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Misato Kuroi vs. Cloning Curse User is a battle between the Star Plasma Vessel caretaker Misato Kuroi and an unnamed curse user who uses a cloning technique that take place outside Renchoku Girls' Junior High.


The curse user with the bag-mask over his face notices Satoru Gojo running atop the school rooftops with Riko Amanai in tow. He recognizes the girl as the bounty but doesn't know Satoru. He figures him to either be another curse user trying to cash in or a bodyguard.

Kuroi confronts the curse user from behind and asks if he's with the Time Vessel Association since she's not wearing a Q uniform. The curse user turns around and thinks little of the civilian, stating that if she wants to die it needs to be fast.[1]


Aggravated, Kuroi rushes towards the curse user. However, he's ready for her and throws a right straight punch that appears to hit the maiden. He's surprised when Kuroi slips the punch and gets her broomstick on the outside of it. Then she quickly lifts it upward to smash into the man's groin, instantly making him fall to his knees as Kuroi warns him never to harm Riko.[2]


Suguru Geto arrives just as the scuffle ends and he's surprised by how strong Kuroi is. He asks where Riko is and finds out she's fled the school with Satoru already. This confirms for the curse user that Riko is in fact the bounty and his body suddenly melts into a puddle. Kuroi thinks it's a shikigami, but Suguru believes it isn't. He calls Satoru and informs him about the bounty on Riko's head, but he's already surrounded by the curse user's clones.[3]


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