Miguel is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School. He was once an ally of Suguru Geto.


Miguel is a tall dark skin male. He wears hooped ears rings on each of his ears. He wears a light colored clothe hat, sunglasses, a zipped up light colored short sleeved shirt, black pants, and rope wrapped around his wiest.

A year later, Miguel is mostly that same but wears a long sleeved hoodie with a pattern.




Cursed Child Arc

One day, Nanako along with the other leaders are summon to a meet with Geto about creating a paradise for shamans.[1] After the meeting, Geto brings all the leaders to the Tokyo college so he can meet with Yuta. After Geto declares his war, Miguel and the others leave to a specific shop to eat some crepes, since Nanako and Mimiko would only come if they went their next.

On December 24, Miguel is in Shinjuku and talks with another ally of Geto about how they are just the distraction. When the wars starts, Miguel confronts Gojo. As Miguel fights Gojo, Miguel is put on the defensive and his rope is getting smaller as it disrupts Gojo's technique. When a cursed spirit appears and attacks Gojo, Miguel sees Gojo use his technique to exorcise the spirit. Miguel thinks about what Gojo's technique is capable of and how he has to last just 10 more minutes. After a certain time is reach, Miguel leaves along with the others.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Miguel is with Yuta, while Yuta is over sees.[2]


Miguel is a shaman with an unknown capabilities.

Physical Power

Weapon Mastery

Miguel uses a special rope that was created from the shamans of his country, that can disrupt Gojo's technique.

Cursed Power and Form



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