Misato Kuroi ( (くろ) () () (さと) Kuroi Misato?) is the caretaker of the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai.


Misato has black hair that she puts in a bun and covers it with a hair bun cover, and thin eyebrows.

Misato wears a maids uniform with consists of a long sleeved shirt with white edges and a white collar over a black thin turtle neck. A white apron over a long blade skirt, with black leggings, and black shoes.

While at the beach, Misato wears a long sleeved top with black sleeved, shoulders, and collar, and white chest and back. She also wore a black swim bottom.




Misato has taken care of Riko, after Riko's family was killed in an accident.

Misato is with Riko, when they are attacked by soldiers of Q. When Geto and Gojo arrive and defeat the soldiers, Misato informs Riko who Geto and Gojo are. When Riko notices that she is late for school, Misato along with Geto and Gojo brings her to school.

Misato is with Geto and Gojo, as Riko attends classes at the school. Misato talks with Geto and Gojo about how she is the only family that Riko has, when they notices that intruders have invaded the school. Misato then heads with Gojo to look for Riko, while Geto deals with the intruders. After Gojo gets Riko, Misato confronts one of the intruders and easily defeats him. Geto arrive and asks about Riko, which Misato informs him that Gojo is taking her to the magic college. Suddenly the intruder disappears right in front of her, which shocks Misato. Afterwards Misato is captured by the enemy, and a photo of her tied up is sent to Riko.

Misato is taken to Okinawa, which Riko, Geto, and Gojo manages to rescue her. The four decide to stay in Okinawa before leaving, which Misato and Geto talk about everything that has happened. When its time to leave, Riko convinces them to stay one more day. The next day, the four leave Okinawa and make it to the college but are suddenly attacked by an enemy. Misato and Geto quickly bring Riko into the college, while Gojo handles the enemy. When the three reach the bottom of an elevator shaft, Misato and Riko has a tearful goodbye. Riko and Geto then head further inside, while leaving Misato behind. A little while later, Misato is confronted by the enemy but can't stop him. It is currently unknown if Misato lived or died from the confrontation.


Misato is a regular human but has been shown to come combat ability.




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