be able to injure his soul.[5]

Mahito's enlarged fists are strong enough to threaten to break Mechamaru's armor, but it holds up after the first direct hit. Kokichi switched up his approach by utilizing cursed technique charges using the tube uploader, allowing Mechamaru to activate Simple Domain. The fingers on Mechamaru's right-hand change form into a spike or a projectile capable of affecting its target with Simple Domain. This allowed Kokichi to damage Mahito's soul and follow up with a flurry of physical strikes using the giant puppet. Even Geto admitted this strategy was very effective against Mahito. The curses only counter is to activate his Domain Expansion.[6]

However, the barrier technique charge protects the cockpit area with Simple Domain. Once Mahito believes he's won, Kokichi uses a surprise attack to insert the cursed technique into Mahito directly by stabbing the giant spiked finger into the curses' body. This initially appears to kill Mahito, leaving Kokichi with nine years' worth of cursed energy to fight Geto with. Unfortunately for Kokichi, Mahito survives and breaks into the cockpit area, leaving the pilot completely exposed to attack.[7]

Extension Techniques
Mode Absolute uses Ultra Cannon.png One-Year Charge - Ultra Cannon (大祓砲 Urutora Kyanon?): A supercharged version of normal Mechamaru's Ultra Cannon. Fires off a year's worth of cursed energy into a condensed beam that burns the target with intense heat. A single blast has enough destructive force to blow a stone and iron bridge apart. Kokichi first used this technique to attack Mahito at the beginning of their fight.[8]
Miracle Cannon.png Two-Year Charge - Miracle Cannon (二重大祓砲 Mirakuru Kyanon?): A two-handed beam attack that unleashes two-years worth of cursed energy. Kokichi first used this move at close range into a large body of water to flush Mahito out of hiding.[9]
Mechamaru shooting Vision Viola at Mahito.png Five-Year Charge - Pigeon Viola (追尾弾~五重奏~ Bijon ~Biora~?): Rather than getting shot out of Mechamaru's palms, this technique generates five cores of condensed cursed energy around the giant puppet. Then the five-years worth of cursed energy shoots off as five powerful energy bullets capable of twisting and chasing their target.[10]
Barrier Techniques
Technique Charge.png Technique Charge - Simple Domain (簡易領域 Kan'i Ryōiki?): Kokichi invented four tubes that contain the Simple Domain cursed technique. It was the only way he could make the Domain work. The tubes are entered into a panel and activated with a Technique Charge. From there, Mechamaru can shift his fingers into spikes or shooting barrels that can inject Simple Domain's effect into Kokichi's desired target. It can also be used to protect the cockpit from an enemy Domain Expansion.[11]


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