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Mei Mei vs. Niji Ebina is a battle fought by grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer, Mei Mei against the curse user, Niji Ebina on the Fukutoshin Line Platform between Meiji-Jingumae Station and Shibuya Station.


After clearing out the area of Transfigured Humans and lowering the curtain, Mei Mei's Team is able to reach B5F of the Meiji-Jingumae Station. However, Mahito, the curse responsible for the mutants, has already left with the train.

Mei Mei clearing out Meiji-Jingumae Station of transfigured humans.

The team decides to walk along the Fukutoshin Subway line toward Shibuya when suddenly a communications device resembling Ultimate Mechamaru appears on Yuji's left ear. Yuji attempts to break it but Kokichi's voice tells him to stop and reveals that Satoru Gojo has been sealed.

Mei Mei doesn't believe Kokichi about Satoru Gojo being sealed. Mechamaru explains that he's already been killed by Mahito and this is just a contingency plan. He's already eliminated any possibility that Mei Mei's team could be traitors but Mei Mei still doesn't trust him. Mechamaru points out that there are curse users coming to kill Mei Mei, surprising the team. Mei Mei can sense that there is one or two of them indeed on their way and Yuji confirms they're stronger than the Grasshopper Curse, floating around a semi-grade 1 level.

The Mei Mei Team ready for battle.

Convinced that Gojo has actually been sealed, Mei Mei decides they should ignore the curse users and go to Gojo, but Mechamaru points out that's impossible with the four curtains in Shibuya at the moment. Rather than continue going back and forth, Mechamaru points out his plan has a time limit and he needs Mei Mei to hear him out so she agrees.

Yuji must head to head back to Meiji-Jingumae and head above ground to inform as many people as possible about Gojo's sealing. Mei Mei needs to clear a path for Yuji to get through and after she's done with the curse user, Mechamaru asks that she manage the assault on Shibuya Station from the connecting subway lines. She agrees as long as Mechamaru's account hasn't been frozen yet, surprising him. Without Gojo society will be upended in Japan, Mechamaru apologizes and asks them to put their lives on the line. Ui Ui asks what he should do and

Ui Ui asks what he should do and Mechamaru gives him the choice so he decides to remain by his sister's side. Mei Mei interrupts to point out that the enemy has arrived. The curse user Niji Ebina walks out of the shadows with a cursed spirit connected to him by a chain wrapped around his wrist. He smiles and asks if the woman is Mei Mei. The grade 1 sorcerer returns the grin and tells Yuji to go ahead and she'll follow his lead.[1]


The details from the beginning of this battle are unknown.

Mei Mei makes short work of the curse user.

Mei Mei successfully clears the path for Yuji to escape the subway line. She engages Ebina and dominates him in close-quarters combat with her massive battle-axe. His cursed spirit is quickly defeated and Ui Ui sits on top of it as it begins to disappear. He watches his sister fight and force the curse user to panic as Ebina bleeds profusely from his nose.

Mei Mei swings the axe horizontally in an attempt to take her opponent's head off. Ebina narrowly avoids it by falling back clumsily on his butt. The jujutsu sorcerer puts her axe on her shoulder and reveals her innate technique is the ability to manipulate crows, a cursed technique Mei Mei considers to be weak. In the past, she worked hard to compensate for her weak technique and learned to be an effective sorcerer without it.

Mei Mei comments that the proof is in the body of work as she can honestly say she easily defeated Ebina thanks to it. Ebina begs for permission to leave but Ui Ui stops him from talking while his sister is still speaking. Ebina's cursed spirit is exorcised completely and Mei Mei continues talking about her progress. She adds that in the past she realized reinforcing her body cursed energy won't continue to improve forever and quickly reaches its limit. Mei Mei had to go back and master her technique, allowing her to bloom into the grade 1 sorcerer she is today. Ui Ui forces Ebina to applaud Mei Mei abruptly tells him it's time to die, shocking the curse user.

Ebina prostrates himself and apologizes, begging for the jujutsu sorcerer to spare his life. Unimpressed, Mei Mei asks Ui Ui what life's value is worth and her brother answers that its value is proportional to how useful it is to Mei Mei. She asks Ebina the same question and he can't answer, remaining silent. Mei Mei believes that a killer can't answer a question about the value of life is the reason why he's going to die. Mei Mei lowers the axe on her opponent's head, killing him and splattering his blood everywhere without mercy.[2]


As a tiny bit of her opponent's blood splatters on her face, Mei Mei reveals service potential is life itself to her.

Suddenly, she notices something going on outside and Ui Ui notices it as well. She points out the curtain preventing them from reaching Shibuya Station has been lifted. Thinking about how much a favor for Satoru Gojo would cost gets her heart racing. Meanwhile, at Shibuya Station, Pseudo-Geto takes notice of Ebina's defeat and is impressed Mei Mei defeated him so quickly.[3]


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